All about Ido toilets

All about Ido toilets

The first mechanical toilet was invented in the 16th century for the Queen of England. But the spread of the invention was prevented by the lack of sewerage and running water. The development of such a device was started again after several centuries..

About the brand

Finnish plumbing, high-quality and beautiful in appearance, was the dream of a Soviet person. The supplies were handled by Ido. In the USSR, plumbing was sold under the Arabia brand. The assortment was small, and supplies were in limited quantities.

The first sanitary ware factory was located in Finland, in one of the districts of the city of Helsinki. Arabia brand ceased to exist in 1992. From that moment on, all products began to be produced under a single brand Ido at the new plant on the shores of the bay in Tammisaari.

Today the brand is part of the Sanitec concern.

Produces a large collection of sanitary ware, including:

  • shower cabins;
  • baths;
  • hydromassage baths;
  • bidet;
  • shells;
  • toilets;
  • bathroom accessories.

The characteristic features of Ido brand products are high quality, design and stylistic unity. The brand usually produces collections that are small, but laconic and with the possibility of replacing any items..

And also there are thematic series.


Ido sanitary ware is popular both in Russia and in Europe. Among the various collections, any buyer will find a suitable option for himself. A large selection of models and configurations, a wide range of colors and different sizes are the main components of the success of the products of the described brand..

The characteristics of the dimensions stated in the description, with the actual dimensions of the finished product, do not exceed the permissible deviation 0.2%, therefore, at the time of installation, there are no difficulties and overlaps.

Modern toilets have double flush system, thanks to which water consumption is reduced. The system allows the tank to be drained either in 2 or 6 liters of water.

Premium models have the ability to drain 2.5 and 4 liters.

Ido toilets also differ from competitors in the smoothness of the surface, which makes them easy to clean, while maintaining color and shine.. The special coating has a number of advantages:

  • it is stable;
  • rejects the smell;
  • it does not stain with regular cleaning.

The company produces toilet bowls of two types:

  • floor;
  • suspended.

Hanging toilet bowls installed using concealed installation. Such equipment is not included in the package..

Toilet compact is the most popular model, it is installed on the floor, but by location it can be either angular or ordinary.

Products are offered large selection of accessories. Initially, the kit includes a cover and a seat, but they are easily replaced and removed at the time of cleaning.

In some models, a removable refresher rod is installed, it is built into a special hole in the tank under the drain button and is easy to change.


Ido produces different collections. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

Trevi – this model is universal, has a double tank design. Provides the ability to attach an orthopedic structure with handrails.

Seven D – these toilets are distinguished by their microlift seats. This collection has been released to the market quite recently..

The main innovation is the double tank system, which minimizes condensation and fogging..

Aria – this is one of the most popular series, and it is no coincidence. Toilets are durable, include a minimum of additional functions and are available to any customer.

Aniara – this series is an improved model of the Aria line. Basically, there are floor-mounted toilets, they already have a double flush system. Cover fastening allows you to remove it during cleaning.

All models are of high quality, convenience and reliability.. Ido strives to be environmentally friendly and creates toilets with a two-level water flow, where a smaller volume can be drained from the beginning..

Plumbing is positioned in the middle price segment, which makes it accessible to a large target audience.

Selection Tips

When choosing a toilet, it is important to calculate the dimensions so that the device can be installed without problems. And also it is worth paying attention to the design solution, the shape of the bowl, technical parameters and material..

Most often, the tank and bowl are made of the same material.. The most common:

  • faience is the most common option, it is distinguished by an affordable price and long-term operation;
  • porcelain is the most expensive option, however, these products are durable and look exquisite;
  • metal – this material is mainly used in models for public places;
  • plastic – this option is rare, made of fiberglass and acrylic;
  • stone – an artificial version of the material is cheaper and stronger than natural.

Cover and seat material – plastic. Sometimes you can find design models using wood covered with waterproof varnish..

Other materials are not used due to hygiene and comfort.

Bowl shape can be different, it all depends on the manufacturer. Main types:

  • visor – the drain is located in front of the barrel, the back wall is flat or slightly concave;
  • disc-shaped – the drain is also displaced forward, but the back wall is horizontal;
  • funnel-shaped – the drain is in the middle of the bowl.

Another difference between toilets – flush system. The most popular are two types:

  • straight – draining occurs with a direct stream of water from one side of the bowl;
  • circular – the water jet spreads at different angles, which allows you to process virtually the entire surface, the noise level at this moment is minimal.

Installation and maintenance

The general installation principle of the toilet is the same, regardless of the model..

  1. The first step is to connect to the sewer. At this moment, it is necessary to remove the system cover, install the product and attach it to the floor..
  2. It is better to initially treat the surface where the toilet will be installed with silicone sealant.
  3. Further strengthen the bolts.
  4. Before installation, the sleeve is also treated with a silicone-based sealant, and then installed.
  5. The final step is to install the tank. Attach it with bolts, after which they carry out and strengthen the hose supplying water.

It is important to monitor the quality of the tightness of the parts connecting the toilet to the cistern, violation of which can contribute to the detachment of elements. Even an insignificant gap can become a source of unpleasant odor and leakage, which will bring not only worries to the owners with reinstallation, but can also cause fungus or mold..

There are many toilet cleaners available.

  • Abrasive. These include powders and pastes. They remove dirt mechanically by acting on the surface with abrasive particles. However, such cleaning has its drawbacks – micro-scratches remain on the faience. Over time, the coating becomes rough, which makes contamination faster.
  • Alkaline. They do well in removing rust and lime. Does not disturb the smoothness of the surface. Cleaning with these products is more effective and does not require much effort. If sewer pipes and other parts are made of plastic, then use such means carefully..

When cleaning the toilet, it is important to pay attention to the cistern.. It is convenient in such cases to use special tablets. They are placed in a tank, dissolving inside, disinfect the surface, the water takes on a pleasant smell and color. And there are also tablets that are attached under the rim of the toilet, they exude a pleasant aroma and clean the surface of the bowl..

Do not forget about such trifles as a brush.. It is better to use more rigid models, but not metal, with a removable head, which will facilitate the care of the product.

It is worth following simple rules of hygiene and care of the toilet, taking care of your health and the health of the whole family.

You can learn how to properly wash the toilet in the next video..

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