How to build a summer chicken coop for 10 chickens?

Even on a small personal plot, you can equip a compact birdhouse to have your own homemade eggs, dietary meat, and organic fertilizer for gardening in the form of bird droppings. For a small family, it is enough to keep 10 chickens to meet the needs for eggs and meat..

It is not difficult to build a summer chicken coop with your own hands, such a design will be especially relevant if you intend to keep the bird only in the warm season. However, when walls and floors are insulated, a summer bird dwelling can be easily turned into a winter version..


A summer chicken coop for 10 chickens, first of all, will differ in its compactness, but it should have the following zones:

  • sleeping places for birds;
  • nests for laying hens;
  • chicken feeding area;
  • a separate area for swimming (poultry like to clean their feathers, bathing in ash or just in the dust of the earth) and walking.

In the closed part a chicken coop, where there will be beds and nests, ventilation and a window must be provided. The summer chicken coop should have an aviary with a canopy.

Chickens are afraid of moisture and wind, so the choice of a place for keeping poultry must be taken with all responsibility..


The chicken coop is better place on a hill so that water does not stagnate in it. Also, he should not stand in a draft and in a noisy place – chickens are stressed from any external influence, noise in particular, and this affects egg production.

After determining the place for construction, you need to draw up a project. When performing a preliminary drawing, the following points are taken into account.

  1. Coop dimensions (length and width). This depends on the estimated number of heads you intend to keep in the coop. For a comfortable stay of 10 chickens, an area of ​​at least 5-6 square meters is needed – this calculation is based on the following norms: 1-1.5 square meters for 2-3 birds.
  2. The height of the chicken coop. It should be erected at least 2 meters, remembering that the owner will sometimes have to look there..
  3. Usable area distribution. For perching, 30 cm is taken for each bird, that is, for 10 chickens, 2-3 perches must be equipped for spending the night, but it is not recommended to place them one above the other. In such a chicken coop there should be at least 3-4 nests, not less than 30×30 each, and it is better to place them opposite the entrance. A free zone is chosen for the feeder and drinking cup, they are set at a level of 10-15 centimeters from the floor.

Separately build for the summer chicken coop aviary for walking chickens. It should be spacious and better than the open type. When drawing up the drawing, one more important point is taken into account – the doors must open outward. Otherwise, birds may be injured..

A chicken coop for 5-10 individuals can be mobile, such structures are made on wheels or with handles and are calmly transported throughout the site.

This must be taken into account when drawing up a diagram, and for the manufacture of such options, only light materials are needed. They can be made from plywood, thin boards, OSB boards and others..

Construction stages

Build a summer-type chicken coop with your own hands, having drawing, it will not be difficult. At the chosen place, according to the size of the project, markings are made, and then they proceed based on the type of chicken coop. For a stationary room, you can lay out and foundation, to make a capital structure.

For a lighter design, choose bars the correct size as the base of the flooring frame. Then, from the same beams, they make the frame of the hen house itself and sheathe it boards. After that, mount roof, cover it with the same wood or other suitable material.

To the chicken coop attach the site for walking birds, using a net as a fence. You can leave it open, do not make the roof. To save space, you can build two-story chicken coop: at the bottom, make a place for walking chickens, fence it with a net, and at the top, on the supports, install a wooden bird house.

It is imperative to make a ladder to move the livestock up and down and vice versa. Install doors, windows and do the furnishings.

How to equip?

The arrangement of the chicken coop must also be approached with knowledge of the matter.. Here are some rules to help you get it right..

  1. So that it is light in the hen house throughout the day, it is better to place it on the north side of the site, and make the window on the south side. So the sunlight will not only provide the bird house with natural light, but it will also warm up the room well, which means that it will not be damp inside. Chickens are afraid of damp.
  2. In the summer chicken coop, supply and exhaust ventilation is made. A hood is installed at the top of one of the walls, and on the contrary, at a height of half a meter from the floor, a pipe is mounted for air flow. After these works, all the cracks are covered up in order to prevent a draft inside..
  3. To ensure free access to all internal furnishings – feeders, drinkers, nests, perches for perches – it is better to plan the room more freely. This will have a good effect on the egg production of chickens..
  4. Places for laying hens are chosen in the driest, warmest and darkest corner, but convenient for the owner. It is always pleasant to take eggs from the nest and you do not want to go through obstacles for this. Use boxes, boxes or baskets as nests..

It should be convenient to feed and water the bird – drinkers and feeders (trays, bins, troughs) must also be in the access area for both the livestock and the owner of this farm. Remember and on maintaining cleanliness inside the chicken coop – you should promptly clean and take out the accumulated garbage and droppings.

But in the area for bathing birds there should always be sand, ash or just earth. Chickens love to take baths in them, and this is necessary for them to clean their feathers and prevent parasite infestation. Living in comfortable conditions, chickens will carry better and will not get sick..

Beautiful examples

Well done home chicken coop can perfectly decorate your site. For example, the variant with bicycle wheels attached to the front for movement looks like an interesting vehicle, where the cabin is a closed part of the chicken coop, and the open mesh enclosure looks like a trailer..

      And here chicken coop built in the form of a house, with two windows and a tiled roof – such a structure harmoniously fits into the ensemble of buildings in the country, both in color and design. In addition, the design allows chickens to always enjoy the grass, it is mobile and can be installed anywhere.

      For how to build a chicken coop with your own hands, see the next video..

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