BBQ Gazebo: Beautiful Design Projects

Many owners of a personal plot or country house would like to equip their territory with miniature (or not so) gazebos. But such a structure cannot be considered a “passing” moment in architecture and construction. You need to treat him with all responsibility..


The gazebo should not be considered as something single and monolithic in any case. On the contrary, it is subdivided into several clear types at once, each of which has its own characteristics and nuances. The construction of such buildings is possible even by the efforts of non-professionals, the main thing is to choose a project that can be implemented. A typical gazebo is not isolated from the natural environment, like most artificial structures. Moreover, it is advisable to merge it with the landscape as much as possible, erase the visual edges.

A very important feature is the flexibility of design.. Walls in some versions are not made, but foundations and floors are possible. Supports are formed to hold the roof in structures without walls. It is allowed to place a gazebo directly in the garden, adjoining it to the house. It is almost always possible to place the building on the prepared soil; occasionally, sites are formed..

It is necessary to equip the foundation only when groundwater comes close to the surface. The correct choice of material, taking into account the task and the climate, is of great importance. The type of it (wood, metal, stones) determines whether it will be possible to build a gazebo with your own hands, how simple and fast it will be done. Geometry varies widely.

Despite the simplicity of the design of the gazebo, building it without drawings, diagrams will not work anyway.


Projects of gazebos for summer cottages can have different sizes, but in any case, it is worthwhile to decide in advance on the area of ​​space where they will be delivered. The traditional (classic) solution is the use of natural wood. To make the building more beautiful, you can introduce openwork carvings and metal parts. When a drawing is prepared (with exact geometry, dimensions), you can choose a site for the construction.

If you can’t choose a suitable place anywhere, you need to adjust the scheme, and not try to “push” the gazebo in an unsuitable point for it.

Removal of fertile soil is carried out to a depth of 100-150 mm. Further, the site must be leveled for reliable concreting. Concrete reduces construction costs. Together with concreting, pipes of a round or square cross-section are introduced into the ground, raised above the filled layer by 0.2-0.3 m.In the pipes, holes must be prepared that are intended for the installation of wooden posts.

Light gazebos 6×4 m are formed without brick fences. Fences of small height, formed from European lining or polycarbonate, are quite enough. In this version, the roofs are often made of a wooden bar with a section of 5×5 cm in the form of a frame of a hipped-roof scheme with two slopes. To increase the reliability of fastening helps the strapping of the same beam horizontally.

The roof is made from:

  • slate (corrugated sheets);
  • polycarbonate;
  • ondulina;
  • metal roof tiles.

Maximum attention should be paid to the size of the roofing blocks; one should not forget about the surge on the sides and ends. The slate layout implies a run of sheets of 100-150 mm, only such an indicator provides real reliability. It is allowed to combine polycarbonate in the roof with a steel profile.

It is recommended to use corners of 5×5 cm, the polycarbonate itself is used in the form of standard sheets. The base for shingles is formed from oriented strand board.

Savings on the foundation are achieved by using pillar foundations. Most often they are made from red ceramic bricks or natural limestone..

When designing a gazebo, you need to use a plan that reflects:

  • House;
  • auxiliary buildings;
  • paths and fences.

It is impossible to bring the building closer to a country house or a country house by 300-500 cm. It is recommended to provide work tables and areas for laying out firewood, a site for rest and a barbecue. The most economical layout of the space involves placing the stove in the corners or under a self-contained canopy. It is advisable to form the building in the most symmetrical design. If you have the necessary funds, you can stretch wires, connect a TV and additional equipment.

    To guarantee comfort, it is worth equipping the gazebo with a kitchen with an oven.. A heavy hearth is necessarily placed on the foundation, if the gazebo itself is equipped with it by default, it is required to make a separate stand.

    If you decide to make a gazebo with a stove, it is better to turn to professionals. Laying bricks on your own or doing other work is extremely dangerous, not to mention the everyday problems that arise. Wooden structures are most often equipped with mobile barbecues..

