All about toilet installations

On the modern market, more than a wide range of different sanitary products and whole systems are offered. Knowing everything or knowing the basic information about the installations for toilet bowls, you can choose the most suitable option in each case. It is important to take into account that we are talking about sets that include supporting structures, fasteners, as well as the sanitary ware and mechanisms themselves..

What it is?

The toilet is the necessary plumbing device, which is equipped with bathrooms and bathrooms in a variety of rooms. At the moment, two main types of such products can be distinguished – floor-standing and suspended. The latter were less common until relatively recently. However, now their popularity is growing at a record pace..

Modern manufacturers, both for more classic models and for innovative ones, now offer designs that are unique in their performance indicators.. We are talking about toilet installations. This refers most often to a built-in frame system or a decorative box in the form of a cabinet.

It is designed for the installation of a toilet bowl, all communications, a built-in flush cistern and flush control mechanisms.

To understand how such a system works and functions, you need to pay attention to its features..

  • For both wall-mounted and wall-mounted toilets installation of plastic, not ceramic, cisterns. This approach is due to the lightness of polymer products and, consequently, the minimum load on the frame. The appearance of the tank in this case does not matter, since it will be hidden after finishing.

  • Drain button located on the front panel of the entire structure. As a result, it becomes an integral part of the interior, which, in turn, is taken into account by manufacturers..

  • One of the most important points isi the ability to differentiate water consumption, which allows it to be significantly reduced. The drain button, which consists of two elements, is responsible for this. One of them triggers a complete emptying of the tank, and the second starts half of the water volume, and in some models even a third of it..

  • Due to the design features and nuances of installation, as well as the supply of communications during the installation of plumbing installations, after the completion of all the work provided for by the technology, outside, except for the toilet, will remain just the mentioned key. According to many users, hanging toilets, urinals and bidets look more aesthetically pleasing and original in such situations..

  • Taking into account the peculiarities of the installation, a distinction is made between installations with fastening only to the wall, as well as to the wall and to the floor at the same time. It is worth noting that both options are more than reliable and widely used, since they are able to withstand loads of up to 400 kg..

  • Structures designed for the installation of suspended plumbing are equipped with toilets of various shapes and with appropriate drainage distribution systems. This, in turn, greatly facilitates the care of the cups..

In addition to all of the above, important points include the coincidence of the dimensions of the niche or box with the corresponding elements of the installed structure. Based on this, the place for this system should be chosen before purchasing it..

It is also important to remember that there are models with movable legs..

Advantages and disadvantages

Installations for toilets, urinals and other plumbing have become widespread relatively recently. Despite this, such designs very quickly became popular.. The constantly growing demand for them is due to the obvious advantages.

  1. Compactness and the ability to maximally save free space in the equipped room.
  2. High quality all the accessories included in the delivery set, which can be safely placed in closed niches and boxes.
  3. Possibility to minimize the consumption of water consumed by the system. This is ensured by a more powerful head, as well as a differential drain system.
  4. Versatility, provided by the possibility of installation almost anywhere, including placement of structures in hollow walls.
  5. During operation, the system produces minimum noise compared to classic plumbing fixtures. In most cases, cisterns have soundproofing layers..
  6. Maximum ease of maintenance. This is most important when installing wall-hung toilet bowls..
  7. Aesthetics and the possibility of implementing any design ideas when decorating the interior of a bathroom or a bathroom.

However, faced with a choice between installing an installation and a conventional plumbing kit, you should take into account a number of disadvantages..

The disadvantages of such systems include:

  • rather high cost;
  • replacement of individual structural elements can be very costly and time consuming;
  • relatively complex installation.


The key point in the installation of the described systems will be the correct choice of the most suitable model. Otherwise, you may face costly additional work.. Knowledge of existing types of installations and their main features will help to minimize potential problems..


In this case, we are talking about a structure, one of the key elements of which is plastic cistern enclosed in the most robust frame. The scope of delivery also includes a set of fasteners for the toilet. Block installations are usually completely wall-mounted. At the same time, it is equally suitable for both suspended and attached plumbing models..

A ready-made niche will be an ideal place for installation.. After carrying out installation operations, the block is decorated taking into account the peculiarities of the interior of the room. Experts recommend choosing capital walls for installation.

One of the main competitive advantages of such block systems is their affordable cost..


This type of system can be wall mounted or wall and floor mounted.. A standard frame construction for modern plumbing includes the following components:

  • studs and brackets for fixing the installation to the wall and floor, respectively;
  • frame made of profile;
  • drain key;
  • flush cistern;
  • drain pipe and branch;
  • fasteners for installing the toilet.

Speaking about the advantages of frame installations, it is worth mentioning first of all can be installed on any wall. The same applies to the place of installation, since the frame can be located in the corner of the room.. It is important to consider that such structures are suitable for installing not only wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets.. We can talk about almost any plumbing fixtures, including sinks..


