Garage doors: the subtleties of choosing a design

Garage doors protect the building from the scorching rays of the sun, rain and other unpleasant surprises. They can differ not only in appearance or material from which they are made, but also in design features. That is why, deciding to build a garage from scratch or just change the gate in it, you need to know the intricacies of their choice..


A garage door is an important detail. Not only comfort depends on which design to give preference, but also the service life of the doors themselves..

Firstly, when choosing a garage construct, one has to take into account its location and the presence of free space around it. For example, for a country house there is more free space available than for a summer cottage, and for a rented house in a cooperative, you have to think not only about your comfort, but also about the convenience of those who rent garages nearby..

People should be able to move freely and put the car back, which means that it is worth choosing models not with doors, but with a solid shield that rises up and hides in special sections on the ceiling.

On a private territory, the garage can be located in the back of the yard or go out with a gate directly onto the road. Much depends on this. For example, if the opening goes directly to the street, then you do not need to think about arranging the driveways, and when decorating the fence, you can simply do with one gate. This one-stop solution will save the car enthusiast money and time..

Secondly, modern gates are made from different materials:

  • corrugated board;
  • wood;

  • metal;
  • become.

Of course, everything is not limited to this short list, but it is these materials that are used by masters most often. Their choice depends on what the final cost of the gate will be, and what type of construction the manufacturer makes.

It is also worth noting that now you can purchase both ready-made models and individual parts. In the second case, a person will have a great opportunity to do everything “for himself”: to equip the entrance to the garage as it is convenient for him. But one should not rush to this and grab this opportunity, because in fact such an idea may not turn out to be very attractive, as it seems at first glance..

However, if a person is far from the world of repair work, then it is unlikely that he will be able to immediately perform such a complex installation..

However, in this case, you can turn to professionals for help. They will assemble the structure from scratch, and the car owner will only have to use his convenient garage..

Materials (edit)

As already mentioned, it is important what material the entrance structure is made of. It depends on how long the garage will last, and how warm it will be there. It is worth talking about the features of each of the most popular materials in more detail..

Corrugated board

Most often, for the manufacture of garage doors, craftsmen use a material such as corrugated board. It has several notable advantages at once. Firstly, doors made of this material are very durable. It is tough to the touch, making it resistant to external damage. The leaves will not be scratched or wrinkled. At the same time, despite such a high quality, corrugated board is not so expensive. And when compared with other materials, it is completely cheap..

Corrugated gates are easy to install. Any person who owns the instrument at least a little can cope with the installation. Anti-corrosion coating extends the life of this structure. And manufacturers, as a rule, give a guarantee for several years..

But this material also has its drawbacks. For example, the anti-corrosion layer is not that strong. If it is damaged, traces of corrosion will immediately appear on the flaps, which will be almost impossible to get rid of..


The second most popular material is, oddly enough, natural wood. It is quite inexpensive. For the manufacture of garage doors, you can use a bar, rail, boards or even a simple picket fence. Yes, and you will need a little tools to create such a structure.. Natural wood products are created the fastest. Basically, the only step that takes a lot of free time is creating the wireframe. In addition, wooden gates look very beautiful, because they can be decorated with exquisite carvings or even decorative figures..

The disadvantages of this material include fragility, low strength and the same low level of safety. In the event of a fire or even an accidental spark, the gate will be in danger and burn down. In addition, the quality of such doors directly depends on the quality of the wood. If not very strong types of wood are used, such as poplar, then the structure is quite fragile..


Iron or steel gates are stronger not only wooden, but also made of corrugated board. They are also good because they can be decorated with forged patterns, turning simple metal into a real work of art..

Many, however, do not like this material, since it does not insulate heat so well..

In order to make the garage warmer, a high-quality tarpaulin or a thick layer of insulation is used inside. Also, the metal base is sometimes supplemented with inserts from a shaped pipe so that the final cost is not so high..

In fact, all of these materials have the same number of advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to choose the one that suits the climatic characteristics of the place where the person lives, and will give the necessary quality of protection. You cannot focus solely on the price – in this case, an unpleasant surprise can be expected: the gate will not last even a couple of years, and their replacement will cost many times more..

Dimensions (edit)

It is also important to consider what dimensions are at the gate chosen for the garage. There are certain norms under which manufacturers, as a rule, adjust their products. But in some cases, you have to either look for some non-standard size, or even make a custom-made gate, since the standard design is too small or too large for the room in which the garage is located..

Very often, custom-made gates are made for rooms designed to store not one car, but several at once, or a car together with a motorcycle or other vehicle.

