Metal shelving for the garage: the pros and cons of designs

For most city dwellers, the garage has long ceased to be a place where a car stands alone in anticipation of the next trip. Very often, in addition to tools, accessories for a car and other necessary things for a four-wheeled friend, those items for which there is no longer enough space in the walls of their home also move into this room.

However, the messy accumulation of different things often leads to the fact that finding something you need becomes an impossible task. Therefore, to remove the likelihood of chaos, metal shelving for the garage is used, providing neat and careful storage of things..


Metal shelving is considered the best design solution for using free space in the garage. These products are durable, can withstand heavy loads, while they are lightweight, due to which they can be easily moved from one place to another.

A big plus of metal shelving is their ease of assembly.. This feature allows you to save time and sometimes money, since you can assemble such a mechanism with your own hands, without calling for help from experienced assemblers. It is also convenient that you can adjust the height of the shelves, and in some models, change the distance between them. With this functionality, the process of placing and storing things is greatly facilitated..

Another advantage of metal garage systems is a long service life. The racks, made of high-quality steel, covered with a protective layer of dye, are not afraid of high humidity values, temperature fluctuations and exposure to chemicals or other agents that are used in car care and repair. Shelves will serve for many years, even if there is no heating in the garage, and a fierce winter is raging behind the wall.

    But the advantages of metal shelving do not end there..

    • Practicality. On these racks, you can place objects of different shape, weight and design, and what is very important – everything that is on the shelves can be easily reached.
    • Increased technical and operational characteristics. In addition to durability, resistance to weather conditions, mechanical and physical influences, the racks are environmentally friendly and fireproof.
    • Versatility. In many models of shelving it is possible to increase / decrease the shelves, make them solid or separate.
    • Compactness. Thanks to metal shelving, space in the garage is significantly saved – the usable area becomes more.
    • Attractive design. If you paint or cover the rack with any other material, you can use this product in retail premises or various exhibitions as a showcase..

    Thanks to these advantages, you can store in the garage all the tools and accessories most important for car maintenance, as well as various items that have become cramped in the house (for example, preservation for the winter).

    Metal racks usually have at least two tiers, the task of each of them is to store a certain type of product: car tires, wheels, tires, repair tools. As a rule, tires should be stored in a special way so that their service life is as long as possible: tires without rims should be kept horizontal, and with rims – vertical..

    It is better when bulky items are at the bottom of the rack. So it will be more convenient to put them in and get them out, and the canopy will not suffer from too much load. In addition, the space will not visually look too oversaturated..


    Despite the obvious advantages of metal shelving, they also have their disadvantages..

    First of all, we are talking about the fact that such furniture does not tolerate improper installation, and also does not accept experiments with form. The design of the rack is designed to support a large weight, incorrect installation can damage the unit and, possibly, even break, and the load itself may suffer..

    It is also not uncommon to buy a product of poor quality. In pursuit of savings, some buyers choose a manufacturer whose products can cause great doubts, but at this moment many close their eyes, because the cost of the rack is quite tempting.

    Such structures can cause unforeseen situations, and damage to the goods in this case may not be the worst option. Sometimes racks created in violation of technical characteristics and installed not according to the rules fall, destroying everything around, and in the worst case, they can even crush a person.

    Shelving design and types

    Today there is a wide variety of rack designs for installation in garages. Metal racks are considered the most comfortable and functional. They can be assembled in a few minutes, dismantled, moved and transported just as quickly. In addition, collapsible structures can be easily adapted to the area of ​​the room by adding or removing additional / unnecessary modules..

    In rooms where there are large (trucks) vehicles, it is better to install the cargo type of racks. Each shelf of such a product can withstand a load of up to 500 kg. This type of metal furniture is made from beams, racks and traverses, which are interconnected by hooks – no bolts are used in this version of the product. Metal or plastic bases are installed below. Such collapsible structures are very reliable and durable..

    If the racks are installed to store a small amount of items, then you can choose the ceiling type of construction. Each shelf of such a product can support a weight of no more than 120 kg, which is enough to store tools and hand parts. Meanwhile, some firms produce ceiling racks with a much higher load capacity. Such units can be equipped with partitions, doors, containers, brackets and other auxiliary elements..

    Popular with motorists and such types of storage devices made of metal, such as a hinged or floor rack. The first models are attached directly to the wall, hence another name – wall-mounted. As a rule, such racks are disassembled. They are easy enough to dismantle, if the need arises, and then just as easy to fix back. The easy and not laborious installation process of such products is their indisputable advantage..

    There are certain rules for the installation of wall structures, thanks to which various possible inconveniences can be avoided. Hanging racks are fixed exclusively to a load-bearing wall or to a high strength surface. If you ignore this moment, the rack can not withstand the load, fall, making a terrible mess in the garage, damage something or irreparably ruin.

    An important point that distinguishes hanging racks from other models is their inability to hold large loads.. This means that heavy boxes and items with a large mass cannot be laid out on the upper tiers. For many consumers, this factor is negative and can become decisive in choosing a product..

    Floor-standing models are more popular with buyers because they are practical and easy to install and use. Usually floor racks can be disassembled, they can support a lot of weight.

    What to look for when choosing

    Before purchasing a metal rack for use in a garage, there are some factors to consider..

    • First you need to decide what items will be stored on the shelves, what sizes and weights they have. It is also important to take into account the material of the rack structure, its parameters, the method of fixation and installation. You also need to pay attention to the shelves: there should be no visible defects on the product..
    • The installation location also plays an important role. The area farthest from the garage doors is considered the best option. With such a placement, the motorist will be able to clearly see the entrance area to the premises..
    • Modern manufacturers produce racks from different materials (plastic, wood), but metal remains the most optimal and rational option..


    To learn how to make a metal rack with your own hands from a square profile, see the next video.

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