How to choose garage racks?

No matter how the garage is used, its main task is to store useful things that should not be left in the house. If there is a car, then everything connected with it should be nearby and in the garage. In addition, this room can serve as a workshop and storage space for sports, fishing and all kinds of equipment, which best fit on specially selected shelves that must match the garage..


Having a garage at his disposal, each of its owners must from time to time put things in order in it, removing unnecessary things and systematizing what will be useful in work. In order for this process to have maximum productivity, racks should be installed in the room..

For a garage, it is fundamentally important to have sufficient dimensions to freely supply a car or make repairs. If something interferes with these actions, it must be removed.

The presence of shelving is a very important factor for a number of reasons, among which are:

  • the presence of chaotically located things interferes with the free passage of the car into and out of the garage;
  • the abundance of things located haphazardly and throughout the garage does not allow you to quickly find what you need;
  • the presence of a large number of things that are not in their place increases the risk of fire and makes it difficult to extinguish it due to the scattered arrangement of substances capable of inflammation;
  • the lack of a storage system makes the appearance of the garage cluttered and sloppy, not everyone will like to be and work in it.

The use of shelving allows you to solve all these problems by equipping the room with a comfortable environment.. It is not necessary to bring the garage to perfect order, but each thing should have its own place, then there will be more order, and it will be easier to find the right thing..

For a car enthusiast, garage shelves are also needed to store wheels, tires and other car parts. They usually have considerable dimensions, therefore their haphazard storage will not make it possible to rationally use the workspace. Often, garage owners love their car so much that they spend all their free time in the garage, which is why everything in this room should contribute to comfortable work..

The advantages of the rack are its small dimensions. Often, such structures are located against the wall, they can have fixed shelves or removable ones, which allows you to adjust their heights if necessary. The open design makes it possible to quickly find the desired item, because it lies in plain sight.

If the rack is made of durable materials, then heavy parts, a car engine or something similar can be placed on it..

If we consider the types of shelving, then today there are four options:

  • stationary;

  • made;

  • mobile;

  • rotating.

Stationary racks are installed once and attached to garage walls. They are strong and reliable, and can bear a lot of weight. The prefabricated type can be bought for a specific garage, based on the dimensions. It is not difficult to assemble it, and it is possible to put it in any convenient place and set the individual height of each shelf.

Mobile shelves are distinguished by the presence of wheels on which the rack can be moved to any place convenient for it. The rotating version works well for a small tool that needs to be easily accessible.

When choosing racks, you need to choose those options that will fit a specific room, and use it as much as possible, lifting the shelves to the ceiling and placing them along the longest wall. It is important not to choose a rack with wide shelves so that there is room in the garage for both the car and the owner himself., which should be quite easy and fast enough to approach any objects of interest.

Materials (edit)

Thinking about buying or making shelving for a garage, it is worth deciding on the materials from which they should be made. There are two options, metal and wood. The choice of one type or another is dictated by the goals for which it is purchased and financial capabilities..

If the garage shelves are made of wood, then on them you can put unnecessary things from the house, a small inventory, but nothing too heavy. The advantage of this type is that you can do it yourself without much difficulty..

If we talk about a metal rack, then it is made of a profile and has a much more reliable structure, so you can put tires, heavy tools on it, and not be afraid for their integrity. A metal open cabinet can also be made by hand, but this process is much more laborious than working with wood, and requires special tools..

If the shelves are made of wood, then it is important to buy high-quality material so that there are no knots in it, which will ensure the strength of the structure. The shelves can be made of chipboard, and the wooden frame can be made of high quality boards. The resulting structure can be left untreated or varnished, which will extend its service life.

If you don’t want to buy a metal rack, or you can’t find the right size, you can make it yourself by finding material for the frame, which can be: corners, pipes, profiles and metal sheets for shelves. It is important to treat all surfaces so that they are not sharp, otherwise it will be unsafe to stay in the garage..

The height of the shelves depends on the height of the ceilings, and the number of shelves depends on the needs and challenges facing the new storage system. Stationary structures are both metal and wooden, prefabricated ones are often made of metal, mobile ones can be both metal and small wooden, although the first option is more popular. Rotating structures are made of metal, it is very difficult to make them from wood..

