Geberit toilet bowls and selection tips

Among the numerous manufacturers of toilet bowls one of the most popular is the Geberit brand. Products of this brand are famous for their high quality and long service life. Durable materials and components are used in the production of Geberit sanitary ware. Before heading to the store, you should familiarize yourself in more detail with the features, types of Geberit toilets and tips for choosing.


Swiss brand Geberit sells its products in many countries of the world. The company was established over a century ago. Every year it releases new models of sanitary ware, improving its products, achieving their compliance with world quality standards and the needs of modern buyers.. The range of this brand includes different models of plumbing equipment.. Consumers are offered classic toilet bowls floor-standing and modern shower toilets with original options. All products of this brand are environmentally friendly and practical to use..

The Geberit product line includes floor-standing and hanging toilet bowls. The brand offers plumbing fixtures for every taste and budget. The product catalog contains porcelain and earthenware toilets. The first ones have a smooth glossy surface, due to which they look advantageous in interiors. Earthenware items are covered with glaze, which increases their durability. The characteristics of these materials are identical. In addition to ceramics, the manufacturer uses other materials of high quality.. Ceramic models more expensive, but presentable appearance combined with excellent performance parameters justify this price.

Geberit launches toilet bowls with compact bowls, the length of which does not exceed 54 cm, as well as with medium and voluminous. Models with miniature bowls ideal for small toilets. Plumbing up to 60 cm is most in demand – this is a universal option. Oversized bowls are the best solution for people with disabilities.

Important characteristics also include shape and color range. If the room has already been renovated in one style or another, then the plumbing must be selected in accordance with this. The greatest demand is for snow-white toilets, this color scheme is universal. The bowl can be round, square or oval., the corners are often beveled. When choosing a form, they are guided by individual wishes and the general design of the bathroom interior. Rounded bowl toilets are easiest to keep clean.

By the type of flush, circular and horizontal models are distinguished.. In the first version, there are holes for water supply, the bowl is cleaned in a circle. In horizontal models, the water supply is from the rear wall. On sale there is toilets with automatic flush, but they are quite expensive.

Important! The parameters for suspended and floor sanitary ware are almost identical, but they are individual for each modification..

Toilets from the Geberit brand have the following list of advantages:

  • economical water consumption;
  • long service life;
  • silent operation when flushing.

Materials that are safe for health and the environment are used for the production of Geberit sanitary ware. When compared with products from other manufacturers, the toilets of this brand are more use water sparingly, they have a well thought-out flush system. Correct and regular maintenance will ensure a long service life of your Geberit sanitary ware. The likelihood of leaks in this brand of toilet bowls is minimal, since barrel and all components form a single system.

You can choose plumbing fixtures from the line of this manufacturer for the interior of a bathroom in any style. Available in models that blend seamlessly with modern and classic designs. Metal elements located in the barrel do not come into contact with water, so the likelihood of rust formation and subsequent destruction of plumbing is minimized. Most Geberit toilet models are quiet when flushed. Soundproofing ensures quiet operation. The disadvantages of plumbing sold under this brand include the high price and the fact that not all models are on the Russian market..

The lineup

The Geberit brand has a wide range of models. Are in demand rimless pendant Tuma Classic. Their bowl has no rim and is equipped with an anti-splash system. Rimless plumbing is hygienic and easier to keep clean. The advantages include a smooth and silent lowering of the cover and seat. Tuma Comfort toilets have several options, for example, built-in hairdryer, air purification unit, lady’s shower.

AquaClean Sela is a bidet toilet with a minimalist design. This is a great option for modern interiors. The peculiarity of this model is that it has an adjustable backlight and a lot of additional options. Many people prefer toilets Geberit Kolo, complete with installation. For their manufacture, durable ceramics are used. The manufacturer provides a multi-year warranty. Such a set costs from 16 thousand rubles.

Built-in compact toilet bowls are no less in demand. They are adapted to all user needs.

Selection criteria

When deciding on a toilet model, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • installation method;
  • bowl shape;
  • sizes;
  • material of manufacture;
  • water consumption.

Recommended choose plumbing with economical water consumption. It is important to assess, at least visually, the quality of the components. You can choose a conventional or electronic model with a bidet lid (this is a “smart” plumbing that can be controlled from a smartphone). When choosing a particular variety, be guided by the area of ​​the room. For a small-sized bathroom, it is worth purchasing a wall-hung toilet. Such plumbing is ergonomic and saves space. For a spacious room, a classic floor-standing toilet or an add-on model is suitable.

Important! When buying plumbing fixtures of this brand, consider what is included in the kit, whether it includes a barrel or you need to purchase it separately. This also applies to installations.

Review overview

Experts are of the same opinion that Geberit toilets are an excellent choice for those looking to buy quality sanitary ware at a reasonable price. The plumbing equipment of this company is equipped with the latest options, which makes it as convenient as possible in operation. Buyers leave mostly positive reviews about the products of the Swiss manufacturer. Some people think that the price is a little overpriced, but given the long service life of the toilets, this can hardly be called an overpayment or a disadvantage.. Additional options make Geberit sanitary ware convenient and practical to use.

The following video shows the installation of the Geberit wall-mounted installation kit under the toilet.

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