All about the chicken coop with a walk

Many summer residents breed various domestic animals and birds on their plots. For their maintenance, appropriate buildings are required. For breeding chickens, it is better to build a solid poultry house. Today we will talk about what features the walking chicken coops have, and how you can make them yourself..


A walking poultry house is a structure in which an additional semi-open fenced area is provided, where animals are periodically released. Such household structures will be the best option for laying hens.. Such poultry houses are convenient for placement in a summer cottage..

In this case, one common frame is made of wood, and then it is divided into two separate parts. The largest of them is simply sheathed with a net, and the smaller one serves as a regular enclosure for chickens..

Construction requirements

When creating such aviary chicken coops, important requirements must be taken into account. So, it is recommended to enclose walking areas on the south side. It is better to do this with the help of a chain-link mesh. Also remember that the fence should be as high as possible..

If you are making a structure for keeping laying hens, then the height should be at least 2 meters. For regular broilers, you can choose a 1.8 meter mesh. If you select materials that are too low, then there will be a high probability that the birds will simply fly away during their walks..

A feeding trough, convenient for animals, must be placed in the corral. There, in addition to feed, it is advisable to add gravel. After that, a special compound feed is also used. In such chicken coops, it is worth constantly monitoring the feed, because it quickly deteriorates in the open air..

We must not forget about the requirements for the placement of the chicken coop. It is better to install structures on low elevations.

In addition, remember that structures should be located in the quietest and most peaceful places, since stressful situations can greatly affect the health of such animals..

Tools and materials

Before you start creating a chicken coop, you should prepare all the necessary devices and materials for this:

  • bricks (most often used in the construction of winter options);
  • glass wool (it is necessary if you will be building a poultry house not in the southern part, glass wool will be used as a heater);
  • Chipboard (for covering the ceiling and wall coverings);
  • boards;
  • screws;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • nails;
  • sawdust (needed to form litter);
  • slate (can be used for roof decoration);
  • saw.

Sometimes sand, lime (used for wall treatment), thin construction rods, pins, polystyrene, which will be needed to organize insulation, are also used as additional materials.

How to do it yourself?

Previously, a detailed schematic drawing of the future structure for birds should be made, indicating all sizes. Consider how to make a large summer version of a chicken coop for 200-300 birds. On the ground, markings of the future structure must be done..

The first step is to make the frame part. It is better to form it from a wooden bar. It will be more convenient to assemble the structure right at the summer cottage. The height must be at least 1.8-2 meters.

All parts are cut with a saw in accordance with the dimensions in the drawing. They are connected to each other using special screws or self-tapping screws for wood.

Remember that you will have to use additional stands for long walks. This will not allow the structure to bend during operation..

After the frame is completely ready, you can proceed to the arrangement. Another transverse wooden beam is installed between the intermediate posts. It will separate the walking area from the main chicken building. You can fasten the timber with nails..

For greater strength and reliability, all this can be strengthened with the help of special corners. After that, lags are gradually laid. The floor covering will subsequently be laid on them. To do this, you can use a regular edged board, instead of it you can also take a special moisture-resistant plywood.

Flooring should be done even in summer chicken coops, as the birds will be much warmer and will not dig out the base. A sufficient amount of wood chips are poured onto the finished floor, which perfectly absorbs excess moisture. But at the same time, one must not forget to change such a filler in a timely manner..

After that, you should proceed with the final design of the wall coverings.. This is best done with an edged board. The material must be fixed to the racks of the frame part of the structure.

If too large gaps are formed between the parts, then they can be removed by taking packing cardboard.

You can fix it with a construction stapler and staples. Between the edged board sheathing and the packaging cardboard, it is better to install a thin metal mesh. Such a surface will protect the structure from small rodents and other pests..

When the floor and walls are completely ready, you can start creating the roof. First you need to fill the longitudinal strips, they are covered with a reinforced film, which has excellent strength and reliability compared to conventional polyethylene material.

For the roof, polycarbonate will also be an excellent option, it is more durable, it is easy to install, but at the same time it is much more expensive.. It is not recommended to make the coating of a dark color, otherwise it will be necessary to make several window openings. The roof can be pitched or pitched.

Half of the walk should be covered with special cardboard so that in hot weather the animals have a place to hide. The material should be laid on construction slats. The walk should also be divided into two separate parts. To do this, nail another solid board with nails..

The metal mesh for walking is cut into sheets of the required size and attached to the frame structure using staples and a stapler. The sides can be covered with plastic mesh. It is better to put a stone on the bottom of all this. This will prevent birds from digging in and out of the structure..

At the final stage, you need to equip the finished chicken coop inside. The required number of drinkers and bird feeders should be placed in the pen..

At the same time, it is not recommended to put containers with handles, since chickens begin to sit on them, and the droppings get inside..

The best option for poultry houses would be feeders with low, thin sides for young birds.. For older individuals, it is better to purchase higher capacities.. For the formation of the roost, you can use ordinary branches of a large thickness. This will be enough for a chicken coop..

Can be arranged in the interior and nest. To do this, you can take ordinary boxes of the desired size. You need to put dried hay in them. There is one nest for 2-3 birds. They can be placed directly on the floor. If there is not enough space, then it is permissible to hang them on wall coverings..

When self-building poultry houses, you need to take care of creating a ventilation system. To do this, install two pipes, the first will be placed in one of the walls under the ceiling. The second will be located inside the second wall, while its lower end is taken out above the floor, the upper end is just below the ceiling. Such a system allows air to circulate inside the room..

Some summer residents prefer an automated ventilation system.. To organize it, you will need to install a special automatic mechanism. Its functioning will depend on the power supply. Natural ventilation is not a reliable option for a chicken coop, but it is considered the most budgetary option. In this case, one through pipe is installed and several window openings are made, which can be covered with a mesh..

If you are planning to make a warmed winter version of the poultry house, then it is better to build a solid foundation. To do this, dig a hole, its depth should be at least 50 centimeters.

Pour sand at the bottom. The more it is, the better. Only wet masses can be used.

At the same time, a concrete solution is prepared, mixing cement, sand, crushed stone, water in the necessary proportions. The prepared mixture is poured into the hole made, the mass should be at ground level. All this is carefully leveled. In this form, the foundation is left for several days so that it can completely harden. You can also make a two-story building on piles. These structures can be made as a 2×2 mini-chicken coop for 30 chickens.

For how to build a chicken coop with your own hands, see the next video..

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