It is important to use in the garage and hanging shelves to remove all unnecessary from the floor and conveniently place at a suitable height. Such shelves can be made of metal, wood and combined.

Structures and their sizes

Since the racks can have several options from which they can be made, there are a variety of designs and an abundance of sizes of such open shelves. In the case when the product is created from metal, then they require racks, crossbars and shelves. When these materials have good strength, then the finished rack will turn out to be reliable, if the thickness is small, then steel strips may be needed at the back, which are screwed or welded to the frame and reinforce the structure.

The shelves can be installed at any distance from each other, this can be solved on site, therefore it is better if they are removable. It is important to take into account the length of the entire rack, which should not exceed two meters, otherwise the shelf will bend and break under the weight. For small things that are rarely needed, it is convenient to use suspended structures, which often do not have large dimensions..

Nothing dangerous for inflammation should be placed under the ceiling, containers that can be overturned on themselves when removed from a height.

You can use hinged shelves of different designs, they can have a corner format or are additionally equipped with drawers for small items.

Metal shelving shelves are made of various materials; a metal corner, a profile pipe and a combination of both options are best suited for the frame. Shelves can be made of thin metal, but wood and chipboard are the best. For wooden shelving, a beam of 50 x 50 mm is used for the base, and for flooring – boards, plywood, chipboard or OSB.

For different tasks, it is necessary to use different materials and components for them. If the garage has a working area, then a modular wall with shelves should also include a table. Convenient wall shelves allow you to place all the necessary material at hand and quickly find it.

Prefabricated and collapsible racks should be in the garage in case of temporary, but large-scale work, if you need to repair a car or furniture, such racks fit everything that will be needed for work, and they are placed near the workplace, which simplifies the repair process itself.

Ceiling shelves will be convenient for those rooms where the lower part of the garage should be free, not cluttered with various objects. The design of such shelves can be different, as well as the material. If it is metal, then the bases can be in the form of a square, on which shelves are put on, each such corner is attached either to the wall or to one common base.

The rack can be of different sizes, but there are some norms that should be heeded. So, the height of the lower shelf from the floor should be at least 50 cm, and it is better to raise it to 70 cm. The height between all the shelves from floor to ceiling should be within 30 cm, although there may be variations depending on the purpose. The width of the rack itself can be 40 cm if it is small but long, or 60 cm with a shorter design.

If the rack is equipped for storing tires, then there should be several sections in it, the side ones for small items, at least 70 cm in length and 50 cm in width, and the main one, where the tires will be located, it can have a length from a meter to 1.30 cm , the whole structure will be 2 meters high and more than 2.5 meters wide. This type of shelves is best made of metal..

As for the shelves made of wood, the dimensions do not differ much, but there are some peculiarities. The length of the entire structure with the corresponding supports can be up to six meters, which is beneficial. The lower shelf should be raised from the floor level to a height of 80 cm, and the distance between all shelves from floor to ceiling is 40 cm, you can make multilevel shelves in order to be able to put small and large things in their places.

The width of the structure is 60 cm, so a large number of things and tools can be placed on such a rack..

How to do it yourself?

In order to ennoble the garage, to make it not only cozy, but also convenient for work, it is important to place the required number of shelves in it. It is not necessary to buy all the products in the store, they can be made with your own hands, choosing the most convenient materials and calculating the optimal dimensions. To accomplish the above task, you need to follow a clear plan:

  1. based on the dimensions of the garage, calculations of free space for furniture and a drawing of the future rack are performed;
  2. selection of materials that will be functional and safe indoors and procurement of them in the required quantity;
  3. selection of the necessary tools that will be needed to carry out the work.

If it is necessary to decide what dimensions the future structure will have, then it is important to evaluate how many things need to be placed on it. If there are not many of them, then one small rack will be enough, if this is an abundance of tools, and sporting goods, a boat and fishing accessories, parts for car repairs and something else that does not fit in the house, then you need to do one or even two shelving for the entire length of the garage.

To select the size of future furniture, it is important to draw a garage project with exact dimensions and place everything on paper as you would like to see in reality.