Based on the name of this category, it is possible to understand where such systems are installed. Placing in the corner of the room allows you to save as much free space as possible, which is most important for small bathrooms. Like frame models, corner models are attached either only to the wall, or to the wall and to the floor. Moreover, they differ from the other two varieties, first of all, in the maximum stability and rigidity of the entire structure..

Visually, this is a fairly strong and rigid frame made of steel. Manufacturers now offer rectangular and triangular designs.. During installation, they can be built into hollow walls or specially made niches.

It is important to consider that there are also two types of corner toilets. We are talking about floor attachments, as well as suspended sanitary ware.

In accordance with numerous reviews and reviews, the second option is easier to install and more compact. At the same time, floor models are characterized by stability.

Dimensions (edit)

The main dimensions of the described structures are the depth of the frame, as well as all the elements mounted in it.. It is worth considering that the vast majority of tank models are standard (with minor deviations). Their width reaches 500 mm, and their thickness is 90. The height of the frame itself can vary in the range of 1020–1400 mm.. The support legs allow you to change it from the lowest to the highest possible..

The width of the truss is determined by the same parameter of the cistern and reaches 500 mm, and the depth of its installation is from 15 to 35 cm. In this case, the distance from the base to the center of the sewer pipe should be at least 22 cm. There should be approximately 18-23 cm between the toilet fixtures. It is worth remembering that the listed parameters practically do not depend on the model of the installed system..

The height of installation of block installations is from 80 to 100 cm. In this case, most often the structure is deepened by 10-15 cm, taking into account its dimensions. It is important to take into account that the places of attachment to the wall are usually determined by the manufacturer.. In most cases, anchor bolts are positioned at the corners of the structure. However, some have additional holes for fasteners (located in the middle).

When choosing an installation, it is highly recommended to take into account the dimensions of the toilet itself. A standard pendant-type product has a depth of 100 to 150 mm, a width of 500 mm, and its height can reach 1 meter..

In this case, the frame system will have the following parameters:

  • depth – from 150 to 300 mm;
  • width – from 500 to 600 mm;
  • height – from 800 to 1400 mm.

Now many manufacturing companies offer their potential customers models with non-standard sizes. So, in the model range of Tece, installations with a depth of 80 mm are presented. In turn, Migliore produces narrow structures with a width of only 300 mm..

Among other things, toilet bowls of different lengths are available.

Popular manufacturers

Those who decide to purchase an installation for built-in plumbing should take into account that after installing such a structure, its frame and most of the elements will be hidden in the wall or behind a decorative partition. We are talking about the lack of constant free access. Given this feature, it is strongly recommended to make a choice in favor of quality products from manufacturers included in the current rating of the best companies..

Here are the TOP of the most demanded brands.

  • Cersanit Is a Polish brand specializing in the production of sanitary ware since 1998. The installations of this manufacturer differ from similar products of many competitors by the maximum complete set of kits, which provides for the presence of all the elements necessary for installation..

  • Germany has been represented on the world market since 1936 by a corporation Grohe. One of the main features of the brand is the production of reliable and durable fittings for sanitary systems. This is true, including for all representatives of the model range of installations..

  • Swiss company Geberit today it has 17 offices around the world. The family of installations of her production includes structures designed for people with a large physique and appropriate weight. All elements of such plumbing systems are made of a reinforced profile, and toilet bowls are equipped with additional inserts that ensure the most reliable fixation of the product..

  • To the list of the main competitive advantages of the Bulgarian brand Vidima the affordable cost of installations is included. According to current statistics on the territory of the Russian Federation, the products of this company are in high demand..

  • Tece Is another famous German manufacturer whose products are characterized, above all, by maximum reliability. In the manufacture of the described structures, galvanized steel, which has a durable spraying, and high-quality plastic are used..

  • Plumbing, manufactured under the brand name Villeroy & Boch, for many decades it has been in deserved demand in many countries. The company, headquartered in Germany and 14 representative offices in Mexico and European countries, was founded back in 1748. Almost 100 years later (in 1836) it received the status of a large holding.

  • Czech brand RAVAK has proven itself in many markets. The high quality of its products often makes the brand nominated for prestigious awards, including the Czech Grand Design Award..

  • An invariably leading position in the current popularity ratings is occupied by a European company Ideal Standard International. At the moment, its solutions for equipping toilets and bathrooms are in high demand in Italy and at “Foggy Albion”.

  • Mepa – another manufacturer of sanitary ware, including installations, from Germany. The company began its history in 1963 with the establishment of the Pauli und Menden GmbH factory..

  • Sanit Is another brand that represents German manufacturers of sanitary ware on the world market. Today he is one of the undisputed leaders in the development and production of systems for the installation of wall-hung toilet bowls and other plumbing products..

In addition to all the listed manufacturers, it is worth paying attention to one of the largest brands in Southern Europe. It’s about the company OLI, specializing in the supply of mounting frames, cisterns, flush buttons, panels and other accessories for both wall-mounted and side-mounted toilets.

