DIY options for making shelves in the garage

DIY options for making shelves in the garage

Arranging a garage is an important detail for a good owner, because every thing should have its place so that it can be easily found. In order for this to be possible, you need to have a convenient storage system that can be purchased at specialized points of sale or made on your own..

Garage shelves can be of different sizes and consist of different materials, therefore it is important to know what is used in which cases and how to properly equip them in the garage..


The garage space can be used in different ways, but the general pattern will be the desire to arrange all objects as conveniently as possible so that they do not take up much space and do not clutter up the space. Especially it is important to keep this room in order if you have a car.

For a car enthusiast, you need space for the car itself, under the wheels for it, tires for winter and summer, materials for repairs and other useful little things. In addition, usually all minor repair work is performed in the garage, therefore all the main tools are located in it, access to which should be as simple and convenient as possible..

The easiest way to arrange everything you need in the garage are shelves of various designs and racks. The convenience of the shelves lies in the fact that they will fit in any garage, because they can have different options: hanging, corner, one or more shelves, wide, narrow, long, small. All this makes it possible to classify this element as one of the most important details, without which the arrangement of the storage area for the necessary things is impossible..

Due to the wide variety of designs and materials from which you can make shelves, you can purchase them in specialized stores or try to build them yourself..

The advantage of a purchase option is that you will definitely get a well-made item and you will not need to make any effort to get it. The positive side in self-made designs will be the choice of material that is suitable for a particular garage, adjusting the dimensions to the existing dimensions and performing any version of the product design.

On shelves in the garage, you can store tools that are not often needed to perform certain jobs.. It is important to provide space for liquid products., necessary both for the car and for other works. In this case the shelf can be closed or have a side, so that the container does not turn over and fall from it.

A motorist simply cannot do without shelves for storing tires with wheels, because this is an obligatory element of the driver.

When planning to make a shelf with your own hands, it is important to be guided by the basic principles of its placement in the garage – this is safety in operation, so that the dimensions and design are easy to use and have no risk of injury.

Besides, it is important to correctly calculate the dimensions of this product so that the shelf does not sag, thereby creating a risk of breakage and falling of all contents on the floor, car or person.

When calculating the dimensions, you need to be guided that more than 15 kg per meter will not fit.

When planning the manufacture of shelves for a garage, it is best to resort to standard sizes – this is a meter or a maximum of one and a half length, width – from 30 centimeters for several tiers and up to 60 for single.

If the area of ​​the premises is still poorly developed, it is possible to foresee the fastening of additional shelves to those that already exist, do not fix the shelves tightly so that, if desired, you can change their height and location. Considering all these nuances, you can independently make convenient and functional storage areas for a variety of things that will be located in the garage..

Materials (edit)

Thinking about making garage shelves on your own, it is important first of all to decide on the material from which they will be made, which will affect the design of the product itself, as well as the method of its attachment to the surface of the wall or ceiling. So, the most common are metal and wooden shelves..

Metal products most often done with a corner and a steel sheet.

The advantages of this type include:

  • high strength of the finished product;
  • long service life;
  • stable location on the surface;
  • strength and readiness for heavy weight;
  • fire resistance;
  • simple care measures.

There are negative aspects in this kind of constructions, which include:

  • the large weight of the shelves themselves;
  • the impossibility of attaching their cinder block to the walls;
  • high cost of materials.

      If we talk about shelves made of wood, then it is easier to work with them, because they do not require a welding machine and the ability to work with it, and there are many times more options for ready-made structures. Such shelves are usually fastened using a metal profile..

      If we talk about the positive aspects of such structures, then they include:

      • low weight of the finished product;
      • ease of creation;
      • neat appearance;
      • use on walls made of any materials;
      • low cost of materials.

      But even in this case, there were some negative aspects associated with the use of wood for the manufacture of garage shelves, which include:

      • the danger of the occurrence and spread of fire;
      • changes in the characteristics of wood under the influence of moisture and dampness;
      • systematic work to return the product to an attractive appearance.

      In addition, for the garage combined storage areas can also be used, which can be made of several materials at the same time, these are metal with plastic, metal and wood. There may be separate plastic shelves, which have a variety of appearances and can bear a lot of weight, in addition, they are easy to care for and convenient to install.

      Choosing metal for work, it is important to remember that it must be covered with a special composition against corrosion, otherwise the service life of the product will be significantly reduced, and the appearance will be unaesthetic.

      Often metal shelves are chosen for heavy and rough materials., where other material won’t serve as well.

      If a tree is chosen for work, then it also needs to be covered with special paints that help protect the material from moisture and temperature changes. If this is not done, then after a while the shelves will begin to rot and deform, in addition, such conditions provoke the appearance of all kinds of pests that should not be in the garage.

