Bath projects with a gazebo under one roof

After the end of the working week, what could be better than to take a steam bath and taste barbecue in the company of your household and friends. But the long-awaited weekend can be spoiled by rain or a sudden cold snap, and you will have to refuse to have dinner in nature. However, you can try to combine the relaxation area with a sauna..


Combining a bath with a barbecue gazebo under one roof will help protect against weather surprises.. When choosing a bath project, one must take into account the presence of several design options..

Sample project 1

A bathhouse and a gazebo in the form of a large terrace are located on the same foundation under a common roof, such a constructive solution assumes an even distribution of the bearing load over the entire structure. The foundation is made of tape or pile to the same depth along the entire perimeter of the structure.

Sample project 2

The second design scheme is a bathhouse on a strip foundation with an attached gazebo under a canopy. The canopy beams are supported on one of the walls of the bath. The roof of the canopy rests on pillars with a pile foundation. The two parts of the structure have different bearing loads and operate separately.

Sample project 3

A complex of structures from two separate structures: baths and barbecue gazebos. In this version, two separate foundations and two separate roofs are erected, connected by a covered walkway. For example, there is already a bathhouse on the site, but you need to make a covered gazebo for barbecue. Then we choose the second option, and we finish building the canopy. The easiest way is to make it a lean-to, such an extension can be built independently, having initial construction skills. The third option will require the allocation of additional space for construction and will have a higher estimated cost compared to an extension of the canopy.

Combining these two objects – a recreation area with a barbecue and a bathhouse, they solve several problems at once..

  • Practical benefits – communications are laid to one land plot – paths, water supply, electricity will serve two objects. This reduces material and land costs.
  • Comfort maintenance and use – the presence of the capital structure of the bath will allow it to be used in the cold season, when the time spent in the fresh air is reduced.
  • Decorative effect – a complex of facilities for relaxation and bath procedures decorated in the same style will become a beautiful accent of the site.

When combining a barbecue area with a sauna, you must follow the instructions for observing fire safety rules.

  • An outdoor stove or brazier is supplied with a chimney, and a protective wall from the wind is built, which will ensure even combustion.
  • It is undesirable to make the size of the gazebo or canopy less than 4.5 meters in width, this is necessary to ensure a free approach to the brazier and the absence of smoke in the area of ​​the table and seating areas.
  • An important requirement is the installation of a barbecue in the part of the terrace farthest from the door to the bathhouse, so that the entrance to the dressing room does not have obstacles.

Landscape view from an open gazebo is of great importance.. To select the most advantageous vantage point, they walk around the entire territory and examine the surrounding landscape. Sitting on an armchair after bathing procedures, it is pleasant to see not the wall of a neighbor’s shed or a fence, but a beautiful flower bed, a pond or an orchard. Therefore, landscape designers advise placing a bathhouse and a barbecue gazebo on elevated or flat places, from where pleasant landscapes open. A low or hollow on a site is not the best choice for a recreation complex.

When choosing a project for a bath, it is necessary to conduct a study of the composition of the soil, find out the depth of freezing in a given area, how much the soil is susceptible to swelling. Usually all this data can be obtained from the district department of architecture..

Material selection


Traditionally, the material for the bathhouse and garden gazebo is natural wood. It is the most useful material for human health. At high temperatures, wood begins to release useful essential substances and resins, which have a beneficial effect on well-being, help restore physical and mental strength after a week of work..

Professionals recommend building a bath from linden, aspen, cedar.

Pine is a cheaper material, has a pleasant color with a beautiful knotty wood pattern. But pine fibers have a loose structure: under the influence of moisture they increase in volume, cracks appear from drying. And also the high temperatures of the steam room provoke the release of resin, which makes the air in the room heavier and forms ugly smudges on the walls. However, pine can be used for a spectacular composition in the national style of log cabins and gazebos..

The internal walls of the steam room will need to be sheathed with linden, aspen, cedar or African abash oak with pink smooth knot-free wood.