Also, in many countries, products of the French brand are popular. Jacob Delafon. In this case, it is worth recalling that a century ago in France, the production of sanitary ware was at a very low level. At the same time, the main supplier of products and systems at that time was neighboring England.

However, over time, the situation has changed dramatically, largely thanks to Jacob Delafon.

Selection Tips

As already noted, today many manufacturers present their products in the corresponding segment of the modern plumbing market. Many find it difficult to navigate in such a variety.. In order to choose the right kit for equipping the toilet, it is recommended to consider important points.

  1. Initially, attention is required to be paid to the design features of the room as a whole and the specific place of installation of plumbing. In the absence of an installation of the required size on sale, you will have to choose a model with movable elements that allow you to fit.
  2. When buying a kit, which includes the plumbing fixture (toilet) itself, its parameters and workmanship will also matter.. Selection criteria in this case is a separate topic..
  3. Having decided on a specific model, due attention should be paid to the configuration. It is important to remember that the absence of some elements can cause certain difficulties during the installation process..
  4. Another key point is the design installation features. In some cases, in addition to the standard set of accessories, additional fasteners may be required.
  5. It is sometimes difficult to find a replacement for some of the installation parts, and this factor must be taken into account at the stage of choosing a system.. If there is no opportunity to immediately purchase the missing elements, then it would be more rational to consider other options. In this case, most often it is better not to rely on the words of consultants who can argue that missing parts can be easily found in almost every store. As a rule, such assurances do not always correspond to reality..
  6. The next, no less important criterion is the design features of the wall on which the purchased installation will be mounted.. So, for the main wall, anchor bolts will be needed as fasteners. Sometimes they are not included in the package and therefore will need to be purchased separately..
  7. The flush button deserves special attention.. In some cases, buyers prefer to choose an alternative to the one offered by the manufacturer. Most often this is done based on the characteristics of an existing or future interior. It is also worth considering the number of keys, since models with two buttons can significantly save water consumption. By the way, with a normal drain, the consumption reaches 7-9 liters, while the economical one reduces it to 4.

    It is worth recalling that installations go on sale both with a bowl and without this element. Many users and experts recommend giving preference to the first option whenever possible. This maximally guarantees the coincidence of all components of the plumbing structure. A similar approach is also relevant for the selection of a flush cistern..

    If you have the toilet itself in the kit, you should pay attention to the gaps between the fasteners. It is also important that there is a possibility of adjusting the position of the bowl in height.. Among other things, experts advise to carefully check the quality of the paintwork of all painted parts of the installation. One of the best options would be powder enamel, which creates the most rigid and reliable film..

    Frame structures are made of fairly thick metal. Based on this, when choosing an installation model, it will be useful to make sure that the welds are in good condition..

    Review overview

    It is quite predictable that the attitude towards the described systems is ambiguous. While some users actively list the advantages of using installations, others focus on certain disadvantages. But in any case, this topic is popular and discussed..

    So, in the vastness of the World Wide Web, you can often find reviews, according to which the designs can be safely described as aesthetic and as comfortable as possible. Many technicians note that they increasingly have to install them for their customers. Also, the obvious advantages include ease of maintenance and a relatively quiet set of water in the tank..

    Speaking about the minuses, the most often mentioned are the complexity of installation in comparison with classic plumbing, the high cost and the fact that the installations “eat up” a lot of space in the premises. At the same time, opponents argue that the ratio of cost and performance of the systems is more than acceptable. Regarding the space occupied, the statement is also controversial, since often frame models are mounted in the wall. Special attention in the reviews is paid to the convenience of washing the entire system..

    If we are talking about the silence of work, then some commentators are inclined to believe that this indicator directly depends on the quality of the “insides”. This, in their opinion, also applies to the reliability of structures. At the same time, fittings for an ordinary compact can be purchased without any problems at any specialized store. If you have to change something in the installation, the situation may become more difficult..

    Considering all of the above, most of the reviews are still positive..

    At the same time, their authors agree that at the moment, given the appropriate financial capabilities and design features of the premises (space, communications), the installation of such systems is the best solution..

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    Just some ten years ago, bathrooms and toilets equipped with installations could be found mainly in expensive hotels and restaurants. However, today they are successfully installed in the bathrooms of many apartments and private households. Below are some of the interiors that have been literally transformed by these systems. For example, this is how a separately located hanging toilet looks like..

    If you need to place several plumbing fixtures in a row, then the installation will also be the best solution..

    And so you can successfully use the corner installation system and the partition in the bathroom.

    Taking into account all the performance characteristics of the structures described above for the installation of modern plumbing, they will easily fit into almost any interior. Installations make it possible to embody even the most daring design ideas into reality. They become the optimal solution for the design of toilets and bathrooms of different sizes and configurations..

    Installation errors are described in the following video..

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