Bath in the garage: examples of projects

The garage is often used not only for storing the car and its accessories. Few people can be surprised by the appearance of a workshop there and the placement of garden tools. According to the old habit, some motorists create stocks of food here, someone makes rest rooms. But there is a special case – the equipment is directly in the sauna garage. This version of the arrangement has its own specifics, which cannot be ignored..


The first enemy of any car and motorcycle is water. The garage may be cold, but it must reliably protect the vehicles delivered there from precipitation. When installing equipment inside or in an adjacent room, the bath will have to take measures so that moisture and vapors do not get into the main space, thereby creating unnecessary problems. Another difficulty may be insufficient space: both the bathhouse and, in fact, the garage always strive to make more, but here you have to look for a compromise.

One more point: you will need to orient the building so that you can comfortably enter it from the house on one side and enter the car from the other.

Before solving these problems, you must first find out – is it worth doing at all?.

Pros and cons of combining

Summer cottages and suburban areas are always equipped in such a way that nothing reminds of urban crowding and monotony. Therefore, they try to save space by all means. It is for this reason that a garage with a sauna under one roof is such an attractive move for most landowners. Another important advantage is the ability to use one stove to warm up the bath and the garage at the same time. But to realize such an advantage, you need to make a competent project.

In many cases, one or another part of the garage is given for the accumulation of fuel (usually firewood); if suddenly they end during bath procedures, it will be possible to take new ones in a warm room, without going outside. This is not only convenient, but also allows you to avoid sudden hypothermia with subsequent bronchitis and similar troubles. Some of the owners equip bath complexes with attics, then everything becomes even more convenient.

There are also less obvious advantages, such as the ability to shower after dirty work with the car with minimal effort, without having to go far..

As for the problems, in addition to the complicated waterproofing, you will have to thoroughly work on thermal protection; the choice of materials suitable for such conflicting premises is somewhat limited. But such difficulties will not stop responsible owners.!

Drafting a project

The construction of a bathhouse as part of a standard garage implies not only high-quality waterproofing, but also the construction of a double wall between functional areas. Some professionals recommend not even touching the storm sewer in between. Serious projects always indicate how the drainage and outflow of melt water will be organized.


It is necessary to maintain the distance between the bathhouse and the main house, as well as all other buildings on the site, fences, objects of neighbors, as defined by fire regulations. This requirement must be drawn up rigorously. The prepared project must be approved by the fire authorities and other authorities, so it is best to entrust its drafting to professionals.

The sauna floor is always laid with a slight slope to facilitate the drainage of the water. The rest room will be equipped in an adjacent room (or, more correctly, on the upper tier). Only very rarely is the bathhouse set up as the second level of the garage, because then it will be necessary to carefully isolate the floor from leaks, and it is more difficult to use such a building. There are also other types of layouts, in which, along with a bath and a garage, there is a utility block or even a full-fledged summer kitchen.

An accurate and competent plan is always focused on the needs of people; those wishing to get a place of comfortable rest in a friendly circle attach a gazebo to the garage with a sauna or build a terrace. In the very storage for the car, there is often a viewing pit; if it can still be considered an optional element, then racks and cabinets, shelves for tools should certainly be.

Thinking over the layout of the bath part, you need to make sure that the steam room, washing room and dressing room are as convenient as possible. It is equally important to understand how to make the transition to them from a residential building and vice versa as comfortable as possible..

When there is not much space – for example, the total area is only 6×4 m, it makes sense to equip shelves in the garage basement for storing canned food and other homemade products.

In any “garage” bathhouse, including those in the 10×4 m configuration, the project must provide for all the necessary communications. The final decision on what to do is made taking into account their own financial and time capabilities..

Small rooms in most cases are given almost completely for a garage, and only a small area is allocated for a bath..

If there is a little more space, it is already possible to put a normal sauna without wasting space for shelves and fuels and lubricants.


It is impossible to calculate the base properly without taking into account:

  • the type of soil and the depth of the groundwater;
  • load value;
  • the complexity of the work;
  • needs for technology when choosing a particular option and opportunities to attract it.

So, large-scale capital buildings on soft ground (6×10 m) will have to be built, after serious preparatory work.