Standard gates are now manufactured in accordance with GOST 31174-2003. All the details are spelled out there: from width to height. So, for example, if a person is building a garage for a motorcycle or small car, then the flaps should be the same two meters in width and height. For larger vehicles, the gate is chosen much larger: the width should be almost five meters.

But if such parameters do not suit you, then you can go the other way. There is a special method that helps to calculate the parameters of future gates. The width of the car, which is planned to be kept in the garage, is added 45 cm on both sides. Thus, a reserve is obtained, which is enough so that the car can safely leave without touching the roof or walls..

Now almost all manufacturing companies are ready to create custom-made gates. True, and they are not ready to break some of the rules. So, for example, the main frame is able to withstand only a certain weight, because if it is more, then the structure simply will not withstand. According to the rules, the load should not be higher than fifteen kilograms per meter. It is for this reason that the sash is not made higher than five meters and wider than three.

Types: pros and cons

The gates also differ in design features. There are several popular types of gates, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.. Sectional doors. This type of construction is very convenient. They are installed in both private and cooperative garages. When opened, such gates fold like roller shutters and completely go under the ceiling. This simple panel system is very good as it saves space..

For such gates, special sections must be made in the ceiling.. As a rule, they are supplemented from the inside with metal gaskets. From the inside, such sections are sealed and protect the gate from negative environmental influences. In addition to special ceiling sections, this model is also supplemented with a spring mechanism, special guides and even cables for safety..

Everything here is designed to provide a person with complete safety. You can be sure that the gate will not open at the wrong moment and will not touch the owner of the car.

The rising canopy itself can be composed of different materials. Sandwich panels are most commonly used, and the bottom is made of durable wood..

Individual sections of such gates can have both closed and open circuits. The second option is more popular. The fact is that open-loop gates are not complemented by the so-called “cold bridge”. Only polyurethane foam connects individual panels. But this, in turn, is also a disadvantage. The thing is, the foam is not that strong. The guides in this design are usually made of durable galvanized steel. The thickness of the material should not exceed two millimeters. Also, the panels are additionally sheathed with plywood or even wood. It is worth noting the fact that sectional doors can be fitted with windows.

Such gates are divided into two main types:

  • ceiling;
  • lateral.

It is difficult to say which design is easier to implement. Ceilings consist of horizontally combined segments. In order for them to fold and unfold normally, a gap of about 10-20 centimeters must be left on top. The side gate is made up of vertical segments. There is also a gap and should be close to the wall..

A good sectional option is that the gates open without taking up free space next to the garage. In addition, they are reliably protected from bad weather. But this design also has a certain disadvantage: the width of standard doors of this type does not exceed two to three meters, therefore they are used only for standard garages for one car..

According to statistics, this type of construction is the most popular among motorists, and more than half of private garages are complemented by this type of gate..

Recoil models

This type of construct is also called “sliding” in another way. Constructions are both ready-made and home-made. In fact, they are vaguely similar to the previous type of gate. Only, unlike sectional options, rollback options are a dense canvas made of any material. This solid board is mounted on guide rails made of robust material.

Such rails are located below and above, or on the sides. As a rule, these gates come with an electric drive. This is convenient because you can open the structure at a long distance without getting out of the car.

To create such elements, a dense profile is used, finished with wood or enamel on top.. There should be no decorative details on the surface of the solid board, so that they do not interfere with the opening and closing of the gate. This design is not cheap. The price is determined by a complex mechanism and accessories. But if you appreciate the comfortable conditions at their true worth, then you can spend money on such a purchase..

Lifting and turning

Up-and-over design options have much in common with sectional doors. But there are still differences, and significant ones. Outwardly, they are easy to recognize: they look like an “accordion”, which consists of separate sections. A rubber seal separates all these sections. Typically, a gate consists of about three parts, welded together. They all fold at a certain angle. The corners are usually 180 or 90 degrees.

In order for such gates to fold, a little more space is needed, because the folding system is slightly different from that which is present in sectional models. The middle elements of this full-fledged structure are superimposed on those that are located at the edges. Then they turn, and an opening appears in which a car can enter. Hinged gates, in which there are such welded parts, are bad only because, if not properly maintained, they will quickly fail..

Swing options

Sliding or swing gates can be either single-leaf or double-leaf. They are strikingly different from the three previous options. As the name implies, the doors simply swing open outward, opening an opening where a car can enter. In fact, they resemble simple doors. If the garage is located in the inner courtyard, and does not go out with an opening to the outside, then such a design may well fit.

