How to attach a gazebo to the house?

Not everyone has spacious plots, but I really want to arrange a corner in the country where you can have a pleasant rest with friends, chat with loved ones, or just sit alone with your favorite book in your hands. In this case, an excellent solution is the option of adding a gazebo to a private house..

Features and Benefits

This design idea has several advantages. The attached gazebo can be made open or closed. In the first case, it is necessary to take care of protection from the wind, and in the second, it becomes possible to equip another room, a greenhouse or a winter garden. In a spacious gazebo, it is permissible to install a barbecue or barbecue. At the same time, it is important to think over not only the chimney arrangement and roof insulation, but also the installation of the foundation..

The load-bearing wall of the building will be one of the walls of the house, which will significantly save money. The gazebo will be convenient to use if you attach it to walls that have window or door openings. It is optimal to build a gazebo near garden trees. The extension is compact and does not take up much space, and since one of its walls is the wall of the house, it will be reliably protected from the wind. A small structure looks original, often they strive to decorate it with carvings or a combination of various modern materials, but its best decoration was and remains indoor plants, pleasing to the eye with fresh greenery.


A well-thought-out project will not only determine the appearance of the structure, but also allow you to build a high-quality durable structure.

Before construction work, you should find out several important points..

  • Determine what features of the soil in a particular area – this is necessary for laying the foundation. So, a foundation installed on sandy or rocky soils does not require digging a deep pit, and a foundation erected on clay or sandy soil needs more deepening..
  • Calculate the dimensions of the building. The optimal area for a comfortable stay is considered to be four square meters per person. This parameter can be increased or decreased, and the height of the gazebo must be at least two meters..
  • Decide whether there will be a barbecue, fireplace or summer kitchen in the gazebo, and also decide which gazebo you want to build – open or closed. You can make removable glazing, which allows you to turn an open gazebo into a closed one in a matter of minutes and vice versa.

The simplest is the plan of a rectangular gazebo with a pitched roof. But it is also realistic to build a gazebo under the same roof with a country house, like a canopy, or build a veranda or terrace.

Tools and materials

For the construction of gazebos, durable, environmentally friendly and versatile materials are chosen, characterized by availability, light weight, excellent performance and ease of installation. The main material is a wooden beam up to five centimeters thick, boards and slats. Immediately before use, the wood should be treated with special protective compounds. In addition, you will need metal pipes for the base and a concrete mixture of gravel, cement and sand..

The frame is made from both wooden beams and steel or polymer pipes. It is worth stocking up on fittings in the form of corners, screws, nails and anchor bolts. The floor is laid with both planks and concrete, porcelain stoneware or paving slabs. The wooden covering requires more maintenance, so it is suitable for a closed gazebo. It is recommended to lay the floor of an open gazebo with materials that are resistant to aggressive environmental influences. To equip the roof, you will need a strong frame made of timber and lathing.

The rafters are treated with fireproof and antiseptic agents, and the roof of the gazebo is covered with any material similar to the roofing of a house. It is quite possible to create a stylish fashionable design using sheets of matte, transparent or colored polycarbonate, which allows you to bring to life the most daring design ideas. Before construction in one of the sheds, it is necessary to find a place where the necessary tools will be located: a circular saw, a concrete mixer, a shovel, a tape measure and a building level. And also it is worth remembering the hammer and screwdriver. After everything you need is at hand, you can start construction work.

DIY construction

In the construction of a gazebo attached to the house, there are a lot of nuances – this is the location of the site, and the appearance of the house itself, and the combination of building materials and a country house. Only general recommendations for the construction of a gazebo should be considered, which can be easily adjusted for a specific case..


Immediately before the start of construction on the selected site, markings are performed by driving in pegs along the perimeter of the future gazebo and pulling ropes between them. After marking the territory, they begin to arrange the foundation. For structures attached to the house, experts offer several options for bases. So, the strip foundation is most appropriate if the gazebo was designed together with the house. But its device is necessary if the plans include the construction of a brick, stone or block structure..

Follow these steps to install the strip foundation:

  • start by digging a trench from 30 to 40 centimeters deep around the perimeter of the future gazebo;
  • after that, a formwork is installed in the pit, a layer of gravel is poured and poured with concrete;

Further construction work is allowed to be carried out only a month after strengthening the foundation..

If the idea of ​​an attached gazebo appeared after the construction of the house, and there are plans to install a light structure, then it is recommended to equip the columnar foundation as follows:

  • you need to dig holes in the corners and perimeter of the future building, as well as in places where floor beams will be laid;
  • pour a layer of crushed stone and sand on the bottom of each pit, tamp it, install a reinforcing mesh to the full height and spill the sand with water;
  • when the water is absorbed, roofing material should be laid on the bottom of the pit for waterproofing and brick or concrete pillars should be installed;
  • after installation, make sure that the pillars are on the same level; if everything is in order, you need to install a wooden formwork and fill the pit with concrete;
  • after 2-3 weeks, you can start the next stage of construction work;

Another simple and budgetary base option is a pile foundation, installed using asbestos pipes or ready-made metal piles. For the first ones, you should dig holes, install a pipe with steel reinforcement in them and pour concrete. Finished metal piles are simply screwed into the ground..


After installing the foundation, you should proceed to the installation of the frame of the future building.

