Varieties of doors to the barn

The barn is one of the most important and necessary buildings for people living outside the city. There is a place here to store garden tools, construction tools and many important things. There are many types of such structures, one of the important elements of which is the door. About what they are, how to do it yourself, will be discussed in the article.

Primary requirements

For courtyard buildings, you do not need to select stylish and beautiful door designs. The door to the barn must be characterized by reliability. The attachment must protect the structure from intruders. This quality depends on what material was used, what design was chosen for the door leaf, how high-quality the lock is.

When choosing, the practical side of the issue is also important.. When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the price and ease of use of the door leaf.

In each specific situation, its own version is appropriate. So, if inside the shed it is necessary to allocate a place for storing a walk-behind tractor, a special car, it is worth expanding the opening. It is also important that the door should fit well into the design of the site, therefore, it is selected depending on the aesthetic component.

The attachment should be of quality and modernity, and also be characterized by convenience..

What doors can be?

There are several modifications of door designs suitable for a barn.

  1. Saves space when using sliding doors, which is an integral advantage of the product.
  2. For one and a half – the canvases are different in width.
  3. The popularity of double-leaf (double-leaf, hinged) doors is growing. The canvases are of the same width.
  4. Single-leaf, which have one sash and are hung with the help of special hinges, are often used..

Structures also differ in the material of manufacture. There are options from wood, metal, plastic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  1. Wooden ones will last a long time. But if used improperly, the canvas may squint..
  2. The metal structure looks attractive. But the iron surface can become rusty, so you should regularly treat the product with special compounds..
  3. Plastic is beautiful. However, during operation, street doors made of this material do not withstand heavy loads, they can be easily damaged..

How to do it yourself?

Of course, you can buy a ready-made door structure. To do this, you just need to take measurements, and then, in accordance with them, order the product from a specialized company.

For a barn, a homemade design is often performed.. They make it out of boards. Various woods are suitable for this.

Birch is cheap. It is characterized by low strength and density, but easy to process..

To extend the life, you can use polish or paint.

The oak is beautiful. It is distinguished by its strength, density and hardness. It’s hard to handle. To secure the product, you will need to arm yourself with reliable hinges..

The quality and properties are similar to beech oak. It is easier to handle, but the structure can deform in case of improper use..

Beautiful ash canvas. It will last a long time, absolutely does not rot.

Hanging canvases are also made from alder, walnut, maple, pine, spruce and larch.

For a barn, you can take the simplest design. You should first determine the dimensions of the width and height. You can easily do it yourself. This leaves a 5 mm gap..

Let’s see how a homemade door is made.

  1. First, the boards are sawn depending on the dimensions obtained during the measurement.
  2. The products are laid out on a flat surface, carefully making sure that the pattern of the annual rings goes in one direction..
  3. The scattered boards are connected into a single whole with the help of wood glue and a thorn-groove connection. The substance is lubricated with grooves and spikes. You can strengthen the integrity of the door leaf using a special clamp.
  4. When the glue is completely dry, cut off the spikes located on the extreme bar. You need to do the work carefully, from the end. This will allow you to maintain a presentable appearance of the structure..
  5. The shield is milled and carefully polished, giving a smooth surface.
  6. Crossbars inserted into special grooves help to strengthen the structure. To make them lie well, they are tapped with a mallet. And also the locks in the form of self-tapping screws contribute to the reliability.

In order for the canvas to serve for a long time without causing problems in the future, the surface should be treated with antiseptic impregnations.

When the door is completely ready, it is necessary to install door hinges on it.. For this, the devices are screwed at a certain level to the canvas. Handles are also attached to the structure on each side..

You should also pay attention to the castle. Constipation can be mortise and hinged. The first ones are more reliable and burglar-proof. To do this, cut a small hole in the structure, insert a lock into it and screw it with screws.


Installation requires some skill. It depends on the material of the door leaf.

Before installing the finished door structure, you must carefully inspect the frame. If there are defects, even small ones, you need to eliminate them. In this case, many problem situations can be avoided..

If the box has become completely unusable, it should be replaced. To do this, take bars, and of them make a structure in accordance with the dimensions of the opening.

Then they start hanging the finished door leaf on the screwed hinges. To do this, take self-tapping screws and fix them at the desired level. If the product is heavy, an assistant is needed. It will support the structure while you screw it onto the self-tapping screws..

        It is not difficult to make a door with your own hands. To do this, you just need to arm yourself with the necessary materials and tools, and then follow the step-by-step instructions. If you adhere to this, the structure will last a long time, without causing problems during operation..

        For how to make a door to a barn with your own hands, see the next video.

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