Wood has the highest thermal insulation rate compared to brick or foam block. Buildings made of this material have optimal humidity and natural ventilation.. Timber for felling is produced in the form of a rounded log or bar. Modern technologies of wood processing for construction make it possible to erect buildings of the same beauty and durability both from a bar and from a log.

It is worth noting that cracks appear less often on the timber, and it is easier to lay it due to the rectangular section..

The first crown of a log house is made of oak or laid on larch planks to protect the log house from soil moisture. A layer of jute is laid between the crowns, and the logs themselves are fastened with wooden dowels. They begin to mount the gazebo from the bearing racks and immediately make the upper and lower strapping. The roof and truss system is erected after the structure has completely shrunk..

The foundation for a log house made of wood can be made columnar under the load-bearing structural ties. The concrete base for the pillars is poured to a depth of soil freezing – from 1.2 to 1.7 meters and reinforced with rods.


In second place in terms of durability, environmental qualities, thermal insulation properties are brick recreation complexes. Choosing a brick for building a bathhouse with a terrace and barbecue facilities will require the help of professional bricklayers. A person without experience can take on the finishing of some elements of the gazebo or the construction of a barbecue. The foundation is usually made combined: tape along the perimeter and columnar under the load-bearing structural parts.

A brick building, subject to the technological cycle, will last 120-150 years, while the service limit of a tree is 100 years. The fire safety of a brick building is much higher than a wooden one. Brick retains heat much longer, the disadvantage is the need to warm up a room made of stone for a long time. For the gazebo, brick pillars are erected on supports. This building material allows you to give the structure any desired shape – round, square, rectangular, with curly protrusions.

Foam block

You can independently build a bath complex with a small financial investment with foamed concrete blocks. A plan of a bath and a gazebo for a barbecue is laid out on leveled soil, a trench is dug for the foundation to the required depth, a sand cushion is made, the trench is filled with rubble and reinforcing rods, and poured with concrete. After that, an interlayer of several rows of bricks is laid out, and again a strapping is made of reinforced concrete along the formwork. Foam blocks are laid on this strapping on a cement mortar to the desired height, the wall, when brought under the roof, is completed with another belt of concrete strapping, this gives additional strength to the structure of the bath.

The gazebo or terrace is brought under the roof on metal, wood or brick pillars. Foam blocks have good thermal insulation qualities, but for use in the cold season, you need to additionally insulate the walls of the bath with basalt slabs, you do not need to insulate the gazebo.

Outside and inside, a building made of foam blocks is sheathed with a block house decorative slat, natural or imitating different types of wood. For the premises of the steam room, only natural wood is used for sheathing.

The structure can be plastered and painted in the desired color.


A gazebo or a terrace with a barbecue can be used not only in the hot summer, but also in the cold season. An excellent solution would be to equip the gazebo openings with sliding glass frame structures.. The frame material is very diverse – wood, plastic, metal.

Plastic frame structures are heavy and have good thermal insulation qualities in winter..

If a bathhouse with a gazebo is used before the onset of real cold weather, then it is better to choose an aluminum profile for glazing. This is a lightweight design, it can be used to create panoramic glazing, however, the temperature inside and outside the room will not differ much.

In some projects, frameless glass of special tempering is used for solid glazing., it is a very beautiful structure, but it can only protect from wind and rain. Due to the lack of insulating gaskets, such glazing is not an obstacle to the cold..

Roofing material

Has a wide assortment. The material for the roof is selected according to the amount of precipitation in the region, the structure of the rafter system and the angle of inclination of the slope. For a large amount of precipitation in winter, the angle of inclination is taken at least 45 degrees, for regions with strong winds, the slope is made less than 40 degrees to avoid windage. Roofing material can be sheet or roll. The most popular materials are slate, ondulin, metal tiles, for them, the angle of inclination should be at least 20-30 degrees. The corrugated board can be used for roof slopes with an inclination angle of 8 degrees.


Indoor floors are usually made of wood, the most durable flooring material is larch. But this is an optional condition, the material for the floorboard can be from another type of wood..

