Metal garage: features and benefits of metal structures for car storage

When purchasing a car, any car owner thinks about a “home” for his car. Having a garage, a car enthusiast saves himself from frequent redecoration of his car due to the occurrence of corrosion, the actions of hooligans or an unexpectedly fallen tree branch. In addition to the fact that street storage can be called a slow murder of the “iron horse”, leaving the car in a paid parking lot, the owner faces the cost of his security.


A person does not always have extra money and time to build a warm capital garage. Plus, garage communities in most cities are out of town. If you take into account the daily use of the car, then there is a need for extra spending on the road to your garage cooperative. Reducing the cost of building a garage and labor costs, owners are most often considering options for the construction of a separate metal garage.

Recently, the leaders of many municipalities have begun to fight against the construction of iron garages in urban areas. Despite this, such designs are still popular among motorists.. This phenomenon is explained by several aspects:

  • The most stimulating factor is construction costs. The costs of building a major brick or block garage are disproportionately high. The assembly of the metal structure is much cheaper..
  • Fulfillment of the order for the manufacture of elements of the future metal garage and their delivery to the assembly site will take only a few days..
  • Assembly usually does not take much time and effort and does not require special skills..
  • If necessary, the metal garage can be made collapsible.

As in any business, when building a garage made of metal, the car owner must take into account the existing drawbacks, including:

  • The iron garage retains little or no heat. Condensation may occur in the event of sudden temperature changes. This phenomenon has a bad effect not only on the car, but also on the structure itself..
  • Usually buildings of this type are not equipped with electricity. This disadvantage makes the repair and maintenance of the car very difficult. There is a high probability of freezing locks. It is more difficult to start and warm up the car in a cold room..
  • Ease of assembly can allow intruders to easily get to the vehicle.

It is not recommended to locate the metal structure near flammable objects. In the event of a fire, there is a possibility of flame penetration into the garage..

Despite the listed flaws, a metal garage is convenient and reliable in operation. As for the flaws, they are easily eliminated by the correct arrangement..

Types of construction

Despite the fact that a metal garage is nothing out of the ordinary, many car owners get lost in the variety of designs on offer. Their main distinguishing feature is the method and place of manufacture and the service life before purchase.. When buying a garage, you need to pay attention to the seller’s warranty, license and title documents..

You can build a collapsible iron garage with the participation of a couple of assistants, having only a basic set of tools (hammer, wrenches, pliers) available. In factory kits of excellent quality, all fasteners and components usually do not cause difficulties in assembly. Moreover, no complicated equipment is required to fit the elements. Many of the steel fabrication companies can deliver their goods to the assembly site.

In some cases, the owner himself has to spend money on the removal of the structure from the territory of the plant. One way or another, the only significant disadvantage here is the overestimated cost due to transportation.

Sometimes the company, in addition to standard kits, can offer manufacturing according to individual customer requests, taking into account the area of ​​the site for construction or the size of the car..

On information portals for sale or exchange, you can find a used factory or homemade version. The advantage in this case is the price, which is significantly lower than the cost of new samples. However, it should be taken into account that a self-built monolithic garage, due to its size, may be unsuitable for transportation. For delivery, special equipment is required, there is also a risk of deformation. In addition, in the process of many years of operation, parts of the garage can shrink, which will complicate its disassembly..


The most inexpensive, but labor-intensive option is to build an iron garage on your own, from the base to the roof. When constructing a building with your own hands, you can significantly save on materials. If you calculate all the construction options, then the building materials can be prepared in advance, and then the construction can be started.

When building a garage with his own hands, the owner of the car himself decides what the future home will be for his car. If long-term operation is planned, you need to make a calculation in advance, taking into account all dimensions and parameters, and draw up a drawing. By purchasing additional materials, you can weld a warm and comfortable “home” for your car out of metal. Depending on the place of construction and further operation of the garage, it will be useful to consider both monolithic and portable construction options.

When building a non-separable garage, you should decide on its functionality. Whether this building is just a box for a parking lot or a building with tool cabinets and a workbench is up to the owner. The metal structure must be installed on a flat area, so pouring the foundation will not be superfluous.. It is not required to deeply deepen it, since the structure of large loads does not give.

An important nuance is the installation and fastening of embedded parts. These can be reinforcement pins or threaded anchors. The lower encircling part of the garage is attached to the pins by welding or threading.

It is necessary to accurately align the anchors not only in the corners, but also along the walls of the future garage.

Sometimes the garage is located on a leveled piece of land. In this case, runners made of pipes with a diameter of more than 10 cm are used. Inside the structure, the floors must be covered with a layer of gravel or a wooden flooring must be made. In the absence of floors during bad weather, bare ground, for example, in the form of black soil, can cause certain inconveniences to the driver. In addition, constant dampness inside will be ensured.

