Bath from a bar in size 150×150: beautiful options for buildings

Bath from a bar in size 150x150: beautiful options for buildings

It is difficult to argue with the fact that a bath in a suburban area for a Russian person is a necessary subject. It is needed for taking water procedures, heating water, and it is also used for relaxation and spa treatments..

A wooden beam with a size of 150 x 150 for this building will be an ideal option for combining price, quality and time for construction..


Wood is an ideal option for building a bath, since it is in such a design that ideal conditions of temperature and humidity can be created, the effect of a Russian steam room.

There are several more reasons that make timber a favorite among other materials:

  • Wood has low thermal conductivity. The correct choice of the section of a wooden beam allows you to heat up the room in the shortest possible time, while it will cool down for a long time. For northern latitudes, do not use a beam with a section below 200 mm, for central Russia, a section of 150 x 150 will be sufficient, and for the southern districts you can build from beams with dimensions of 100 x 100.
  • For the manufacture of timber, coniferous trees are more often used, which have an anti-allergenic and antibacterial effect..
  • For a small one-story bathhouse made of timber, you do not need a massive foundation, as, for example, for a brick or stone building.
  • The timber shrinks several times less than the log. Also, it is not subject to warping, deformation, cracking..
  • It is quite convenient to work with a bar, in contrast to a rounded log. Wooden buildings practically do not require interior decoration.
  • The timber is usually already treated with biological and fire-fighting impregnations, which means that a building made from such raw materials does not rot, will not be eaten by insects, the risk of fire is minimal.


The size of the bath depends on several conditions:

  • territory of the site. The dacha plots of most of the inhabitants of our country are 6 acres, which means that it is logical to build a small bathhouse on such land;
  • construction budget;
  • personal preferences of future owners.

Special construction companies or design bureaus are involved in the creation of individual projects for wooden buildings, including baths. Many similar firms also offer turnkey construction, which includes all stages from project development to the construction of a building and the organization of all engineering communications..

If it is decided to order only plans and drawings from the company, and the construction will be carried out on its own, take a detailed look at the composition of the project documentation. In the finished version, there must be a sketch and a working draft..

The first provides the following data:

  • foundation plan;
  • explanatory note with all technical indicators;
  • building facades;
  • floor plans;
  • a sectional view of the room;
  • floor and ceiling plans;
  • rafter system (general view and section);
  • volumetric layout or visualization in volume on a computer;
  • explications of all rooms.

The working draft should include:

  • the layout of the crowns;
  • wall sweep (the so-called technological map);
  • a detailed inventory of the entire structure, as well as an accurate calculation of moldings and cubes of timber.

Miniature bathhouses with dimensions of 3 x 3 m and 3 x 4 m are convenient for small suburban areas, in conditions of a limited budget. On average, the independent construction of such a bath can cost 50–100 thousand rubles, and construction companies determine the price of such a building about 150–200 thousand rubles, including the cost of materials. In a 3 x 3 bath, you need to carefully plan every centimeter of the area, for example, rationally combine the washing room with the steam room. In small baths, it is more advisable to install wood-burning stoves instead of bulky brick stoves..

The 3 x 4 baths project already makes it possible to make the bath more comfortable for 3-4 people, but for this it is better to allocate half of the room for a relaxation room (approximately 3 x 2 m):

A bath, the dimensions of which will be at least 4 x 4 m, may well be with three small, but separate rooms: a dressing room, a washing room, a steam room.

If the budget and the size of the summer cottage allow, pay attention to buildings with parameters 6 x 3, 6 x 4 m.With such dimensions, you can allow you to arrange a rest room and / or a veranda.

Bath project, the attic of which is equipped with a guest room

Bath sizes 6 x 6 m or more will allow owners not to save on space and experiment with the layout. In addition to the basic necessary premises, you can arrange a guest room for friends. You can even install a swimming pool or a plunge pool in a large bathhouse..