For rooms with high humidity and outdoor terraces or gazebos, the floors are mounted on logs for ventilation in order to avoid wood decay. But even under a canopy on a barbecue area, wooden floors will fail after a few years, so a more durable option is a floor made of paving slabs, porcelain stoneware or natural stone.

Flat sandstone flooring with natural stone finishing on part of the wall or all exterior walls.

Subtleties of design

The design of a recreation complex has its own characteristics, which depend on the size of the site and financial capabilities. For a family of four, a 4×4 m sauna and a small barbecue terrace along one of the walls with an area of ​​8 sq. meters. For a large company of 8-10 people, the barbecue gazebo occupies an area of ​​14-16 sq. meters

In village baths, equipped rest rooms are rarely found; if there is not enough space, the relaxation room is combined with a barbecue terrace, in this case it is better to make it glazed. In order not to make separate houses for the bathhouse, summer kitchen and barbecue cooking, this functionality can be placed together on the large terrace of the bathhouse..

A covered shed for the barbecue area can be built between the garage and the sauna. It is convenient to install a brazier near the garage wall, which will serve as protection from the wind. The roof between the two buildings is made gable. A lean-to canopy is used in projects for the location of a barbecue area on the terrace of a bathhouse, this is an ergonomic option when there is a lack of space. A simple design will not cause difficulties during construction and will provide the necessary comfort for cooking barbecue and relaxing in the fresh air.

With barbecue

An attached barbecue terrace extends the usable area of ​​the complex. A wall with a barbecue is erected to the height of the roof or to a height of at least 1.5 meters. The protective wall is finished with refractory bricks, natural stone or tiles. The built-in brazier is equipped with a chimney. The chimney can be laid out of brick or metal.

A simple brick brazier is erected on a separate slab foundation, which should not be associated with the foundation of other structures. If the terrace is used as a summer kitchen, then side tables made of bricks for cutting and cooking food are attached to the barbecue, a sink is mounted, storage spaces are made. This task can be simplified by installing a ready-made metal grill barbecue against a protective wall and providing sufficient distance from the dining area and windows so that there is no smoke..

The dining table is placed in the middle of the room, seating is placed around. It is better to choose furniture for the glazed seating area from natural oak. It will add solidity to the whole atmosphere and will last for many years..

Outdoor barbecues are often exposed to adverse weather conditions, so furniture sets made of plastic or rattan would be optimal. Modern plastic processing technologies allow you to choose a convenient, beautiful and practical option for garden furniture.

Corner option

Sometimes the corner between the bathhouse and the wall of the house is left to place the recreation area.. The corner option for placing an extension for a barbecue allows you to organize a covered passage from the house to the bath through the recreation area. At the same time, you save materials by using ready-made structures for the walls of the house and the bath, you do not need to pave paths between the bath and the house, you can use the transition in any weather without wearing outerwear. Such a barbecue area can be open under a canopy or glazed.

In this case, the brazier is located in a place farther from doors and windows. The dining area can be combined with the terrace of the house or be located separately in the barbecue area. This version of the project allows you to use the same communications for the entire complex of buildings. Corner positioning provides additional wind protection for comfort.

When finishing, it is necessary to adhere to the general style of design of all elements: the material of the roof, walls and paving acquires the same.

Interesting design solutions are obtained where the summer stove is placed in the corner. The stove-fireplace and the proximity to the residential building make it possible to use the gazebo as a summer kitchen. A fireplace with a chimney is a rather massive structure; it takes up a lot of space in the center of the site, because there should be a free access zone around it. The stove in the middle of one of the walls needs free space in front of an open fire, the dining table is placed on the side. If the fireplace occupies one of the far corners, this significantly saves space, leaving the entire center of the room for the dining group..

The fire in the fireplace with an angular arrangement is clearly visible from all points. The flame warms the surrounding area evenly. A corner stove can at the same time be a firebox for a steam room, if it has communicating communications with the bath. This is one of the best places to build a fireplace.

With swimming pool

An excellent solution would be if you build an artificial reservoir near a bathhouse with a gazebo. In a small cottage, which is used only in the summer, it is enough to purchase a ready-made pool and install it next to a gazebo for barbecue. More energy-intensive option – built-in water and bath complex under a canopy or roof.