Walls and roof

Another point that is often underestimated in self-design is the choice of building material. Wood, with all its environmental friendliness, relative lightness and ease of processing, is very dangerous in terms of fire. Moreover, if for a separate bath this can still be ignored, then the risk of losing a car and other expensive things is much more serious. Therefore, you should not even take up work if there is no wood properly impregnated with fire retardants.. In addition, the wood will have to be looked after and treated with additional means to guarantee a long service life..

Brick structures hardly burn, they can last for many years and at the same time keep heat well inside. But the problem may be related to the severity of the building: it requires a serious foundation, and can quickly collapse on weak or inclined ground. In addition, brick is very expensive and will require additional finishing both inside and outside the building..

Aerated concrete and foam blocks are close in their functional characteristics, retain heat well, and provide decent sound insulation. But, as in the case of brick, it will not be possible to do without special finishing. Another prerequisite is more complex waterproofing, since the porous material constantly absorbs water vapor from the surrounding air. Many developers prefer to combine materials: the bath area is built of wood, and the garage itself is made of brick or from cinder blocks.

Many are interested in the question – is it possible to make a bath from an iron garage. The answer will be negative: in practice, either the heat loss will be very serious, or it will be necessary to use thick insulation structures that take up a lot of useful space. In accordance with the selected material, a range of additional finishing works is determined. The wood is painted, the brick is covered with lime or decorative plaster. The use of siding is considered a universal option..

Regardless of whether the sauna is attached to the garage from the outside or is done in one of its parts, it is imperative to use a roof. This part of the structure must be consistent in its execution and appearance over the entire building. Otherwise, serious aesthetic problems and practical inconveniences may arise..

Internal arrangement

The work on the arrangement of the interior of the bath begins with the creation of a thorough thermal insulation of the ceiling and walls. The preferred materials are mineral wool and foil-clad polypropylene (it also prevents moisture movement). In order for the rolls or slabs to hold firmly, a frame is created that is equal in thickness to the material used. If you have an unheated attic, you will have to put insulation on its side..

Well polished boards or lining are most often used as the main finishing material; the frame for them is formed with a rise above the insulation crate and perpendicular to it. Then the air gap will make it easier to dry the wood after it gets wet from water vapor. The laying of electrical wires must be taken care of before the walls are insulated, and the insulation under the floor must be placed last..

It is not permissible to use wood with any synthetic impregnation in the washing compartment and in the steam room., therefore you will have to choose breeds that are themselves resistant to moisture – oak or larch.


Most often, a bath and garage complex is being built on an area where there is already a residential building. It is imperative to think over exactly how the connection to the water supply, sewerage and power supply will be carried out.

A competent project always indicates how gas will be supplied to the bath (if provided), how its ventilation is arranged. It is enough to be a little mistaken with the size of the inlet and outlet for air, with their location, as the microclimate in the room will deteriorate sharply.

Execution of works

When there is complete certainty how exactly the bathhouse will be built in the garage, you need to decide on one more point – who will build it. It is more economical to work with your own hands, but only if you have the necessary experience and a certain number of tools. Contacting professional construction firms can be quite expensive, but there is confidence in the quality of work.

If you instruct private teams to make a sauna in the garage without official registration, this can reduce costs, but no one will guarantee a decent result..

You need to carefully analyze your case and evaluate your own capabilities – material resources, construction skills. And if a decision is made to turn to professionals, you need to carefully choose the performers.

Interior decoration

The interior decoration of the sauna in the garage should be made using only natural materials. In most cases, wood is used, and only if you have design skills, it makes sense to use stone surfaces. In addition, they impose a number of restrictions on the choice of suitable furniture.. To design a dressing room, most experts recommend using a rustic style: he is emotionally friendly and dramatically improves the mood of visitors.

Examples of finished structures

This is how a high-quality, solid sauna in the garage might look like. Almost all surfaces are made of light colored smooth wooden boards. A stone wall separates the steam room from the main part of the furnace; only a container with heating stones is brought out. There is only one lamp – a diamond-shaped one, above the front door (which is lighter than the surrounding walls).

Here’s another example – with an oven located in the steam room itself. Around it, the walls are finished with stone, the substrate is made of stone, and the rest of the room is decorated in a more familiar way – with boards. The main structure is made in the form of steps, an imitation of a log house is used around the entrance door.

The implementation of the project of the bathhouse in the basement of the garage can be seen below..

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