    The design of the gazebo, which should be used in winter, implies the formation of a gable roof. Especially summer buildings are mainly covered with awnings, this is quite enough for protection from bad weather and is quite cheap. It is advisable to equip closed buildings with windows; large openings extending from the floor to the upper part of the walls are especially well perceived. They allow the most light to pass through. Wood-burning stoves are more economical than other options; provide for fireclay or fire-resistant bricks.

    A well-thought-out ventilation must be an obligatory feature of any project. Failure to comply with the basic rules for its implementation not only complicates cooking, but also has a very bad effect on fire safety.

    Wooden floors best match the style of a country house or summer cottage. Coating with varnish increases their resistance to negative environmental influences. Ceramic tiles are no less popular, they also work well in the summer kitchen..

    A warm gazebo can be either isolated or combined with a guest house or a summer pavilion. A prerequisite is the use of modern insulation materials. Such gazebos are made only in a closed form in order to exclude the penetration of cold air. The oven or barbecue, in parallel with the culinary one, also acquires a heating function. When the structure is attached to the house, you need to stretch heating means there and put radiators; in remote buildings, sometimes warm floors are formed.

    The difficulty in designing a winter gazebo is maintaining a balance between intense illumination and keeping warm inside. The choice of geometry and stylistic approach is determined solely by the personal tastes of the owners. But we must not forget that the external form should be convenient for the location of internal furniture and other infrastructure, correspond to it..

    It is recommended to combine design principles with the design of the house, garden, other buildings and fences.

    For a summer open gazebo with a 6×4 m pool, it is recommended to dig a pit. Then the floors in the building will be on the same level with the side. Plastic buckets with a capacity of 65 liters can be used as permanent formwork under the posts. You need to collect the pool before the construction of the gazebo begins. The opposite sequence of work is greatly complicated.

    Materials (edit)

    It’s not enough just to choose a good project, you still need to find the most suitable material.

    Brick buildings are often found because they:

    • strong;
    • serve for a long time;
    • reliably protect from weather conditions;
    • perceived as solid and elite buildings;
    • reliably protected from weather disasters, from fire.

    You will have to take into account the significant weight of the brickwork, which must be thoroughly calculated. Buildings of this kind are based on quality foundations. The complexity is fully justified by the absence of the need for enhanced processing with fire-resistant mixtures. Brick does not need to be disinfected, it cannot rot and absorbs moisture much less than wood. Rodents and microscopic organisms will not be able to damage such a wall, it is also not afraid of corrosion..

      A closed brick building can be made with a wide variety of textures. Therefore, even without auxiliary cladding, the appearance varies very widely. It is easy to make a gazebo in a wide variety of geometries, its palette is almost unlimited. Brickwork is harmoniously combined with metal and wood, with composite and stone surfaces (details).

      In most cases, summer cottages are laid in ½ brick, this allows you to provide decent strength and reduce the budget.

      Light gazebos are made in most cases not only brick, but from several materials at once. The lined supports hold the metal and wood walls as well as the roof (mostly polycarbonate). This solution allows you to keep the elegance at a minimum cost. More massive semi-closed structures are made, as a rule, in the form of a solid brick wall, to which a brazier and a working area are attached. Other corners of the building are equipped with steel or log posts; forged parapets are used to close openings, sometimes replaced by decorative gratings.

      Despite the demand for the structures just described, the prevailing trend in the second half of the 2010s is inextricably linked with glazing. A modern glazed gazebo combines the advantages of open and closed options: it is cheap and comfortable, while keeping out cold, wind and dirt. With all the lightness of the glass, the brick will create the main load, which means that you cannot do without a foundation. Pillar foundations are made on corner supports, located at a maximum of 2 m from one another. To obtain a similar support, you can use the same brick, quarry, aerated concrete.

      Reinforcement cages based on mass-produced pipes appear to be alternative solutions. Slabs and ribbons are most often poured under semi-closed and closed houses. The slab construction is a little more expensive, but the difference is justified when it comes to flooring. Then the concrete mass can itself fulfill its role..