To assemble a wooden frame, you need to follow a few steps.

  1. You should take beams with a section of 100×100 mm and make cuts using the half-wood method to connect them. Holes are drilled in them, into which corner pins are placed. The bottom trim should be assembled and installed on the foundation..
  2. The four beams should be measured and cut to the desired height. At the top of each beam, a cut is made with an area of ​​40×100 mm to secure the diagonal bundle. The pins are inserted into the holes that are drilled from the ends of the bars of the lower harness.
  3. The prepared beams should be installed on the pins, check their verticality with a building level and secure with temporary diagonals.
  4. Boards with a section of 40×100 millimeters are cut along the edges and connected to the pillars and to each other by the half-wood method. It is permissible to connect elements with metal corners to speed up the process.
  5. Diagonal knitting should be reinforced in the middle with bars, its ends must be inserted into the cuts of the posts. Then you should make the upper strapping of the structure.

If you are attracted by the durability of a metal building, it is worth taking into account a few tips for assembling it..

  • If you build a gazebo on a strip foundation, you need to install support pipes in the ditch with the formwork installed. Align them vertically with wooden slats, which are fixed to steel with clamps. Tie all pipes from above into a single frame and pour the foundation.
  • If the choice fell on a columnar foundation, then there are two options for assembling the frame. The first involves the joining of dug-in pipes with bearing racks: they are either welded or fixed in poured concrete. The second involves the installation of a lower base made of a channel on the foundation. The final stage of work is the welding of vertical posts.


It’s time to assemble the roof of the future gazebo. The wooden structure is assembled from a bar with a section of 100×100 mm – it is intended for posts. Boards of 50×100 mm are needed for the rafters. On bars 80 centimeters long, cuts are made 50×100 millimeters. A cut must be made on each board to connect them to the posts. The rafters need to be connected to each other and to the pillars by the half-tree method.

The prepared roof is connected to the already installed frame. To do this, the structure must be hoisted in place, making sure that the segment of the bar located in the center occupies a vertical position, it itself rests on the intersections of the ligament. The rafters protrude 40 centimeters beyond the frame, the rest of the rafters are attached to the roof with an overlap. For the roof of a metal gazebo, triangular rafters are made. If their length is more than one and a half meters, several additional spacers should be attached from the inside. The recommended angle of inclination of the roof is 10-15 degrees, but for an attached arbor it can be made more so that precipitation does not accumulate on the roof.

After attaching the roof, it is worthwhile to proceed with the installation of the lathing, the device of which is directly related to the selected roof covering. So, for a roll or soft roof, as well as for flat slate, a continuous crate is made.

If sheets of metal roofing or corrugated slate are selected, a sparse sheathing should be prepared. Whichever option is chosen, there should be no knot or hitch on the sheathing surface that can damage the roof. Upon completion of the work, you can start decorating the building.


The gazebo should become an organic addition to the house, therefore, it should be decorated simply and beautifully. The natural decoration was and remains the green plants that braid the gazebo. Bright flowers in flowerpots and spreading bushes will not only delight the eye, but also give coolness on a hot summer afternoon. Decorating with Roman curtains, which are rectangular cuts of light or translucent fabrics, is gaining popularity. During the day they protect from the scorching sun rays, and in the evening they create a cozy atmosphere..

If the house and plot are decorated in a certain style, it is quite possible to make a gazebo, taking into account personal preferences..

  1. worthy decoration of the site in style Russian country there will be a carved gazebo-teremok;
  2. the hut of gnomes or trolls will not leave indifferent fans scandinavian style;
  3. Chinese pagoda will create a romantic atmosphere Of the East;
  4. Japanese rotunda made of wood will immerse you in a fabulous environment Land of the rising sun;
  5. style lovers high tech they prefer to decorate the gazebo with metal, plastic or glass elements;
  6. fans eco-style will try to turn the building into an arched gallery decorated with fresh flowers;
  7. adherents Mediterranean style prefer a cozy bungalow with a reed or reed roof and wicker furniture.

Beautiful examples of extensions

  • An example of an open wooden gazebo with a flat roof: a spacious terrace on which it is so pleasant to sunbathe during the day and relax from the troubles of the country at nightfall. This is a great option for a summer vacation..

  • Gazebo with a pitched roof, made of modern materials. Corrugated matte walls hide the situation from prying eyes, and the whole family can gather at the table of the spacious extension.

  • Nice cozy corner to relax. Wicker furniture, white bedspreads, brightly colored pillows, soft drinks arranged. And all this is surrounded by fresh flowers, placed on shelves and in flowerpots. Great idea for a summer party.

  • Roman curtains will protect you from the breezes of the wind and the scorching sun’s rays, making your stay in the gazebo comfortable and your rest of high quality. This is the best option for lovers of simple and concise design..

  • Option of a gazebo covered with transparent polycarbonate. Stylish, cozy, wicker furniture matches the rustic setting, and it is so pleasant to admire the lovely country landscape through the window. A great place to chat with family and friendly get-togethers.

  • Small wooden gazebo – ideal for a small area. Fitted everything you need: chairs, a table and a couple of armchairs. And there is a place for a baby stroller. A practical option for families with small children and older couples.

For the construction of a veranda, a gazebo and a terrace to the house from A to Z, see the following video.

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