Homemade shelves will look no worse than purchased ones if you approach them thoroughly, think over all the nuances and devote enough time and effort to it. The choice of material should be approached carefully, taking into account the construction of the garage itself. If it is metal, then the ideal solution would be to make a side cabinet. It can be wooden and well installed, but it is better to weld it from metal, and for greater reliability, weld it to the garage itself.

Wall panels will play an important role in the case of hanging shelves. If the coating is thin and fragile, then it is better not to hang anything, and if it is a simple brick, then it will withstand a fairly large number of hanging shelves. In the event that there is a desire to use advanced fastening technologies, it is important to know as much as possible about them. The standard fastener instructions may contain too little information. It will be very helpful to watch various videos on the topic or install the first shelf with a qualified craftsman.

When the frame for the rack is made, it is important to put convenient shelves on it, they can be made of boards, PVC, OSB and plywood. If it is possible to use thin metal, then it is welded onto the base along the entire perimeter. If something heavy or large will be stored on the shelf, then it is important to strengthen the frame itself and pick up a solid shelf.. A corner or a profile pipe is used for the frame. The shelves themselves must be at least two centimeters thick..

If working with metal requires a tool and the ability to work with it, then a minimum set and the basics of craftsmanship are enough for the construction of wooden shelves. In addition to these factors, the cost of materials also speaks in favor of using wood, where wood is several times inferior in cost. When using metal, you need to take care of covering it with an anti-corrosion coating, which will also require spending.

Wood also needs to be protected from external factors in order for the rack to be durable. It is important to cover it with a composition that protects against mold, rotting, high humidity and other factors..

When planning the creation of a rack, you need to consider the following:

  • the volume and weight of what will be on the shelves;
  • when determining the width of the structure, you need to take into account the free space for the passage or arrival of the machine;
  • distance between shelves;
  • option of how exactly the shelves need to be fixed: to the floor or wall;
  • take into account the conditions under which it may be necessary to strengthen the structure.

The height of the rack should be commensurate with the ceiling in the garage. The optimal width of a convenient design will be 60 cm.The sizes of the shelves should vary from small to high from top to bottom, so that heavy and large items are closer to the floor.

In order to start construction work, it is important to prepare the necessary tools, these are:

  • medium level;
  • tape measure not less than 2 meters;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • a drill that has a hammer drill function;
  • jigsaw or its electric version;
  • circular saw for cutting an iron angle or pipe;

  • welding;
  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • dowels and screws, anchors;
  • drills for concrete, wood and metal;
  • sandpaper;
  • paint and brush.

In order to make a rack on your own, you must first prepare all the elements of the frame. If it is metal, then pre-measured pieces are cut with an electric jigsaw or a circular saw, for a wooden one it will be enough to use a simple saw. The vertical posts are marked so that the longitudinal and transverse rungs can be installed on them.

In the case of wall mounting, you need to mark its location on the walls, and make holes for the dowels, on which the entire structure will be located. The same is done on the structure itself, after which it is fixed to the wall and assembled in turn, from the guides to the installation of the shelves..

When the structure is going to be made of metal, it must first be sanded, primed and painted. The wood option also needs sanding, priming and protection from mold and material decay. The next step is to prepare shelves that are cut from a pre-selected material. When everything is ready, the surface of each product is perforated. Once the frame is in place, it must be secured to the ceiling or wall, and then the shelves must be installed. They are fixed with self-tapping screws, glue or bolts..

If the rack is free-standing, then it is assembled by mounting side racks, attaching transverse and longitudinal beams, and, if necessary, also reinforcing structures, and installing the shelves themselves.

If it is not possible to install a rack due to lack of space, you can use two types of shelves: hinged and suspended. Hanging shelf is fixed to the ceiling, because the wall cannot withstand heavy loads.

Secrets of organizing space

In order for each item in the garage to have its own place, and at the same time the space does not seem overloaded and cluttered, you can use some interesting tricks. If you need to store garden tools in the garage, you can come up with a wooden shelf for it with a cutout for the holder, which will allow you to securely place everything in one place..

If you have a large number of tools, then you can systematize it, for example, make a small wooden shelf with round through holes where screwdrivers will be inserted, by the handle and tip you can easily navigate the desired object.