      Glass BBQ gazebos will look much better than otherwise without glass.

      Forged metal lasts a long time and is immune to fire and insects; as a base for glass blocks, it fits perfectly. Installation can be simplified by sheathing the steel with wood and plastic panels. Wood is attractive in that it does not heat up in the most intense heat and is pleasant in frost. But you will have to treat the tree with antiseptics every year. But wooden structures are easier to insulate and fit into different landscapes, environments.

      The glazing itself is divided into two options: cold and warm; the warm type is made of aluminum. Such windows are made in a sliding or rotary format. Even the most vicious bad weather will not disturb the tranquility of the residents. Cold glazing is worth choosing if you have to use the gazebo only in the warm season. Protection from gusts of wind and from precipitation is no worse, but the amount of costs is noticeably reduced.

      Sliding mechanisms help to save space, they also make the internal volume as comfortable as possible for the hosts and guests. Aluminum glazed structures are recommended for large arbors with sophisticated architecture. The choice of the opening scheme depends mainly on personal taste. Glazing with a single sheet, insulated bags, glass tinting is allowed. If transparency requirements are less important than strength, polycarbonate may be used..

      Among the color options for the frame, it is recommended to pay attention primarily to wood.. This does not mean monotony at all, because there are up to 30 breeds that can be imitated by paintwork. An imitation of a silver or bronze surface using the electroplating method will be extremely attractive. The most modern approach implies a complete rejection of the frame, this allows the window to fit into any architectural composition. The absence of restrictions for viewing the surrounding landscape is achieved using high-quality glasses of the latest design.

      The so-called soft windows are much cheaper than the usual ones and at the same time perform very well decoration functions. Plastic eyelets are used to attach the films. But care should be taken when handling such materials, as PVC is too easily cut and squeezed. Roller shutters based on polycarbonate with translucent slats look very good. It is also recommended to think about aluminum stained-glass windows, which are mounted quickly, although they cost very serious money..

      To prevent injury, summer residents and gardeners should choose the highest quality tempered glass.. Many experts believe that the best option is frame stalinite, which is heated up to 50 degrees and sharply cooled after that. But the high security makes the material unsuitable for cutting and drilling. Therefore, all measurements before ordering must be done carefully and rechecked several times..

      Elite cottage development complexes are sometimes equipped with log gazebos.

      The undoubted advantages when choosing a rounded timber are environmental safety, external grace, efficiency of construction and excellent thermal protection. It will be possible to build a gazebo very quickly, and there is no need to process it with protective mixtures (this is already compensated by processing at the sawmill). Log structures are inexpensive and have trouble-free service for many years. But you will have to put up with shrinkage within two years after construction, with cracks and gaps provoked by it.

      Prevention of cracking is the careful choice of material and its coating with special impregnations.

      A bunch of logs in a paw helps to use less building materials, however, increases their susceptibility upon contact with moisture. Chopping into a bowl, it is possible to better protect the gazebo from water and make it more beautiful, but the cost of wood grows by almost 15% compared to the previous version. It is important to take into account that there are no differences in strength between such schemes. The properties of the site and the characteristics of the material used, as well as compliance with the work technology, affect it much more strongly. Lightweight wooden gazebos can even be placed simply on concrete blocks in the corners, placed in pits 40-50 cm deep.

      But when you have to put a large log house, you will have to use a base in the form of a tape. Since the very first crowns are subject to destruction from moisture, the thickest logs from wood, which are especially resistant to decay, are diverted to them. It is not enough just to put waterproofing, it is imperative that there is no gap between it and the wood.

      It is recommended to use bitumen-based mixtures for protection against water. The compatibility of the floor with the rest of the structures of the gazebo is achieved if it is also made of wood (for example, from a laminate with increased resistance to moisture or from parquet boards).

