Gazebo curtains: choice of materials and design

An important role in the overall design of the summer cottage is played by curtains, which can carry both a purely decorative and practical function. Since it is the gazebo with a view of green lawns that usually becomes a favorite resting place for all family members, it is worthwhile to be creative in its design, without forgetting about comfort. The ideal solution would be to purchase 2 sets of curtains – for every day and in case of festive events. By correctly placing color accents with the help of curtains, you will surely be able to surprise your guests..


The main functions of curtains in a garden gazebo are protective and interior. They will protect the room from insects, bright sun, wind or drizzling rain. And you will be protected from the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by. In addition, correctly selected curtains can create a particularly cozy homely atmosphere in the summerhouse, decorate and “revive” the interior. You can additionally install special mosquito nets or combine the protective and decorative function of curtains by choosing practical translucent PVC curtains, adding light textile curtains for comfort inside.

As for the size of the curtains for the gazebo, they can be completely different. The length to the sill is suitable for windows in niches. French-style panoramic windows are usually decorated with a classic floor-length. And the cafe-style curtains cover the bottom of the window, leaving the top open.

The material for the curtains must be wear-resistant, water- and dirt-repellent, as well as fire-resistant.

Since the gazebo is located on the street and constantly interacts with the external environment, elements made of non-oxidizable materials are suitable for attaching curtains. Textile curtains are hung on standard curtain rods or they are fixed on a regular cable. A special roll-up mount will allow you to remove the curtains in the box.

PVC curtains are attached using special pivoting brackets along the contour of the canvas, which not only securely fix it, but also hold it in case of strong gusts of wind.


As a street option, roller curtains (blinds) are most often used, which can be either manual or automatic. Correctly fixed roller blinds will be a reliable barrier to gusts of wind, while not blocking the flow of fresh air. Another plus of this design is complete protection from direct sunlight. And the only drawback is the complexity of the installation, since it is important to correctly position the box with the shaft and guides.

There are outdoor and indoor roller blinds. For outdoor options, polyester impregnated with polyvinyl chloride is suitable, which is resistant to aggressive environmental influences, fire resistant, moisture resistant and does not deform, so it will serve you for many years. For indoor roller blinds, a translucent fabric is usually used, which can let in diffused sunlight, while reliably protecting the gazebo from the wind.

Another popular, practical and durable option for gazebo curtains is blinds that can create a protective barrier to wind and rain..

In addition, depending on the inclination of the plates in the blinds, you can independently adjust the illumination level of the gazebo. The classic version is horizontal blinds made of aluminum slats. And in buildings made of timber, you can use wood-like blinds. Such “curtains” are heavy and more resistant to draft.

The blinds are a system similar to the blinds, only from the outside. You can control the blinds both in manual mode and using the remote control. There are even “smart” solar shading systems with built-in sensors for rain, light and wind strength..

In addition, outdoor blinds have a practical function of reflecting sunlight, thereby preventing the gazebo from overheating and creating a greenhouse effect inside..

They are able to significantly reduce noise on the street, and are also resistant to precipitation and corrosion, therefore, they will serve summer residents for about 10 years without any problems..

Materials (edit)

Sheer curtains from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) perform, first of all, a protective function from external atmospheric influences or the ingress of blood-sucking insects inside the gazebo. Sheer PVC curtains are also known as soft windows. The protective properties of such a material are, of course, an order of magnitude higher than conventional textile options. PVC is practical to use and will last a long time, and if damaged it can be easily repaired. And in the cold season, PVC canopies will help you protect the gazebo space from water and snow..

Another plus of translucent PVC curtains is that they will not cover the landscape, so you can admire them even through the curtains..

Plus, plastic curtains are waterproof, flexible and durable. They will be able to withstand significant temperature fluctuations (from -40 to +70), which is why such structures are also often used during mass holidays, social events and when erecting temporary structures in the cold season. PVC canopies are affordable, have a long service life, are easy to install and do not require much maintenance. Soft windows for summer cottages do not absorb grease and do not get dirty, resist mechanical damage, and are also able to withstand even strong gusts of wind, as they are strong when stretched.

Like any material, PVC has its drawbacks. On particularly warm summer days, you may be too hot inside, as the curtains will create a semblance of a greenhouse effect. This problem can be eliminated by regularly ventilating the gazebo, or if you think over windows for ventilation in advance at the stage of installing soft windows. For the same reason, you should not use PVC structures where there is a brazier..

Unfortunately, this version of curtains looks quite simple and does not create such home comfort as ordinary textiles – in this case, airy fabrics collected on garters can be hung on soft windows from the inside..