Two-storey sauna 6 x 6 with a terrace and a balcony

When planning the construction of a bath with an attic, do not forget that the room on the second floor will be smaller in area than the first floor. For example, an attic near a bath with dimensions of 6×6 will have linear dimensions of 4 x 6.

How to build?

Any average man can build a bathhouse with his own hands. Let’s take a step-by-step look at all the stages of construction.

Projects, diagrams, drawings

Before starting construction, it is necessary to prepare drawings of the future building, with the exact dimensions and location of windows, doors and utilities. Based on the drawings, calculate the amount of building materials and components.


Since a bath from a bar can be called a light construction, then a lightweight foundation is suitable for it..

The most common are two options.

  • Shallow tape: concrete is poured into the formwork around the perimeter of the building, the depth into the soil is 30-50 cm (focus on the average depth of soil freezing in your region). In this case, the height above the ground must be at least 50 cm to protect the timber from moisture. The laying of the beams can be started after the concrete has completely hardened, this, as a rule, after two to three weeks..
  • Columnar the foundation is easier and cheaper to make, however, it is not recommended for construction on unstable soils. Brick pillars are installed at the corners and perimeter of the building, as well as in the places where the load-bearing walls are installed. A prerequisite is the production of a concrete “cushion” under the pillars, in order to avoid their subsidence. The frequency of installation of poles is on average 1.5 m, but not more than 2 m.

Whatever foundation you choose, be sure to reinforce it with reinforcement. In addition, it is necessary to additionally waterproof the first crown of the bar from the base. Molten bitumen is spread over the entire horizontal surface of the foundation, and on top it must be covered with roofing material. After complete drying, you need to apply another layer of bitumen and roofing material.

Before laying the foundation, be sure to consider the drainage of used water and drain.

Building walls

When the foundation has settled for several days, start laying the walls. Pay special attention to the first row. It is also called differently – crown. The first such element is very strictly corrected in terms of level, you can use a larger beam for laying it, for example, 200 x 200, and the rest will be 150 x 150. It is not necessary to fasten the first crown, since subsequently the weight of the entire structure of the bath will give the necessary strength.

The rest of the timber is laid using the “paw” method. When choosing a timber for construction, pay attention to the quality of the material, because the durability of the building largely depends on it. It is better to fold the walls from profiled or glued beams.

Think about what kind of insulation will be between the crowns – moss, tow or jute. All of these materials have the same thermal insulation properties, however, jute in a roll is much more convenient and faster to use. A jute tape is unwound onto the timber and attached to it with a furniture stapler.

When installing walls, immediately plan the place for doors and windows..


For very small baths (3 x 3, 3 x 4), a single-pitched roof will be enough, and for larger buildings (3 x 5, 3 x 6, 6 x 4), a gable roof is needed.

To erect a roof, you need to remove the 2 uppermost rows of beams, but only after the structure has completely shrunk. Instead of the upper crowns, ceiling beams are laid. After that, proceed with the installation of the rafter system. Boards for the lathing are attached to the rafters, on which hydro-, steam- and heat-insulating materials are laid. Finishing step – securing the top roofing.

Owner reviews

The feedback from the owners of timber baths is mostly positive. Most people note the high speed of construction, besides, such baths are heated quickly, and a little fuel is consumed. Naturally, a good bath must be built correctly, and not save on the quality and quantity of materials..

Beautiful examples

Wooden buildings always look neat and cozy. And if you also add some functional details to them: a porch, a bench, a veranda, then you will never want to leave the suburban area. Even the smallest bathhouses can be interestingly played with a porch, where it is pleasant to relax after a session in a steam room on a summer evening with a cup of tea and watch the sunset.

Another pleasant addition for a bath is a plunge pool or pool..

Even buildings that are unusual in shape can be made from a bar – for people who are not afraid of original ideas.

For how to build a bathhouse from a bar with your own hands, see the next video.

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