Gazebo design: design ideas

Gazebo design: design ideas

A garden gazebo is a stylish design element for a summer cottage. With the right approach and choice of design, it can become an adornment of the local area, its highlight. At the same time, the building retains functionality, placing inside households or guests for a meal or conversation over a cup of tea..

However, in order for the gazebo to harmoniously fit into the general concept of stylistics, a number of nuances must be taken into account..

Types of gazebos and types of structures

All existing types of buildings differ in purpose, which depends primarily on the seasonality, be it a tent, barbecue, options with a barbecue and a stove. They are divided by purpose and material of manufacture. By the type of construction, structures can be divided into open, semi-closed and closed gazebos. Each type has its own characteristics, which affects the operating conditions and durability.

For example, open gazebos are considered the simplest designs. They have no walls: they are replaced by supports. Often, such structures do not have fences or foundations. These buildings can serve as a change house or a canopy from the sun when resting in the fresh air.. They are intended for summer use.. Often, such structures are made with their own hands from a wide variety of raw materials, which allows you to add originality and special flavor to the landscape..

When decorating a building with certain accessories, it can become a decoration of a summer cottage.

Semi-closed type options are very comfortable. Like open counterparts, they are not designed for year-round use and serve to protect users from the sun. However, these structures are more fundamental., they have one, two, three walls, often railings and even doors.

Depending on the type of material used for construction, they differ in the type of foundation. However, these buildings do not protect users from insects and do not have glazing..

Closed gazebos can be used all year round, since the owners equip them not only with walls and glazed windows, but also with communication systems. Often, such structures altogether resemble full-fledged houses, since they have heating, electricity, water supply and sewerage. Besides, they are characterized by the presence of ventilation systems.

The disadvantage of buildings of this type is a smaller amount of fresh air, but this problem is quite solvable, since often such gazebos have small areas in front of the entrance for placing household members in the fresh air..

Fundamental rules

Proportionality is important, since the structure should not stand out against the background of the general landscape. It is necessary that the decoration is combined with the basic materials of construction..

For example, the option of building made of stone or brick provides for the use of massive objects and accessories in the interior. The purpose is also important: if the gazebo is needed as a cozy corner, closed from prying eyes, the structure must be chosen closed.

If the task is the opposite, and the building is planned to be used for noisy meetings and cooking barbecue, you should give preference to open-type options, completing them at a safe distance from home.

So there will be less soot, and if you wish, you can always relax in the fresh air in the open air, without suffering from the heat when cooking edible.

If the gazebo is a playroom for children, its inner world will be completely different, which will affect not only the arrangement, but also the shape and type of structure..

The type of building is different, it must always obey the general concept of stylistics.

It can be a tent, a variant of the oriental style under a fanza made of wood, or a building in the Russian style, which will look harmoniously against the background of the main structure or the landscape of a summer cottage.

For example, you can supplement a covered gazebo with a small area. This will make it more functional, place mobile furniture in the form of a table with chairs on the site in front of the entrance. You can supplement such a platform with a canopy that shelters users from the scorching rays of the sun. This will create an additional recreation area, solve the problem of stuffiness associated with cooking food inside the gazebo. For convenience, you can make the floor with paving slabs.

It is possible to increase the attractiveness and enhance the effect of harmony with nature through landscaping. You can put flowerpots on the site.

Location and choice of material

Today gazebos have ceased to be strictly functional structures for protection from the scorching sun and rain. Freedom of creativity is welcome, however, design is subject to a whole list of norms, starting with the choice of location at the design stage. For example, an excellent solution is the neighborhood of a gazebo with a small pond..

With proper design, it will be possible to point out an unusual design idea, harmoniously fit the structure in the right place. They try to choose a place for the construction of a gazebo not far from the house. At the same time, it is important that it is located at a high point of the site..

The approach to it should be convenient, therefore, it is worth considering the paths, as well as their lighting, so that users do not have discomfort in the evening. The entrance of the gazebo should look at the entrance of the house.

Construction materials depend on the soil in the region, climatic conditions and the financial capabilities of the customer. Basically, wood, metal, brick and stone are used for the construction of gazebos. Tempered glass is also used depending on the type of gazebo. Each type of material has its own characteristics, aesthetic appeal and performance..

Wood is the most demanded material for the construction of gazebos.. It is warm, natural and harmless, does not emit toxic substances and is suitable for the construction of buildings of different design. However, the main disadvantage of such arbors is constant shrinkage, which does not stop after the active phase, which lasts about six months. Therefore, materials for decoration and cladding have to be selected very carefully here..

The disadvantage is the tendency to destruction: it is sharpened by insects and rodents.. Maintenance of the wooden gazebo needs regular. It must be treated with special compounds, painted, to extend the life of the building. Such buildings often resemble traditional huts, although with a skillful approach, you can also make a gazebo in a modern style from the massif..

Stone and brick are chosen less often for the construction of a gazebo., since such a building is more demanding on the foundation and soil. The weight of such building materials is heavy, which makes initially to fill a reliable foundation, using for this special concrete with frost-resistant properties and resistance to high loads. Often not only supports are made with bricks or stones, but also walls, and they also lay out a stove, a fireplace ledge and even a kitchen corner.