      For both types of structures, chipboard can be used as the shelf itself, or you can choose several good and durable boards. suitable width and cut into the required number of pieces.

        When choosing the material from which the shelves for the garage will be made, it is important to take into account the number of things that will be on them and their weight, as well as the possibilities that will dictate the method of work, whether it is welding, or nails.

        There is no single right choice of material for garage shelves, it is important to choose what will be convenient and quick to do, that will last a long time and will not require much effort in care.

        Designs and dimensions

        As soon as the material has been chosen from which the shelf for the garage will be created, you need to think about the design that will best fit into a certain room, will be able to accommodate a large number of things, while it will be easy to make and install.

        Of the whole variety of designs, the main options can be distinguished:

        • open type;
        • closed version;
        • removable;
        • made as a frame on which boxes are hung.

          Each shelf option has its own type of fastening system, which is important in the case of walls made of fragile materials or too heavy a structure.

          So, there are types such as:

          • wall;
          • hanging on vertically standing racks;
          • ceiling;
          • single hanging shelf;
          • multi-tiered hanging shelf;
          • stationary structures;
          • shelves that can be assembled and disassembled;
          • structures on wheels that can be moved;
          • shelves that can be rotated along the axis.

          If we talk about wall shelves, then they can be open or have doors. It is convenient to store equipment on such structures, which is often used in work. It is most convenient to make them from the corner and attach to the wall, if possible..

          Suspended structures are used in cases where the garage has walls that are not suitable for heavy shelves..

          A corner and a wooden base are also taken for manufacturing. To create a side wall, you can take a cable or a profile made of rounded metal. Shelves are attached to the ceiling with hooks.

          The convenience of such structures is that they can be easily removed if they are not needed, and the disadvantage is in the mobility of the shelves, so you shouldn’t put anything heavy on them..

          It is very convenient to build a special shelf in the garage for storing tools, where everything will be located in its place, in a clear sequence and by type of activity.

          So, for screwdrivers, you can make a small wooden surface with holes, where all the products that are in stock will be included. This allows you to quickly find what you need. It is convenient to use hooks for keys, placing keys on them from the smallest to the largest. Having such a working wall, it will be easy and convenient to make any repair work..

          Ceiling structures can also be located against the wall, thereby being not so wobbly, which is why they can be used for any need. It is especially good to place unnecessary things in the house on them. This is a great place for trash, which is often needed in all kinds of work..

          Collapsible shelves of this type are convenient in that they can be either adjusted in height or removed altogether if there is no longer a need for them..

          If there is no way to hang shelves in the garage, then a rack would be the best option..

          He might be:

          • stationary;
          • mobile, where you cannot do without wheels;
          • rotating;
          • collapsible.

          When creating shelves for a garage, it is important to use drawings, where you initially need to mark the type of structure, its dimensions and mounting option. For the standard version, you must use generally accepted sizes, where the length of the hanging shelf is one meter and the width is 35 cm.

          If this is a stationary rack, then its length can reach two meters, and its width can increase to 60 cm. The distance between the shelves usually ranges from 25-35 cm and depends on what exactly will be located on them. The lower shelf needs to be made more voluminous in order to be able to place large and heavy objects on it.

            For those shelves that are fixed to the ceiling with cables, the optimal dimensions are a length of 60 cm and a width of 30 cm..

            The distance between the shelves will be small, only 15 cm, therefore such storage areas are suitable for small items that are not used very often..

            How to do it yourself?

            Thinking about how to make a shelf with your own hands, you need to take the process seriously. Self-made structures must be strong so that they can safely withstand the weight assigned to them and have a margin of safety. The most important criterion for manually creating storage locations will be the safety of the finished structure and its functionality..

            When creating a shelf, it is important to take care of its reliability and durability. When making a shelf, it is important to choose such a size that would allow you to quickly get to any shelf and easily find everything you need. Getting started, you need to decide which type of structure to choose and how to fix it, so that you can always adjust the height and location of the shelves.

            To create a metal shelf, you need to stock up on the materials you need to work..

            These include:

            • corners and metal profile, from which the frame will be made;
            • welding, with the help of which the frame elements will be cut;
            • shelf material: metal sheets or chipboard, plywood, etc..

            In order to build a good shelving unit or make a shelf, it is important to make a sketch of the future project, and then proceed to its implementation. Having cut all the elements of the frame, you can weld them together or twist them with screws, then lay the shelves and fix everything to the wall with anchors.

            If it is decided to make garage shelves of wood, then it is important to know the sequence of work and prepare all the necessary equipment.

