Duravit toilets overview

When arranging a bathroom, one of the first items to buy is a toilet. Duravit products are of high quality and wide range. In this article, we will consider a description of Duravit toilets, review products and reviews left by customers on the network.


The Duravit brand specializes in the production of ceramic sanitary ware. The brand was created over 2 centuries ago in Germany. Today it is a large concern occupying one of the leading places in its niche. Toilet bowls, urinals and bidets occupy a special place in the company’s assortment. A wide range of models will allow everyone to find a product to their liking. The original design of the plumbing, combined with the excellent quality of materials and the work of highly qualified specialists, allows you to get the perfect plumbing that will look harmonious in any bathroom..

Each series has its own design, developed by renowned interior designers. Ceramic products of the Duravit brand have won numerous international awards and prizes. The design of most of the collections is made in a modern style, where flat and smooth surfaces, sharp corners, no bends and unnecessary decorative elements prevail..

However, in the assortment of the brand, you can find both classic toilets and bidets for the corresponding interior..

It is necessary to highlight and the use of innovative developments in the field of plumbing. Duravit toilet seat covers are made using WonderGliss technology, which means a super smooth surface with an antibacterial treatment. Such improvements make plumbing not only more hygienic, but also easier to clean. In the model range of the company, you can find toilets of various types of installation, water supply and drainage, depending on the characteristics of the future location of the product..

The most popular are pendant and floor appliances, for this reason, both types of structures are present in each line. Among the advantages of the brand, a wide price range should also be noted, which does not in any way affect the quality of goods.. Duravit products fit perfectly into any bathroom.

Product overview

The German brand offers a wide range of sanitary ware. Consider the most popular series of Duravit toilet bowls.


A distinctive feature of this range is the combination of a flat cover and a seat. Visually creates the feeling that 2 elements merge into a single whole, at the same time everything looks quite harmonious. Super-flat seats feature a soft-close technique that will slowly lower the upper section, preventing it from bouncing against the ceramic. Laconic and elegant design fits perfectly into a classic bathroom.

The collection includes both floor-standing and pendant models. Incidentally, they can be combined with the SensoWash® DuraStyle shower toilet seat.

Darling new

One of the most popular series of the German company. Darling New toilet bowls are produced in three versions: back-to-wall, wall-mounted and floor-standing. The closed side panels lend elegance to the bathroom fixtures. The original shape of the lid looks very modern; such models are ideal for minimalist or high-tech bathrooms. Some toilets in the collection are equipped with the special Duravit Rimless flush technology, developed using innovative technologies..

The main feature of such models is ease of maintenance, which is ensured due to the absence of a flushing rim.. This makes it possible to distribute water more economically when flushing. Another advantage of Darling new products is the antibacterial HygieneGlaze ceramic coating. It reliably destroys all germs and bacteria that may accumulate on the surface of the toilet bowl. Thus, the plumbing will become completely hygienic..

ME by Starck

This collection was created in collaboration with renowned interior designer Philippe Starck. He has collaborated with various brands on numerous occasions, including Duravit. Floor-standing toilets are equipped with a SensoWash® Slim shower toilet seat. The main feature of this element is the ability to control its functions remotely – another innovation from the German brand.

The wall-hung versions are equipped with a concealed Durafix fastener to ensure maximum wall-to-wall attachment. Lightweight design for easy transport. The ME by Starck toilet seats have an automatically lowering base. Unique Duravit Rimless technology contributes to economical water consumption. The discreet design of the collection toilets is suitable for modern bathrooms.


The collection of classic toilets offers three types of products:

  • suspended with vertical or cascade drain;
  • shortened version of hanging models with vertical drain for small bathrooms;
  • floor-standing toilets with vertical or cascade flush.

Each model is complemented by a matching bidet design. The collection contains models for people with disabilities. For example, the wall-mounted model ADA is designed to be mounted at a height of 45 cm and has a projection of 70 cm, which ensures comfortable use for people in wheelchairs. Toilets and urinals of this network can be used in public places. Many products are equipped with both manual flush and electronic adjustable flush, which has a built-in sensor that is triggered automatically as soon as the user leaves..

The SoftClose function allows you to easily and silently close the toilet lid. It is enough to push the seat – and it will gradually begin to lower without a sound.


Customer feedback on Duravit toilets is mostly positive.. Consumers are satisfied with the purchased product. High quality ceramics looks expensive and beautiful. The original design of the models allows the products to look harmoniously in any interior. Easy to clean thanks to the unique Rimeless technology, which ensures an even distribution of water during draining. The products are quite durable, easy to install, and thanks to a wide range of models, you can choose a device even for a small toilet.

Many write that they installed plumbing on their own, and they succeeded quite well. The ceramic surface is white, smooth and stays that way for a long time. The tank works well: quickly flushes and collects water. Of the minuses of the brand’s products, first of all, the high price is distinguished, which does not suit many, even despite the high quality. Another drawback was called too noisy water drain..

In the following video, you will see the installation of the Duravit DuraStyle toilet and SensoWash® Starck C shower cover.

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