To solve the problem of lack of space in a metal garage, you can add an attic floor. Indeed, in addition to storing the car, the storage of technical fluids, tools and things unnecessary in the apartment should be provided in the garage. In this case, the presence of an additional storage room on top will help free up extra centimeters. And the two-story garage looks more colorful.


One way or another, but there comes a time when the garage needs repair. Usually flaws appear on the roof. If a leak is detected in the ceiling, it is necessary to begin to eliminate it as soon as possible, since the safety of all items in the garage, including the car, depends entirely..

An inexpensive option is the application of water-based acrylic paint, which is sometimes called “rubber”. After drying, this material forms an elastic layer that prevents hostile environmental influences..

If additional damage is found, the following must be done:

  • Small cracks and holes can be repaired with tow by soaking it in hot resin before.
  • Holes of large diameters are sealed with pieces of roofing material or burlap. The surface is preliminarily cleaned and coated with bitumen.
  • On very large holes, a sheet of roofing iron is applied, on top of which a patch is applied. This eliminates sagging of the patched area..

For the overhaul of the roof, roll materials are mainly used. These types of coatings are highly durable and flexible. A garage roof repaired in this way has excellent heat and moisture resistance.

Garage walls and gates sometimes also require repair. Most often this is due to the destructive effect of moisture. For blind defects, it will be enough to clean and prime the damaged area, then paint over it. It is better to replace a completely rusted area or weld a metal patch, having treated it with an anti-corrosion compound before.

Garage walls and gates sometimes also require repair. Most often this is due to the destructive effect of moisture. For blind defects, it will be enough to clean and prime the damaged area, then paint over it. It is better to replace a completely rusted area or weld a metal patch, having treated it with an anti-corrosion compound before.

In order to prevent serious violations, it is necessary at the finishing stage to fill the space between the inner lining and the wall with liquid insulating material.. This will not only increase heat resistance, but also improve the protection of the metal against corrosion. It is also necessary to ensure good air circulation inside the garage. With normal air exchange, the appearance of condensation is practically excluded.

No matter how strong the floor or foundation is, traces of cracks may appear on it. In this situation, it is required to make a screed around the entire perimeter of the garage or the area of ​​the concrete floor..

The construction of the garage can already be considered completed after the installation of the gates, locks and entrance equipment. But a caring motorist will always consider it necessary to be able to protect his car from frost or hot sun. For this, sheet polystyrene foam is suitable, because it is cheaper and more convenient during installation..

The optimal solution to the problem may be the use of mineral wool. Mats or rolls of insulation are fixed to walls, gates and ceilings. After the completion of this stage, the insulation elements are covered with sheets of plywood or wood board. Further, after cladding inside the garage, you can start design work..

In the garage, shelves and small cabinets are usually hung. If lighting is provided, fixtures are fixed. Finally, the outside of the garage can be painted with weather-resistant paint and outdoor lighting can be installed..

Building your own metal garage allows you not only to equip a parking space, but also to acquire locksmith and construction skills. The main thing in this business is that you do not need to be afraid to try something new and always take into account all your mistakes..

Useful Tips

Perhaps, given these recommendations, the future garage owner will be able to bypass some unpleasant nuances:

  • When making a transaction, you need to demand a check, since there are cases of fraudsters selling someone else’s ownerless garages.
  • The slope of the floors should always be towards the exit, and it is undesirable to use only bare ground as a floor.
  • Expanded polystyrene, of course, is cheaper and more convenient to install, but it can often react with fluids used in the car. This material is also highly flammable..
  • Electrical wiring is usually done prior to wall finishing to prevent accidental breaks and short circuits..

Which garage is better: iron or brick?

Before buying a garage, a car enthusiast still has to weigh all the nuances. Residents of rural areas, most likely, are suitable for a brick or reinforced concrete option. The construction of a stone garage is already considered a capital and reliable structure and can be legalized as a building. With the right interior and exterior finishing, optimal conditions for storing the vehicle are achieved. In such a garage, you can equip an inspection pit, a basement, legally conduct lighting and heat.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out only the high cost of acquisition or construction and a smaller area for placing a car with the same allocated area for construction.

A metal garage is suitable for owners who do not have their own plots. Metal structures are more mobile for transportation, require little time for disassembly and installation.

You can insulate such a garage with inexpensive materials that do not require finishing. However, the metal requires periodic painting to avoid corrosion, and the design of such a structure will take more time..

It can be seen that there are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. Flaws in iron garages are easily fixed, which makes them more popular. If the size of the budget and conditions allow, then it is better to opt for a brick building. In any case, the garage should become a safe and comfortable home for a car..

You will learn how to make a base for a metal garage on your own from the following video.

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