Blackout curtains from synthetic fabrics (for example, acrylic) are used in the summer. Among the advantages, we note a wide variety of shades and textures. These curtains are very practical and easy to clean – they can be easily cleaned from dirt or rain. It is enough to clean the curtains with soapy water and roll them up. Please note that this material is not folded in the usual way to avoid creases. And during a heavy downpour, acrylic curtains will have to be removed..

According to reviews, acrylic curtains serve faithfully to their owners for about 5 years. There are also curtains coated with Teflon varnish that do not fade in the sun and can withstand heating temperatures up to + 60 C. And curtains made of impregnated canvas and polycarbonate canvases will protect the terrace from drafts and rains in the cold season – for example, in late autumn, when summer residents harvest.

Classic textile curtains will revive any gazebo and give it coziness, creating a homely atmosphere. These curtains can be used in open or glazed structures. The main advantage of fabric curtains is a large selection of designs, shades and an affordable price. The disadvantages include a short service life, since in the sun the fabric will gradually fade and fade, and such curtains do not differ in strength.

To repel insects from textile curtains, after each wash, it is enough to soak them in special water-based solutions against ticks and mosquitoes, which can be purchased at any gardening store..

Particularly popular are curtains made from airy fabrics such as silk, chiffon and organza. And elegant lace and scallops will look especially impressive in sunny weather, shimmering in the rays of the sun. Such decorative elements are usually draped with folds..

An original choice for adherents of rustic styles will be curtains made of coarse burlap. Many designers have been using this natural material for a long time in decorating all kinds of interiors. Calm non-marking color and rough texture of natural fabric will add home comfort to the gazebo room..

Thicker linen, canvas or teak are usually used like pleated roman blinds. You can also make your own thread curtains and decorate them with beads or dried plants. These curtains will surely impress guests with their exclusivity..

Those who love everything unusual and at the same time environmentally friendly should pay attention to bamboo blinds. Similar to Roman curtains, the bamboo option will gently diffuse sunlight. The bamboo texture will look especially harmonious next to wicker furniture. Since bamboo is resistant to water and light, this curtain will last you for years..

Tarpaulin curtains are an option to protect the gazebo from moisture, strong wind or sun rays.

Such curtains, although they look unpresentable, will reliably protect the room from any precipitation, even from hail or rain. Also, summer residents often use a canvas curtain to protect the gazebo from snow in winter. This is possible due to the fact that the durable material is resistant to moisture and fire, is able to retain heat, repel even strong dirt, and prevent the formation of fungus. And if necessary, inside the gazebo with awning curtains, you can turn on the heater and adjust the temperature as you wish..

An overview of PVC curtains is waiting for you in the video below..

Color solutions

Curtains should be in harmony with the overall design idea, so you should take a responsible approach to the choice of color and texture.

It is better to choose shades of curtains that harmoniously and unobtrusively fit into the overall landscape design of the entire site.

With regard to the color palette, it is worth noting that light and natural shades are suitable for decorating an open gazebo in the country. White sheer curtains do not weigh down the structure of the gazebo, making it visually more spacious.

You can also choose curtains with floral ornaments and floral prints. Such colorful curtains will create a positive mood for your guests, making the interior brighter. And if you are a romantic at heart and dream of creating a real “corner of paradise”, pay attention to the design technique of decorating the gazebo with a canopy made of white translucent canvas – for example, organza or chiffon.

This technique will certainly appeal to lovers of oriental flavor – so you can create a semblance of a fairytale castle.

Style and design

Eco-style will be emphasized by curtains made of straw, bamboo and hemp. They will be especially appropriate in the design of wooden verandas and gazebos..

If the main purpose of using curtains is protection from the sun, a special dense blackout fabric (Blackout) is what you need. It is a multi-layer material with a special fiber structure that can shade a room by up to 90%. The original will be the use of Blackout curtains in combination with a transparent veil to get the so-called “day and night” effect..

If you want to be creative and participate in creating curtains for a gazebo, you can sew curtains with your own hands from such an affordable and environmentally friendly material as burlap. To do this, you will need a minimum of time and financial costs and a sewing machine. Before starting work, wash and iron the burlap, as after that the material will shrink a little. Add 10 cm to the hem along the length of the curtains. Fold a burlap flap of the required length along the top and bottom edges, iron and sew. In combination with lace and multi-colored chintz and decorated with braid, such curtains will completely transform the interior of the gazebo, adding individuality to it..

Spectacular examples in the interior

  • Fabric curtains will add coziness to the gazebo in the country..
  • Blinds will help protect the gazebo from bright sunlight and wind.

  • Decorated with braid, sackcloth curtains will add individuality to the interior of the gazebo.
  • For those who love everything unusual and at the same time environmentally friendly, bamboo curtains are ideal..

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