Greenhouse “Urozhainaya”: features, advantages and sizes


None of the gardening properties can be imagined without a greenhouse or greenhouse. Their use allows you to get a harvest even in unfavorable climates. In addition, covering greenhouses extend the period of fruiting of plants, protect them from sudden changes in temperature. Greenhouse “Urozhainaya” is gaining increasing popularity among gardeners.

Features, pros and cons

This type of greenhouse has many advantages: reliability, versatility, compactness. Due to the mobility of the structure, it is possible to easily move it to the desired place or put it away for winter storage. Convenience, practicality, simple installation using detailed instructions – all this arouses interest in its use.

Among the advantages of the design are:

  • an increase in the volume of the obtained crop, its quality;
  • providing protection from hot weather, unexpected drops in temperature, excessive rainfall, strong gusts of wind, invasion of insect pests;
  • ensuring high-quality air circulation and ventilation of the greenhouse – there is no need to open the greenhouse for ventilation;
  • protection against sudden fluctuations in air temperature at any time of the day;
  • composition of environmentally friendly material;
  • lightness and compactness of the design;
  • the possibility of repeated use, the mobility of the building.

Some gardeners, when using such a closed bed, note the following design flaws:

  • sagging of the coating in the inter-roof spaces;
  • too light frame – often it can be independently removed from the soil;
  • loosening of pegs in the soil;
  • inconvenient assembly.

Most likely, these shortcomings were identified due to improper fastening of the arc posts or insufficient tension of the awning with ropes..

Possible problems

Greenhouse “Urozhainaya” is a real find for many gardeners.

Many problems that previously seemed like a real disaster can now be solved very easily.

  • Sudden freezing. The greenhouse dome is made of agrofibre. It keeps warm air inside, so it perfectly protects plantings from low temperatures at night. There is currently no similar protection in any type of greenhouse..
  • Excessive soil moisture. The tarpaulin is also composed of agrofibre, which helps to regulate the moisture content of the air and soil for different types of vegetables. Autonomous opening and closing of pores regulates humidity during heavy rain. This keeps the humidity at a stable level..

  • Insufficient amount of light rays and heat. The greenhouse maintains the amount of heat required for the growth and fruiting of plants, regulates the transmitted ultraviolet rays, in connection with which the vegetables become sweeter and juicier.
  • Poor quality soil cover. “Harvest” can be advised for those who do not want to pollute the earth with substances released from the base materials.

All parts of the greenhouse are absolutely environmentally friendly, unlike similar products of cheap production.

  • Precipitation in the form of hail. The greenhouse is distinguished by its strength and durability, it is able to withstand blows of large hail – up to 50 mm in diameter. Anchoring in the ground is carried out with pegs, so the greenhouse perfectly withstands gusts of wind.
  • Dry weather. The awning cover perfectly retains moisture, so the planting of plants will not dry out in the absence of watering for a week, at an air temperature of up to 30 degrees. It has only positive reviews..

  • Sunburns. The cover of the greenhouse “Urozhainaya” regulates the flow of ultraviolet radiation inside, dissipating its excess amount. Protection against burns of plants and drying of their green mass is based on this property..
  • Plant pests. Thanks to the reliable greenhouse cover, comfortable conditions for seedlings and a negative environment for insects are created. They do not withstand temperature and humidity, and die.


The complete set of the greenhouse “Urozhainaya” includes the following parts:

  • arches to hold the awning;
  • dome part made of agrofibre;
  • pegs for stable fastening;
  • clip-on holders for securing the web.

The base has standard dimensions: the height of the arc reaches 90 centimeters, the width is 120 centimeters, the tube of the arc is 2 centimeters in diameter. The arcs are spaced 1 meter apart. These designs are produced in the following formats: length 3 m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m.

The most popular greenhouses are considered to be 6 and 8 meters long, as they accommodate more plants..


All parts of the greenhouse structure are made from safe, proven materials. Often, arc ceilings are made of metal, then they undergo corrosive changes and begin to release decomposition products into the soil cover. This negatively affects the yield and its flavor characteristics. In this type of greenhouse, arc ceilings are made of high-strength plastic, safe from the point of view of the environment. This material facilitates the construction of the greenhouse, complements the qualities of strength and reliability, while maintaining the safety of the chemical composition of the soil..

Agrofibre cover

Agrofibre has a distinctive feature – minimal loss of heat rays. The natural circulation of air masses is fully preserved, therefore, excessive moisture does not threaten the plants. This means that there is no way to develop molds that spoil crops. Plants planted in such a closed garden bed can be watered directly through the covering, since agrofibre perfectly permeates moisture. The awning on the greenhouse “Urozhainaya” is very durable, has a protective function against invasions of insects, birds, various rodents.


Pegs provide a stable fastening of the arches in the soil. They have an oblong shape in the form of a pointed pin with a serrated end. It is these notches that provide easy entry of the peg into the soil, and prevent it from falling out even during strong gusts of wind. To fix the canvas, special clip-on holders are provided on the arcs. They firmly hold the awning on the greenhouse, and, if necessary, can be easily removed.

When folded, the “Yield” is very compact and light.

Step by step installation

The assembly of the covering consists of small steps – by performing them, everyone will install this structure without any visible problems.

The installation steps are as follows:

  • we install pegs in arcs;
  • we stretch the greenhouse over the beds, which it was decided to cover;
  • we fix the awning and stakes in the ground with high quality knots.

Within 10 minutes you can get a perfect greenhouse without preparing a special foundation. The assembly does not require a large number of tools, you only need to drive the stakes into the soil with a hammer.

The use of greenhouses in gardening helps to significantly increase the result of work and get quality products. Greenhouse “Urozhainaya” protects plants on very hot days and in chilly cold weather, saves vegetables from insect pests. There is no need to open this mini greenhouse for ventilation. The design has already provided everything for comfortable growth and fruiting. And the main advantage of such greenhouses is its multiple use and the ability to change its location quickly and easily..

For information on how to automate the cultivation of vegetables in a greenhouse, see the video below..

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