All about the construction of utility units with a woodshed

Hozblok is an integral part of a private house or summer cottage. And if the heating is made by stove, then it is convenient to combine it with a firewood. Also, such a building goes well with a toilet or shower. To store tools, a small building is enough, which can be conveniently planned out for everything you need.


Hozblok with a woodshed is a convenient design, perfect for a summer cottage or at home. Very practical and neat when there is another toilet or shower attached to it. Some projects propose to combine under one roof not only a utility block and a place for storing firewood, but also a sauna or garage. Also, the building can be supplemented with a seating area, a summer kitchen, a terrace. Of course, in order for a household unit to be truly practical, it must meet certain requirements..

Good ventilation is important, especially for the woodsman. It is undesirable that there is wet soil under the building. It is necessary to provide reliable protection from atmospheric precipitation. The construction of a good utility block with a woodshed necessarily begins with the foundation. It is worth noting that you can make it not capital, but simply lay blocks or beams on the finished soil..

For wet areas, the pile type of foundation would be the best option..

The next important point is the base in the form of a flooring. It can be made of lattice or from boards with vacuum. The main thing is that it is very durable and can withstand heavy loads up to 100-200 kg. Walls can be solid or lattice. As for the roof, it must be waterproof. There is no need to insulate it, but it is very important to protect it from moisture. It is advisable to make the overhangs large and organize a drainage for precipitation.

Do not forget about the organization of the site next to the utility block and the approach to it.. A suitable place for construction should be selected in advance. For example, you can place a utility building right next to a blank wall of a house. This arrangement allows you to make the utility block warmer and the firewood drier. If the building will be located in a separate building, then it is important to take into account the level of groundwater and other important points..


To date, the farm building with a woodshed is mainly represented by three projects. The most common standard small option, perfect for a summer residence. It is a utility room with an open shed for firewood. This option is remarkable in that it does not take up much of the area of ​​the site, and its construction is not too expensive financially.. Such a structure will be considered temporary..

The next option is made in the form of a change house, a terrace and an open place for storing firewood.. Another option combines under one roof, in addition to the firewood and utility room, several more useful sections. Most often they are made with a shower and toilet. However, in this case, it will be necessary to equip a capital cesspool, preferably a sealed.

There are also interesting projects of utility units with a workshop or a covered place for storing firewood, for a car. In some areas, this type is very convenient due to climatic conditions. It is no less convenient when not only a firewood, but also a small shed is adjacent to the utility room. It is very good to place such a structure in the corner of the site..

When a project is selected, it is important to do it yourself or pick up ready-made drawings. Before that, it is necessary to calculate all structural details and designate them. There should also be a detailed plan of the structure and dimensions of each of the individual sections..

This is necessary for the correct calculation of materials and construction without errors..

Materials (edit)

For a utility block with a firewood and other rooms, you can choose the same materials as for building a house. The main material can be wood, brick, gas blocks. Here, the choice primarily depends on the preferences of the homeowner and his financial capabilities.. The simplest option is a frame utility block, which is easy to build on your own..

When choosing a material, it is important to decide in advance whether the utility room is being built once and for a long time, or it will be rebuilt many times in the future. In the latter case, it is better to choose inexpensive materials. For example, you can make a utility block from a bar, thick board, lining, slate and tin.

For stationary options, wood, brick and gas block are suitable. For projects that also provide a shower and toilet, it is necessary to make a solid foundation and bring communications. It is not necessary to sheathe the walls of a permanent building from the outside with plastic clapboard. It is best used to decorate a room from the inside. Most often, utility rooms are erected from natural wood, since it is durable, and when treated with special substances, it is also resistant to decay. A section of a woodshed can be made from a bar, round timber, logs, poles, boards, slats.

To give an aesthetic look, you can use some kind of cladding. For example, lining is suitable for this..

Household structures are rarely erected from stone and concrete.. But rooms from a profiled pipe are found more and more recently. This is due to the reliability and durability of metal structures. For awnings, you can use such modern materials as ondulin, metal tiles, polycarbonate and others. A good option for a household building is a frame made of a professional pipe, standing on brick posts, and on top of a canopy made of metal tiles.

Projects made of wood and polycarbonate also look good. Another option is a frame made of a bent metal pipe, a canopy made of corrugated board and walls made of perforated metal sheets. You can use a combination of profiled pipe, timber and cellular polycarbonate. If in the suburban spaces the utility block will be combined with a woodshed, then it is important to choose materials that are resistant to mold and corrosion. It is desirable that their characteristics are as close to wood as possible..

How to build?

It is not at all difficult to build a farm building with useful sections with your own hands, especially if you follow some recommendations. It is necessary to start construction with the construction of the foundation. The best option would be a columnar base. Under it, it is enough to determine the reference points and dig holes in them up to a meter deep. Crushed stone with sand is poured into them and logs with a depression of 65 cm are installed.

You can also use the strip type of foundation. For this option, it is necessary to remove 20-25 centimeters of soil around the entire perimeter of the future building. The resulting trench should be filled with sand and cement mortar. Support points are also selected here, pipes with a thickness of at least 20 centimeters are placed in them..

When the foundation is ready, you can move on to the next step to create the frame. To do this, you need a bar measuring 15 by 15 cm. It must be laid on the base, and then connected using self-tapping screws at the joints. This is followed by the assembly of the frame. You can use timber or metal pipes for it..

The corner points of the structure are where the wireframe begins.. Racks in a vertical position are fixed with self-tapping screws and corners. When using wood, it is important to pre-treat with a special antiseptic or drying oil.

One of the simplest options for wall cladding is a tongue-and-groove board. As a rule, it is attached directly to the frame using self-tapping screws. If a full-fledged bathroom is provided, then its walls should be sheathed with plastic. As for the floor in such a utility room, it is better to make it concrete or from tiles. Moreover, in the toilet and shower, the thickness of the boards on the rough ground should be from 2.5 centimeters.

For outbuildings with a wood log, both a single-slope and a gable roof version are equally well suited. The rafter system is constructed from boards with a section of 50 to 70 millimeters. It is attached to the upper frame of the frame with a step of 0.6 meters. For fastening the rafters, boards with a thickness of 20-25 centimeters are used. They are also suitable as battens for roofing material. When the rafter system is ready, you can proceed to fixing the cover. Roofing material, slate, tiles, corrugated board can play its role..

Regardless of the choice of material, you should adhere to a roof slope of 10 degrees.

For how to build a household block with a woodsman with your own hands, see the next video.

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