            In work you will need:

            • bars from which the racks will be made;
            • plywood or boards from which the shelves will be made;
            • saw for cutting the main elements;
            • a sander to give a proper look to the elements of the rack;
            • paint for prevention;
            • screws or nails;
            • screwdriver or hammer.

            To create shelves or shelving in the garage, the first step is to create a sketch, after which the vertical racks for the frame are cut out. The frame is assembled with self-tapping screws or bolts, after which the boards are laid on it. It is advisable to process the finished structure with a stain, after which it can be varnished or painted.

            If there are not enough materials to create a certain type of rack, we make a combined type of structure. It involves the use of metal and wood or metal and plastic. A very convenient option would be a rack on wheels, where the base is made of metal and the shelves are made of wood. In this case, it is also important to do preparatory work with both metal and wood in order to protect them from moisture, temperature extremes and pests..

            Hanging shelves are most conveniently mounted on brackets. To do this, you need to make a mark where the fasteners will be made. The installation of the frame is carried out using an anchor, by installing which, you can fasten a wooden shelf using self-tapping screws. If closed shelves are chosen for the garage, then these may be elements of old furniture. for the kitchen or any other room, which must be checked before being used in a new role. It is best to change fasteners and install new ones, to protect yourself and protect what will be stored there.

            If the garage inside is finished with plasterboard with insulation, then you can build shelves in the form of built-in storage areas, which will be prepared in advance.

            There are many options for the location of the shelves, as well as their designs, and everyone chooses for himself the most convenient option in construction, installation and location.

            Tips & Tricks

            When planning the creation of shelves for the garage, you need to know some of the features of the process so that the work is done efficiently and correctly.

            If the storage system will be mounted in an upright position, then it is possible to use:

            • brackets;
            • lugs;
            • threaded rods;
            • bolts with washers;
            • anchors;
            • furniture awnings.

            When choosing the height of the shelves that are supposed to be actively used, it is important to take into account the growth of the owner of the garage. What is located at the chin level will be convenient to work, and what is above this level can be used to store not very important things.. It is convenient to use hanging shelves that do not interfere with walking under them to place things that are rarely used or take up a lot of space.

            For suspended structures, the supporting elements are located at least 60 or 70 cm, otherwise the plywood or board will begin to sag and the strength of the entire structure will be at risk.

            If you plan to manufacture racks or multi-tiered shelves, then it is best to use stationary structures or those that are located closer to the floor..

            If making a storage area is the first experience in such a business, then it is best to start working with a tree..

            The number of racks and shelves should correspond to what will be located on them. A semi-empty garage, with all the walls in the shelves, will look impractical, as well as one small rack that holds tools, tires, and various things.

            If any repairs are to be carried out in the garage, it is important to equip the area with tools that will always be at hand. In this case, a shelf-shield is the most optimal option.. There is a place on it for keys of different sizes and purposes, and for pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, files and other elements that are first needed for any small repair..

            Successful examples and options

            In the garage, it is important to arrange a place for storing all contents in order to maintain order and always have access to any object located on the shelf. There can be a huge number of options for making shelves with your own hands, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages..

            It is possible to make a rack in the garage even with a shortage of materials, using instead of a frame on the side of the wall small membranes screwed to the wall, on which the shelf is placed. In this way, you can increase the length of the main surface and place something long on such shelves..

            If the length of the entire structure is more than one and a half meters, then it is important to strengthen it in front with additional beams on which the shelves will be held.

            To organize the working area, you can make hanging shelves on top of metal corners, where you can place the necessary tools, and at the bottom, in the form of a small rack, you can make a work surface, inside which you can also put a lot of necessary equipment, especially with large dimensions.

            It will be convenient to organize a shelf-shield between both structures in order to keep in sight the main tool for work..

            The shelf-shield can be equipped separately from the workplace, especially if it takes up a large space, or if there is no workplace as such in the garage. With the help of a variety of wooden structures screwed to a metal profile, you can beautifully and conveniently arrange everything that should be in any garage.

            The combined type of rack can combine the usual open structure, on which plastic containers with various contents are placed. It is best to choose convenient containers in advance and calculate their dimensions so that the manufactured rack fits in size and the contents do not dangle inside and do not enter too tightly.

            Metal shelves can also be combined, where there are not only metal elements, but also plastic shelves. It is convenient for storing nails, self-tapping screws that do not rattle on metal and do not scratch it.

            The shelves themselves can be made of solid steel sheet or from a lattice, which allows you not to collect dust on yourself, which means that caring for the garage will become much easier and faster, and there will be much more order.

            How to make shelves in a garage with your own hands, see the next video.

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