The decision to build a reservoir is taken at the planning stage to allocate space for the foundation of the pool base. The water bowl can be located in the bathhouse or outside on the terrace.

It will be correct to install a water body under a terrace canopy. The dream of every lover of steam is to jump into cold water after the procedures in the steam room, and in hot summer it is pleasant to cool off in the water during the day if the summer cottage is located far from natural reservoirs. Therefore, a large area is allocated for the gazebo, where the barbecue area will be located together with the pool, taking into account the size of the pool, it is a good idea to allocate a couple of square meters for sun loungers. The terrace should accommodate a stove, a dining area, a sunbathing area after swimming, and a pond bowl. The area of ​​such a structure depends on the size of the water bowl..

With year-round use of the bath, it is better to make the terrace warm. The closed system of sliding window structures should be moved apart during the summer, giving access to sunlight and fresh air. A very interesting solution is to make the roof over the pool with a gazebo transparent to admire the starry sky. Or sit next to the fireplace in the warmth and watch the snowflakes overhead. It is preferable to keep the design of the finishing of this complex in the same style..

With a billiard room

Modern owners of country houses devote their weekends to their hobbies and hobbies. At the dacha, tennis courts, a badminton court, fitness centers and a spa are being landscaped. A bathhouse with a gazebo for relaxation is the best fit for a billiards room connected under the same roof. A stylish billiard room next to a barbecue area and a swimming pool will become an attractive magnet for households and friends.

To equip such a complex, it is enough to put a billiard table on the terrace, of course, the area of ​​the gazebo must be appropriate.

It is necessary to take into account the undesirable effect of moisture on the wood of the table, so it should be maximally in dry air, that is, glazing will have to be done for the autumn-spring period.

Heat sources, brazier or stove, should be located at least two meters. Designing your own recreation complex is a very exciting activity, professional architects will help you plan the premises correctly and calculate the estimated cost, you can cope with simple standard projects on your own, choosing the appropriate option.

Ready examples of buildings

  • Scandinavian style the recreation complex at the dacha is decorated with white bricks and structural beams highlighted in brown. Simple clear straight lines, white and contrasting black or brown, lack of bright decor, natural materials are the hallmarks of this style..

  • Minimalist ideas amaze with their brevity and functionality. Simplicity of shapes, ergonomic size and only the necessary elements make structures in this style the best option for construction in small areas.

  • Beautiful sauna project with a covered terrace hi-tech will make the suburban area fashionable and stylish. The terrace is designed for summer use, an unusual defensive wall at an oblique angle creates an original visual concept.

  • Leisure complexes chalet style They are distinguished by massive forms, heavy natural materials, retaining walls made of stone. This style requires ample space and beautiful landscape views, ideal for a waterfront location. A spacious terrace with a fireplace replaces the outdoor seating area. The characteristic feature is the ceiling with rustic protruding beams, the squat shape of the building, which merges with the terrain. Chalet-style saunas and gazebos can be combined under one roof. Often, when choosing the shape of the roof, a nearby hill is used, into which the structure is inscribed with one wall and the roof slopes already depend on the slopes of the hill..

  • Russian style harmoniously combines elements of practical furnishings and aesthetics of natural wood. The complex of buildings is united by the same decorative facades and resembles an old tower. The carving of the platbands brings an artistic element to the composition of the bathhouse, gazebo for barbecue and pool. The tree does not overload and does not tire the eye with its warm colors. Forged elements, bricks and tiles with tiles go well with solid wood. Having chosen a rural style of buildings, the interior and interior decoration must also be kept in accordance with national traditions. Floral curtains, grasses hanging from the ceiling, solid wooden tables and benches, chests and wooden buckets.

  • The trim from unedged board looks beautiful both in the interior and in the gazebo. The board is cleaned of bark, polished, covered with stain, oil or wax. This inexpensive material helps to give the structure a design originality and brutality..

For an overview of bath projects with a gazebo under one roof, see the following video.

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