Greenhouses “Agrosfera”: types and rules of operation

The domestic company “Agrosfera” has won the love and trust of its customers thanks to high-quality and long-term goods for the garden and summer cottages. We are talking about greenhouses and hotbeds. A huge variety of goods is presented not only in Russia, but also abroad. A feature of such greenhouses was the use in the manufacture of galvanized steel pipes..

Reliable materials and robust construction are the key to the company’s success.

How to choose a greenhouse?

Any gardener wants to grow on his land as many high-quality, juicy and tasty fruits as possible, which will delight him not only in autumn, but also in cold winter..

In warm conditions, the plots will easily give a high yield.. But can severe frosts and unpredictable weather be avoided? Unlikely. Therefore, every summer resident knows that only a greenhouse will help protect his garden. But how to choose the one that will last more than one season, but longer?

Today the market presents to the attention of buyers dozens of different garden designs. Some have a glass coating, but it can break, others have a film – well, you need to change it regularly. Buildings made of modern polycarbonate will become a real salvation – it is strong and durable, and is also able to let through the sun’s rays, which are so necessary for growing plants..

According to the recommendations of specialists, the following points should be taken into account:

  • pay attention to the products of manufacturing plants or an official representative;
  • the best frame material is galvanized steel pipe;
  • the thickness of the polycarbonate should not be less than 4 mm;
  • choose kits with the fewest parts – they are more reliable and easier to assemble.


Greenhouse structures of the Agrosfera company are known for their longevity and high resistance to weather conditions. Due to the strength of galvanized pipes, which are the basis of the entire structure, greenhouses are in great demand among summer residents..

These garden buildings are presented in the following forms:

  • Agrosfera-Mini;
  • Agrosphere-Standard;
  • Agrosphere-Titan;
  • Agrosphere-Plus;
  • “Agrosphere-Bogatyr”.


For the manufacture of “Standard” use the same galvanized pipes. This look will be good with cellular polycarbonate. Among the advantages are: low cost, decent width of 1 meter between the arcs. This type consists of two vents, two doors. The main feature is the sufficient size of the area, which allows you to grow quite a lot of vegetables..

Disadvantage – not too strong material.

Greenhouse features:

  • steel pipe for the production of arcs and frame parts (section is 2×2 cm);
  • all-welded surface;
  • solid arcs;
  • the gap at the arches is about 1 meter;
  • all elements (inside and outside) made of metal are coated with zinc to prevent rust and corrosion;
  • steel thickness varies from 0.8 to 1.2 mm;
  • available 5 pieces of horizontal coupler;
  • overall dimensions: width – 3 meters, height – 2 meters, length – from 4.7 to 8 meters;
  • possible load on the frame – about 80 kg per square meter.


For the structure “Mini” used another, no less durable material – polycarbonate. This view is presented by small dimensions. If your summer cottage is very small, then just such a model will suit you for just two beds.


  • made of steel pipes with a cross section of 2×2 centimeters;
  • there are a window, doors;
  • protective zinc coating of fasteners;
  • arches installed at intervals of 100 cm;
  • three horizontal ties;
  • height is 167 cm, width – 165 cm, length – about 8 m.

There are no drawbacks, but be careful – there are too many fakes of this version of greenhouses on the market. So they consist of solid cons..

A plus

An improved version of the “Standard” can be considered a construction with the name “Plus”. Manufacturers supplemented it with an automatic air circulation system, and drip irrigation was also introduced here. The range includes additional vents that you can install in the roof of the greenhouse.

Design features:

  • the same steel pipes at the base;
  • metal about 1 mm thick for creating windows, doors and end;
  • the highest rigidity is due to the all-welded end and arcs without joints;
  • zinc coating to avoid metal damage;
  • millimeter arc;
  • horizontal type of screed – there are 5 of them in the set;
  • 66.7 cm – the gap from one arch to the second;
  • dimensions – 300х200х460-800 cm;
  • load is 100 kg per 1 square meter.

Disadvantage – small lugs.


“Bogatyr” is a greenhouse with a stronger and wider profile for arches. This also includes updated automated irrigation and ventilation systems..

Main parameters:

  • arc – solid;
  • the end part is all-welded;
  • manufacturing – steel pipes (section – 4×2 cm);
  • for external protection, parts are treated with zinc;
  • meter distance at the arches;
  • doors, vents are available (the cross-section of the pipes used is 2×2 cm);
  • dimensions – 300x200x800 cm;
  • a more reinforced frame part can withstand 130 kg per 1 sq. m.

Cons – insufficient number of amplifiers, inability to plant plants along the walls.


The most durable and reliable among other models is “Titan”. To make the framework as strong and stable as possible, wide-cut arcs should be used – this will help to shorten the interval.

Detailed characteristics:

  • an arc of steel pipes, the section of which is 4×2 cm;
  • windows, doors 2×2 cm section;
  • zinc spraying is used to effectively prevent the corrosive process;
  • 67 cm arched gap;
  • the use of five screeds;
  • full dimensions – 3 meters wide, 2 meters high, 4.5 or 8 meters long;
  • good support of large snow mass on the roof and also stability of 180 kg weight per square meter.

There are few disadvantages, but when buying, pay attention to the strength of the pipe.


The kit you purchased should contain the necessary parts for fasteners with hinges, screws, bolts, washers and nuts. Also included are vents, doors, ends, frame elements and legs in the shape of the letter “T”. When assembling a garden structure, there is no need to make a special foundation. To do this, you can simply install the frame on a concrete or wooden base..

The greenhouse assembly process is quite simple.. Ease of use due to fewer fasteners than other manufacturers’ designs. By the way, take transport to transport the end parts, since they are already welded and have large dimensions. By purchasing Agrosfera products, you receive a one-year warranty, and from 6 to 15 years.

Durability and reliability are ensured not only by the quality and compliance with the manufacturer’s rules during the manufacture. This component also depends on you – correct operation, timely snow removal and avoidance of trees during placement will help your greenhouse to serve you for a rather long time..


    Reviews of summer residents and gardeners, who gave their preference to the greenhouse products of the Agrosfera company, are positive. During the whole gardening season, buyers note high quality, reliability and practicality. The buildings serve summer residents for more than one year, which saves money on the purchase of new structures. And the affordable price attracts beginners who are not yet familiar with the product of this brand..

    However, there are also gardeners who are unhappy with the purchase.. In most cases, this is due to fakes, of which there are especially many in online stores. Poor-quality material, weak fasteners are noted. Here it is worth giving advice – when buying, be sure to ask for all certificates, then you will be able to avoid shortcomings.

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