Metal notable for the fact that it goes well with any type of material. Particularly successful can be called its use in the form of openwork forging in open and semi-closed buildings. This allows you to create a feeling of lightness, make the structure special..

Such lace looks beautiful in combination with wood, being, for example, part of the enclosing railing..

Glass is used for covered gazebos. It allows you to get rid of insects without depriving natural light. At the same time, the material helps to preserve heat, and with the right choice it can also become a transformable part of the gazebo.

For example, not only windows and walls can be made of it, but even folding doors, which in some cases will make it possible to make a semi-closed type option from a closed gazebo.

Sizes and shapes

The footage of the gazebos and their shapes can be different, which affects their functionality and the arrangement of the arrangement elements. For example, a round gazebo can become a place for tea drinking, which implies placing a table in the center and chairs around it. If desired, from such a building you can make a small flower greenhouse, decorating with flowerpots and landscaping.

The dimensions of the gazebos may be different. For example, octagonal-shaped options can, on average, occupy a space of 3×3, 3.5×3.5, 4×4 m with a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.3, 2.4 m. The most demanded standard size of square buildings is 4×4 m. Rectangle designs allow for more comfortable furniture placement and more freedom of movement inside.

If there is not enough space (2.5×3 m), they fit a brazier, a narrow table and benches. When there is more space (5.3×5 m), more comfortable furniture is chosen.

Interior design options

The interior arrangement of the gazebo depends on the design idea and purpose. At the same time, it obeys the footage and the main material of manufacture. If the structure is conceived with a stationary-type barbecue structure, the design options are different. It can be an octahedral shape of the structure and placement in the center of a barbecue with a table, surrounding it with benches around the perimeter..

If there is more space, and the shape is rectangular, the brazier can be an integral part of a whole wall, being performed with a stove, cauldron, tandoor, wood-burning stove and sink. In this case, the table and chairs can be positioned in the center of the gazebo or on the opposite side..

For greater comfort, you can designate individual functional areas with separate lighting, which will allow you to introduce an unobtrusive organization into the space. At the same time, a bar counter can be installed inside the gazebo..

If there is enough space inside, you can divide the gazebo into functional areas differently. For example, in it you can arrange a recreation area, hang a hammock, put upholstered furniture.

You can delimit the area using a partition, separating, say, the guest area from the cooking area. A TV can be installed in the guest space for added comfort. Spacious open plan options can be complemented by a swing sofa.

The choice of style is individual. However, the atmosphere inside should be comfortable for all household members..

For example, not everyone will be comfortable inside a rough wooden building with a stove, while the option of stone and brick can be quite hospitable if you supplement the structure with stone floors or tiles, put wicker furniture, arrange lighting around the perimeter, and place upholstered furniture by the fireplace … However, even inside a wooden building, you can create the desired atmosphere..

The array will look more expressive from the inside if you combine wood with a different texture. For example, you can sheathe the walls, in the open version make the railing carved, supplement with lace forging, the roof is made of metal tiles. Only one tree, and even in a rough form, is not liked by everyone, because the deliberately created internal uninhabitedness for many creates a feeling of discomfort, even if the private house itself is made in Russian traditions. If the material is not planned to be sheathed, you can paint it in a light color.. This will relieve the feeling of heaviness..

The interior of a gazebo in a country house or a section of a country house can be decorated in different styles. The most successful projects are considered to be chalet-style options, Provence, minimalism and classics.. The arrangement depends on the habits and tastes of the household. For example, in one case it is necessarily an emphasis on simplicity, the presence of textiles and light colors of furniture, its lightness and fresh flowers. You can install inside plastic furniture with imitation of rattan and even leather.

In another, it is important to show luxury and status in society, so every piece of furniture and accessory is chosen thoroughly. For the third, modern options for arrangement are important. The choice of equipment matters here, since not only lighting and electricity are fundamentally important for the customer, but even the choice of a barbecue, grill or barbecue.

For artisan home owners, it is important to equip the gazebo with their own hands. Often, most of the furniture items are made by them on their own, not to mention unusual materials for the devices themselves for cooking over an open fire..

Design ideas and examples

To get a closer look at the design possibilities of garden gazebos, you can refer to the examples of the photo gallery, choosing the option that inspires the creation of a classic or barbecue design.

  • Grill arbor option with detached floor platform.
  • The combination of brick, stone and wood fits well into landscape design.

  • The carving makes even a laconic gazebo aesthetically attractive.
  • Stylish and simple solution for decorating a gazebo in Japanese style.

  • The original version of a hospitable open-type gazebo with a woodshed, sink and oven.
  • Cozy gazebo made of octagonal wood, decorated with flowers around the perimeter.

  • A gazebo with a side platform allows you to distinguish between the cooking area and the place to relax.
  • A beautiful project for a cozy corner of the garden. The presence of a fireplace and curtains conveys the atmosphere of a home.

  • Design with placement near a pond. Window tinting not only covers from prying eyes, but also gives a special look to the structure.
  • A real small house with a homely atmosphere, a porch and a playground.

An overview of the option of a closed gazebo, as well as construction tips are waiting for you in the next video..

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