Bath with an attic size 6×6

A bath with an attic is an original and practical solution. Such a bath itself serves as a place for relaxation, if it is equipped with an additional room (or even several), the level of comfort will only increase. In this case, after water procedures, it is not at all necessary to go into the house. It will be possible to continue relaxing on the top floor. Consider the features, materials of manufacture and projects of a bath with an attic measuring 6×6 m.


If the house does not have an attic or terrace, this can be corrected when arranging a bath. A small terrace with an exit from the attic can also become an area of ​​fun pastime (especially in the summer), it can add a lot of sun rays to the room. The attic allows you to reduce the number of acres used for the construction of a bath. A bath with an attic 6×6 m is a great option in cases where there is not enough space for building a bath or if you do not want to use free space.

Such a bath is able to fit into its design premises that are intended directly for water procedures, as well as provide sufficient space in them. The attic can be used as a relaxation room and also as a guest bedroom. The attic area allows you to arrange a living room and a kind of living room. Additional space for ancillary rooms leaves more space for main rooms (e.g. steam room, shower room).

Due to the fact that the bath has a small area and weight, the foundation is not made as strong as when building a house. There are also significant savings in cement or concrete. Even at the design stage of the bath, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of carrying out sewerage and electrical wiring. Due to the fact that the bath is an object of high humidity, it is necessary to provide for high-quality waterproofing of the floor and walls in order to prevent dampness in the premises.. Good ventilation is essential.

A bath of a small area is built in a short period of time, it requires a lot of effort in leaving. It is not worth making a reinforced heating system – this is a good way to save money. Of course, the material from which the bath will be built plays an important role. For example, a brick bath will need good heating, structures using frame technology – on the contrary..

It is recommended to locate the bath at a sufficient distance from the house: it has a weak fire resistance. If a fire breaks out, the flames should not affect the house. To reduce the possibility of a fire, it is necessary to treat the surfaces with fire retardants..

Materials (edit)

The traditional material for the construction of a bath is wood. It is inherent in environmental friendliness due to naturalness. To build a wooden bath, the following types of wood are used:

  • massive timber;
  • profiled timber;
  • glued laminated timber;
  • rounded log.

Of these types of material, only massive timber is not subject to special processing for good fixing of the frame. Because of this, it has a lower price, but its quality is not the best. The best quality wood material is rounded logs. This material has a long service life, it is easy to build, eliminating the need for additional finishing. In this case, a high level of thermal insulation is noted due to the good connection density of the material elements..

Most often, when building a bath with an attic, pine wood is used.. For a low price of this raw material, you can get good thermal stability and trouble-free erection of the structure. Larch also has good properties, but at the same time it is quite heavy in comparison with pine. Cedar is characterized by a long service life, good thermal conductivity, but its price is an order of magnitude higher than other analogues.

Despite the different types of wood, the solid wood has excellent air permeability, which provides a favorable indoor climate. However, in any case, it will be necessary to additionally insulate not only the attic, but also the first floor. Currently, construction using frame technology is gaining great popularity. In contrast to wood, the use of a frame has a number of advantages..

The main one is the ease of construction work (you can cope on your own without the involvement of specialists), as well as the absence of shrinkage, a considerable service life at a relatively low price. The frame can be not only wooden, but also metal.

Foam concrete and aerated concrete stand out from other building materials. These materials are similar in their characteristics and have a porous structure. The construction of a building from these materials takes place in a short period of time. Due to the low weight of the foam blocks, there is no large load on the foundation, you can carry out construction work yourself.

Blocks of these materials are distinguished by such advantages as environmental friendliness, long service life, and resistance to fire. Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting the need for good thermal insulation and waterproofing..

Despite the many advantages of brick, it is not advisable to use it for the construction of a bath. Brick creates a high load on the foundation; it requires additional high-quality thermal insulation. Building a bathhouse with its use is a rather laborious task. The laying should be done by an experienced master.. The main types of foundations for the construction of a 6×6 m bathhouse with an attic are:

  • columnar;
  • pile;
  • tape.


The appearance of a bath with an attic resembles a tower, especially if wood is used for construction. The bath project plan can be drawn up independently, carefully considering the location of windows and doors. It is important to take into account all the nuances, including carrying out:

  • communications;
  • wiring;
  • waterproofing;
  • vapor barrier.

These insulation is necessary in order to prevent the appearance of mold or mildew, which can destroy the structure. Since a bathhouse with an attic is used not only for its intended purpose, you can finish building a terrace or balcony, or beautifully equip a porch. In addition, the terrace can be used instead of a gazebo, if supplemented with a canopy or awning. For the construction of a terrace, concrete blocks or piles are used..

So the terrace does not need additional foundation fabrication. It makes sense to allocate space for the kitchen, toilet, additional bedroom.

The most common project of a 6×6 m bath with an attic is the following layout:

  • the first floor includes a small hall, a walk-through room (it is advisable to arrange a bathroom and a staircase to the second floor in it, you can equip a small kitchen), a dressing room, a shower and a steam room;
  • attic consists of a small hall and a guest room.

Two rooms can be made from the attic, the area allows it. If you plan to invite a large number of people, it is more advisable to make a bedroom and an entertainment room. If the bathhouse is being built more for the owners, then in the second room you can place a library, a billiard room (depending on preferences). You can equip it as a place to relax..

Most often, with such buildings, a gable type roof is performed; a hipped roof and a sloping roof are well suited for a bath. The sloping roof can successfully highlight the interesting architecture of the building. A pitched roof is rarely used.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the minimum height of the attic ceiling should be at least 2 m (preferably 2.5 m). This will create more usable space..

Beautiful examples

Let’s turn to original and harmonious solutions. This photo shows a bathhouse with an attic made of laminated veneer lumber. The attic has access to a terrace with a small porch.

An example of a simple bath design built using frame technology.

For the construction of this bath with an attic, glued beams were used, instead of a terrace, a small balcony was built.

In this example, the sloping roof of the bath is visible, there is an unglazed balcony.

Another completed project of a 6×6 bath can be seen in the following video.

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