Greenhouses “Dachnye 2 DUM”: types and assembly instructions

Every summer resident, gardener or gardener sooner or later thinks about installing a greenhouse. This design allows you to grow crops almost all year round. Greenhouses are in particular demand in the middle zone of our country. The point is unstable weather conditions.

The choice of a greenhouse must be approached responsibly: This product is not cheap and for its price must meet the necessary quality standards. But choosing a greenhouse is only half the battle. After purchasing it, you need to assemble it correctly..

Features and characteristics

The engineers who developed this model spent a lot of time to bring it to perfection. Many elements have been modernized more than once. Some of them have even received individual patents that testify to the really high quality. If you believe the reviews of satisfied customers, 2 DUM today is an excellent ratio of quality and value..

To begin with, it is worth talking about the main parameters of the greenhouse.. Its strength is 150 kilograms per square meter, which is a high indicator. Strength is ensured due to the small distance between the arcs, which is 50 centimeters. An important role in this is played by the coating – cellular polycarbonate 4 millimeters thick, which is noticeably superior in strength to ordinary film.

Like most greenhouses, 2 DUM has an arched shape. The frame is made of galvanized steel. The building is 2 meters high and 3 meters wide. The minimum length is 4 meters, but it can be increased with additional frame arches. The total weight of the structure is from 120 kilograms or more.

The greenhouse is equipped with two doors and two vents. The number of the latter can be increased by installing additional ones yourself. The cost of a standard set varies from 10 thousand rubles to 23 thousand, depending on the quality and length of the coating (4-6 meters).


Before moving on to the pluses, it is worth mentioning the minuses, because their number was minimized by the efforts of specialists. And according to customer reviews, the shortcomings are insignificant, and if desired, they can be eliminated with your own hands at minimal cost..

The benefits boil down to the following points.

  • There is no need to disassemble the greenhouse for the winter, thereby saving a lot of time and effort in spring and autumn. Due to its increased strength, 2 DUM is able to withstand a large weight of snow, avoiding deformation.
  • Low temperatures are not terrible for the greenhouse. It keeps the inside warm even in severe frosts. Until spring, the soil remains warm, which allows early planting of crops without fear of their safety.
  • Despite its heavy weight, the structure is easily transported due to its collapsible design. As a rule, all elements are evenly distributed over seven lightweight packages. Buyers don’t even have to pay extra for shipping. You can also do this in your own car..

  • The greenhouse is assembled quite easily, according to the principle of the constructor. No additional hands or tools required.
  • The lower ends of the greenhouse are dug into the ground. So you don’t have to prepare the foundation, which will significantly save the finances and efforts of the owners..
  • The material from which the frame is made is not susceptible to fungal attack or decay.
  • Correctly connected parts are characterized by increased tightness. Door and window openings are equipped with fixing clamps. On the frame arches there are connectors for attaching additional automatic vents.
  • Another plus, which has already been mentioned above, is the ability to independently adjust the length of the greenhouse by installing or removing frame arches. But additional parts and polycarbonate will have to be purchased separately..

These are the most basic of the many advantages of model 2 DUM. You can learn about the rest during its operation..

Assembly instructions

Now about the assembly and installation of the greenhouse. As mentioned earlier, she does not need a foundation. The stability of the structure is ensured by the endings in the shape of the letter T, which are dug into the ground.

Sometimes the foundation still has to be poured. This is necessary if the region is characterized by winters with heavy snowfall. It will also be required if the soil on the site is unstable and every spring is washed out by water. Otherwise, there is a risk of finding the greenhouse skewed.

In this case, a light foundation will be enough. It can be built from reinforced concrete, stone, bricks or wooden beams. The main thing is to correctly mount the metal corners..

It should be noted that cutting out pieces of polycarbonate for doors and vents is not an easy task. Inexperience can screw up. It is recommended to do this right at the time of purchase. Most sellers provide this service..

If all the preparatory work is completed, you can start assembling the greenhouse..

The kit, which is issued upon purchase, includes the following:

  • frame elements;
  • polycarbonate coating;
  • fasteners;
  • reinforcing arcs – especially important in regions with strong winds, heavy rainfall and harsh winters;
  • elastomeric seals to ensure tightness;
  • hooks with which you can fix open doors and vents;
  • instructions with illustrations.

Having all the necessary parts on hand, they need to be unpacked and sorted. On first acquaintance, the number and variety of ingredients can be overwhelming. The assembly would be a difficult and lengthy process, but all the details are numbered, which, together with the instructions, allows you to understand the structure of the greenhouse in a few minutes.

The first item in the instructions is to assemble the arc. This is done in the lying position of the arc, then the structure is lifted and installed vertically, followed by alignment.

The assembly of the second arc follows the same principle. Supports are attached to the arcs. After assembling both end parts, doors and vents can be installed.

If the frame is assembled correctly and stands firmly, proceed to installing the coating. Before that, it is worth cleaning the metal structure from dirt and dust. An elastic seal is applied to the arcs. The polycarbonate plates can now be attached. For these purposes, screws and washers are used..

At the end of the installation work, it is necessary to seal the coating.

The whole complex of works takes about three days. Those who already have experience in this matter will cope faster.

You can always entrust this business to professionals who will do everything quickly and correctly for a reasonable price..


Even if the foundation is not an obligatory element for this model, it will never be superfluous. The greenhouse must be installed strictly on steel corners. In this case, problems with the soil will definitely not bother you..

If the quality of the land on the site is trustworthy, it is recommended to treat the T-shaped ends of the greenhouse with an anti-corrosion compound.

Not all crops grown in a greenhouse have enough sunlight.. To make up for this shortcoming, the building can be equipped with special fluorescent lamps. Their light is suitable for almost all types of plants. You can also use LED or infrared lamps, depending on the light required for the seedlings..

The most comfortable climatic conditions can be ensured through proper ventilation. Model 2 DUM is specially designed to maintain normal moisture and oxygen levels, protecting the seedlings from cold or high heat. The main thing is to correctly install the vents in order to prevent drafts. And do not open the door wide open for airing.

With enough engineering knowledge, you can rebuild the greenhouse at your own discretion and turn it into, for example, a frameless farm.


Greenhouse 2 DUM has a long service life. But in order to provide it, the greenhouse must be properly looked after. It must be washed regularly, otherwise dirt on the surface will obstruct the passage of sunlight. In hot weather, the vents should be open so that fresh air can enter. But you should not open the doors too wide to avoid a sharp jump in temperature..

The model easily tolerates winter, but this season she needs special care.

  • remove snow from the surface so that dents do not form on it;
  • Install additional supports to prevent deformation;
  • clean the surface of ice, it can cause tearing of polycarbonate;

The country house model 2 DUM is a modern greenhouse model. For little money, buyers will receive a quality seedling habitat that will provide them with excellent harvests for many years..

About the assembly of the greenhouse “Dachnaya 2 DUM” see the following video.

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