If you want to minimize dust and dirt on the shelves, you need to use a metal grate instead of wood and similar materials, through which dirt will fall to the floor, from where it is easier to remove it. There is such equipment that takes up a lot of space in a recumbent position, therefore, vertical shelves can be made for it, which will be pulled out of the cabinet, and the items necessary for work can be placed on special mounts.

Using an open rack instead of a closed cabinet will make it possible to quickly find what you need.

If there is very little space in the garage, but there are things that take up a lot of space, but are lightweight, for them you can build niches on the ceiling that can be attached with chains, it is convenient to drive containers selected for this purpose into them. If you need to prepare a place for the keys, then perforated panels are the best way for this. Hooks are inserted into the holes, on which the keys are attached.

To store tires and wheels, it is better to make a rack from a corner that can withstand such a weight and help keep these items in order. It is better to place workbenches separately and not to raise them to a height – this is a working area that should always be ready for use. For grinders and other power tools, drawers can be made in which it will be safer to store such things.

Particular attention should be paid to the location of the canisters, because this is a combustible mixture. They should be placed downstairs, in a dry place, where there are no electricians nearby and the risk of fire. Any equipment that is often used should be close at hand, and the one that is rarely needed can be removed away. It is convenient to store everything on racks that need to be properly positioned in the garage. For these purposes, you need to choose the longest wall in order to be able to place everything you need on the structure.

The options for shelves, cabinets, racks can be different, and in each case everything depends on a particular garage and what will be placed in storage systems.

Tips & Tricks

To create a storage system project, first of all, you need to make a drawing, according to which construction will already take place. It is important to calculate the dimensions of the new furniture in order to fit them correctly into the space..

The convenience of using it depends on the choice of place for the rack. It is best to place it under the longest wall in order to increase the area and be able to place more items for different purposes. The height of the shelving structure with standard garage dimensions should be from floor to ceiling.

If the ceilings are very high, it is better not to make shelves on top, because you need a ladder to work with them..

The shelves located at the bottom have a great height to accommodate oversized things, these are the wheels of the car, and large and heavy parts. On the contrary, it is better to make the upper shelves small, light and small objects will fit well on them..

The last shelf raised high from the floor will give access to high-quality cleaning of the room, which will make the garage even more comfortable.

When installing the shelves, it is better to leave 10 cm on both sides, so that it is easier to install the rack and, if necessary, dismantle it without difficulty.. The width of the shelves should be optimal. Narrow shelves will not be able to accommodate a large amount of tools, too wide ones will be inconvenient to use.

Beautiful examples

Having a beautiful and convenient garage is the dream of many, but not everyone knows the secret of successfully arranging furniture and placing all the contents in it in the room. To learn something new and useful for yourself, you can look at successful examples of internal arrangement in the garage and the use of shelving in it..

In a garage that is neatly laid out with bricks, it is better to use metal shelving. It is very convenient if you buy a whole set of furniture, which includes both a working area with one or two tables, open shelves and closed cabinets. The height of the structure reaches the ceiling, thereby allowing it to accommodate everything you need on it. If it is not possible to buy such a set, you can do something similar with your own hands. Instead of a special table, a regular writing desk will do, and the racks are made so that all the contents of the garage are in harmony with each other..

The use of hanging shelves is convenient when the lower part of the garage must be free so as not to interfere with the car’s arrival or for some other reason. It is important that this type of structure is predominantly metal, because it must withstand heavy loads. The walls of the garage must be made of brick, otherwise it will not be possible to fix the shelves on them..

The distance between all the shelves is about the same, but on top there is a lot of space to the ceiling, and if you wish, you can put something on the top shelf that is not heavy, but overall.

A hand-made wooden shelving unit will perfectly fit into the design of any garage, especially if the work is done conscientiously. Having correctly calculated the height of the shelves, you can load them as much as possible, systematizing all the things in the room for the convenience of working with them and finding the necessary objects.

      Whichever option is chosen, the main thing is to try to make the rack such that it decorates the garage, unloads it and contains everything you need.

      You can watch a master class on making a rack in a garage from a square profile of 20 * 20 * 1.5 mm in the following video.

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