      When it comes to stone options, not all of them are record-high.. Artificial minerals help save money and get a lasting, stable result. If you have enough money, you can, on the contrary, choose granite and marble in the basis of your design. The advantage of this option is the impressive variety of colors (in the case of marble) and the strength, thermoregulation of granite..

      It is important to remember that both materials are unsuitable for do-it-yourself processing, so you will also have to incur costs for calling a specialist.

      Many site owners prefer foam block gazebos. This material provides excellent protection against extraneous noise and is environmentally friendly. Compared to other block solutions, it is lighter and does not require a lot of concrete to be poured. The thermal conductivity of the foam block is very low, and at the same time it resists combustion much better than wood. Paying attention to this option is also useful due to its low cost..

      Barbecue drawings

      No matter how important the execution of the walls, roof and foundation is, it is worth thinking about the order (construction scheme) of the barbecue. For technical reasons, it is very difficult to put a high chimney in the gazebo or make a sophisticated set of channels for removing smoke. Deflectors should also be discarded, because this negatively affects the aesthetics of the structure. When choosing among ready-made drawings, it makes sense to give preference to those where the least amount of embedded steel and places tied with wire is used. The lower the likelihood of the effect of wind on the stove, the lower you can make a tent, but you need to increase the pipe; in more open gazebos, the situation, of course, will be reversed.

      A row of bricks placed across it becomes a runner for a brazier and a grinder. You need at least two or three stitch rows, then it will turn out to install the rasp at a different elevation above the hot coals. A winter corner stove with a chimney and a hood allows you to save space as much as possible. A columnar foundation is usually formed under the brazier; but the barbecue woman is attractive in that it is laid out with tiles on the outside. This allows you to make the hearth universal, applicable regardless of the season..

      The Asian version – tandoor – implies raising the foundation 1.5-1.7 m above the earth’s surface. The foundation is deepened to the same depth. The blower is as close as possible to the foundation. The structure of the working chamber, tapering at the top, resembles a dome. To backfill the inner walls (the gap to the body, more precisely), a heat-retaining material is used.

      The grill oven is very little different from the usual barbecue. Some experts even believe that they are one and the same thing. Auxiliary compartments are placed along the edges of the working chamber. But this is not necessary. The level and geometry of any row must be very strict. Therefore, it is impossible to do without building levels when implementing drawings in practice..

      How to build with your own hands

      Construction and interior decoration begins with thinking through the dimensions, they determine what can and cannot be done. On average, the ratio of 1 user per 1 sq. m of internal volume. Independent construction, unless there is a desire to demonstrate their originality and ability to work masterly, is carried out according to the rectangle pattern. The choice of a pitched roof and slab foundation also helps to simplify the installation of the structure..

      The optimal balance of ease of work and its reliability is provided by the choice of timber, corrugated board and metal racks.

      Tips & Tricks

      Choosing the most beautiful and the best among the ready-made author’s solutions, we must not forget that your work is always more enjoyable. Optimal places are near the reservoir, where it is quiet and cool. On clay, the gazebo is usually propped up with piles. Their strapping is formed from a 5×10 cm bar.The floor tree at the hearth is covered with a sheet of steel.

      Beautiful examples

      The possibilities for creating a beautiful looking gazebo are very large. Here is one example in which closeness to nature is emphasized, along with wood materials, with green curtains. Noble dark brown and not gloomy outwardly color of wood looks very attractive.

      An open through and through version of the gazebo is shown in this photo, in the background there is a stove that completes the logical design. Half-wall and translucent roof indicate that this solution is designed for good summer weather.

      Wicker chairs and a few plants in small tubs create a cozy atmosphere. Caring for and cleaning the paving stones of the floor is very simple. The gazebo raised above the surface allows you not to be afraid of even very stormy rain streams. The boardwalk and staircase are in harmony, and the monolithic roof provides reliable protection from the elements. Simple wooden furniture is placed here in the most successful way..

      For information on how to build a summer gazebo with a barbecue, see the next video..

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