Swing gates can be made of almost any material, be it corrugated board, metal or even plain wood. For additional protection and preservation of heat in the room, the gates are insulated with either expanded polystyrene or other material that is suitable for this purpose..

Installation of such gates is the simplest task that even an ordinary person can handle.. In addition, this option will cost several times cheaper than installing sectional doors or roller shutters..

By the way, if the garage is of non-standard size, then such gates are also suitable for the reason that they have absolutely no height restrictions.

But there are also disadvantages here.. A lot of free space is needed to fully open the doors. Therefore, next to such a garage, neither flower beds nor any decorative items can be installed. In addition, if a lot of snow falls, then before leaving the garage, you will first have to completely clear the space. Swing gates are a fairly simple and even primitive design. But it can also be slightly “modernized”. For example, they can be supplemented with a special drive. It facilitates the use of the structure.

In addition, they can be additionally decorated with decorative overlays, forged patterns or some kind of inserts. All these decorations look organic and in no way interfere with the opening of the gate..

Rolling garage doors

Another interesting and practical design is the rolling shutter. Such a system looks like a full-fledged canvas with rollers on the sides. It is thanks to these rollers that heavy doors can be lifted up and down. The casters hold sturdy clips hidden in the wall or ceiling. In some cases, the design is complemented by special springs, which greatly facilitate the process of lifting heavy doors..

Such gates are made of durable steel. It is supplemented and insulated by special overlays. Also, steel or enamel is used for facing the gate. This whole structure is held on a solid frame. As a rule, it is performed from materials such as wood or strong steel. She is able to withstand even a large weight of the gate. This type of structure is not suitable for custom-sized garages.. Even for a room designed for two cars, a person will have to find another option..

Standard roller shutter sizes are only suitable for conventional garages. Additionally, it is worth remembering that, although gates are more practical than swing gates, they still need a little extra space for transformation..

This model, in fact, has only one drawback.. If a motorist damages the gate even a little, then he will have to change not a separate part of them, but the entire structure as a whole.. This is not only inconvenient, but also completely wasteful. It is also worth remembering that the finished construct cannot be insulated in any way. Therefore, if a person lives in an area with an extremely harsh climate, then it is better for him to refuse such a structure..

It is worth noting that the choice of garage doors is quite large.. The design should not only be suitable for the price, but also suit with its quality. For a modern garage, folding gates are suitable, and for a more traditional one – swing gates that hold strong hinges.

Regardless of the features of the chosen design, you can always make the model much more practical, for example, supplement it with a control system. Then the gate can be opened without leaving the house using a small remote control. Thus, you can get a practical and convenient design that will suit a person in all respects..


Many buyers believe that practically nothing depends on the manufacturer, and brand names are an overpayment for nice words. But in fact, different manufacturers use different materials and working techniques. That is why most buyers prefer to contact trusted and reliable manufacturers, whose product will definitely not disappoint..

America and Europe

Among US gateway companies, the best reviews are received by Clopay. In Europe, Germany and Finland are considered popular manufacturing countries. Among German brands, there are Novoferm, and among the Finnish – Meswac. The cooperation of the Germans with the Swedes has given such a brand as Normstahl.


Domestic production also does not stand still and is developing rapidly. Over time, more and more companies appear that can make real competition to foreign brands. Now the firm is trusted by users. Doorhan, which has a very high quality standard.


Belarusian manufacturers are also doing well with their tasks. One of the leading companies in the market of this country is the company Alutech. She collaborates with a German brand Gunther. Thanks to this cooperation, buyers are provided with high-quality gates, which at the same time do not stand like a whole country house..

Co-production. In addition, some companies, for example, Trend they do not produce full-fledged structures, but only individual parts. This means that you can assemble components from different manufacturers and create your own masterpiece. This method was chosen by many masters, because in this way you can also save a lot. Each brand has expensive and cheap parts.

The task of the buyer is to find those components that suit him as much as possible, both in quality and in terms of price..

Selection Tips

This information should be enough so that even beginners, who did not know anything about the peculiarities of installing the gate, could clarify something for themselves. This story about the types of designs and their features will be supplemented with useful tips and practical recommendations. Having familiarized yourself with them, you can find the garage doors that are ideal for a person the first time and at the same time not be disappointed in the purchase after a few weeks..

Quality and security

First, you need to pay attention to quality. This also applies to the base of the gate, and the hinges, and insulation. The gates are used to protect the car from bad weather conditions and cold, so they must be well protected from moisture and mechanical damage. Such a design should be safe both for the car and for the car owner himself..

The service life of the purchased doors directly depends on what means were used to protect the coating from the appearance of traces of corrosion on it. If possible, then you need to ask the seller about what method of galvanizing was used, and by what means it was carried out. Different polymers have different effects, and the service life of the doors covered with them is also different..

But attention should be paid not only to the door covering, but also to the panel arrangement. If some additional agent was used to insulate the gate, then it is imperative to clarify also such a moment as the safety of this filler. It should not be flammable, otherwise you cannot be sure that the structure is completely safe..

But you should not completely remove the filler. When creating a gate, it is used very often. Moreover, in the winter season, the car can freeze, or the gate will break under the influence of too strong frosts.

High-quality filler guarantees that the room will be warm even after several years of active use of the gate. As a rule, manufacturers even give an additional guarantee for the safety of the structure. It can last for about ten years. If there is no guarantee, and the gate is suspiciously cheap, then the structure may deform after several seasons, or the gate will stop functioning as it should..

If you need to additionally insulate your garage, then you can use a special polymer. It is placed between the section joints and in all possible gaps. Typically, these slots are on the top or on the sides, depending on what type of construction. Sealing with polymer ensures that the rooms are warm and the cars in them are absolutely safe..


Another point that professionals recommend checking with sellers is the presence of special metal plates inside the panels. Like insulation, they play a very important role. Dense metal plates make the gate much more durable and reliable. Such structures are not afraid of either mechanical damage or the threat of burglary..

By the way, it is worth talking about this parameter in more detail. As much as one would like to believe the opposite, there is no one hundred percent protection against hacking. But it is quite possible to come closer to such an ideal. To do this, you will need a very strong gate that can withstand the onslaught of enemies until the arrival of the security service or the police, and a good alarm system that can notify the garage owner of an unwanted invasion of private territory.


It is also important to know the fact that the gate should not only protect the car, but also be completely safe for the car owner. As a rule, structures consisting of a solid metal shield that moves downward are very heavy. Therefore, even the slightest possibility should not be allowed for them to drop sharply at the moment when a person passes through the opening or drives out by car..

Special locking devices save from accidental breakage of torsion springs or breakage of fasteners. They serve as a guarantee that the gate does not drop down at the moment when you do not want it..

Another nuisance is the case when the gate pinches the fingers of the motorist when closing. But even this is quite realistic to avoid: it is enough to choose a gate with a smooth intersection transition. They close more slowly, and the person does not risk harming himself..


It is also worth talking about the appearance of the gate. Typically, a garage is an unremarkable structure that is hidden behind a rising shield. A single-colored door made from a solid sheet of steel or metal should not draw much attention to itself. The lack of decorative details on their surface is also due to the fact that structures in garages often rise or fold into an “accordion”.

If there are any forged elements or other volumetric details on such surfaces, they will cling to a smooth surface and interfere with the normal closing of the gate..

However, nothing prevents the motorist from putting swing gates in the garage. Here you can just decorate them as you please. For example, if you put a wooden structure, then it can be decorated with decorative carvings. And metal gates or products made of corrugated board will be decorated with graceful forged inserts. They can be located both at the edges and in the center of the gate. It all depends on how the car owner wants to see his garage.

The large garage doors decorated with paintings also look interesting. Using a special spray can or even ordinary paint, you can paint their surface with abstract patterns or depict some kind of full-fledged drawing on it.

This graffiti will appeal to young car enthusiasts. And fans of the classic style should limit themselves to something simpler, for example, draw subtle patterns along the edges of the gate. Already this will be enough to give the designs individuality and make them more unusual..

Design features often determine not only what type of construction is chosen, but also in what style the site is decorated. So, for example, next to a cottage in a modern style, simple plain gates, for example, sectional or overhead gates, will look good. But the suburban area, stylized in antique style, will decorate a garage made of beams, complemented by wooden swing structures.

In general, there are many types of gates. Each design has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are no completely perfect options, no matter how sellers say otherwise. In order for the car to be under reliable protection, you always need to select the model that suits all parameters, from quality to appearance..

It is also worth remembering that better does not mean more expensive, and a good gate does not always cost unreasonably expensive. You can always find a compromise. For example, buy a gate from a domestic manufacturer or assemble it yourself, combining components from different manufacturers.

There is no need to sacrifice quality, you just need to find the best option. After all, garage doors are bought for more than one season, which means that their choice must be taken seriously. Only in this case money will not be wasted..

How to make a garage door with your own hands, see the next video.

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