Hanging toilet bowls Jacob Delafon

In the design of modern interiors, a lot of attention is paid to increasing the amount of free space in the room, as well as its more rational use. A beautiful and laconic solution to this problem for toilet rooms is one of the latest plumbing innovations – a wall-hung toilet.


The choice of a wall-hung toilet bowl by the French company Jacob Delafon opens up possibilities for a new look at the toilet room, both from a domestic and an aesthetic point of view. When using a suspended structure, only the toilet bowl and the flush button are brought to the fore, all plumbing communications and the cistern are hidden in the wall or in a special niche.

For decoration, use ceramic tiles or other finishing material.. This option helps to further reduce noise when draining water and filling the tank, which is made of special plastic that lightens the weight of the structure.

The tank is insulated with styrofoam – a porous material that does not form condensation.

Thanks to the suspended structure, the space under the toilet is freed up, and cleaning of the room is greatly simplified. Installation of underfloor heating systems is becoming more affordable. Thanks to the strength of the materials used, the maximum permissible load on the toilet reaches 400 kg. According to the installation method, installations can be block or frame. The block installation is anchored to a solid wall that can support the weight of the structure.

This option is considered easier to install. The frame installation is installed in the floor. Such an installation is used in the absence of a suitable wall. The features of the frame structure include adjusting the height of the wall-hung toilet within 20 cm using adjustable legs.

Model overview

There are a number of interesting models.


Patio toilet bowl is made of environmentally friendly porcelain that is not subject to mechanical damage and does not absorb odors and moisture. Directional cascade flow completely removes dirt from the glazed surface without splashing water. The lack of a rim helps make cleaning the bowl easier. The snow-white seat with a cover is made of thermodur. The seat is secured with chrome-plated stainless steel fittings that are resistant to corrosion.


The Presquile model, in the design of which the classic echoes the high-tech style, is functional and elegant. Thermodur composite plastic was chosen as the material for the seat cover, and stainless steel for the fasteners.. Thermodur has increased wear resistance and a pleasant-to-touch warm surface. Seat cover is quick to remove and easy to clean.

Odeon up

The Odeon Up toilet bowl is produced on modern equipment according to the traditional porcelain manufacturing technology, which determines the high quality and reliability of the product.. Anti-splash system prevents splashing.

The cascade drain effectively flushes away all impurities, helping to reduce water consumption.


Escale is a snow-white hi-tech toilet. The design of this model, which has a rectangular shape with softened corners, is characterized by a clear geometry.. The toilet is made of durable and easy-to-clean glazed porcelain. The funnel shape of the bowl prevents splashing water when draining. The toilet is equipped with a high-strength seat cover with a microlift. Metal hinges used as fasteners are corrosion resistant.

Installation rules

Before choosing a specific model of wall-hung toilet to match the installation with the dimensions of the box, it is necessary to measure the surfaces in the installation area. The installation frame must be aligned in height. To do this, you need to measure the distance between the floor and the mark on the frame pipe. Additionally, you can navigate by the bowl of the toilet: it should be located at a height of about 40 cm above the floor. Installation throughout its area is installed at the same distance from the wall.

The frame can be attached to a concrete or brick wall, as well as to a wall made of aerated concrete blocks. Installation on a plasterboard partition is not possible, as this material will not support the weight of the ceramics. A corrugated stainless steel pipe is used to fill the tank with cold water. Flexible rubber hose is not suitable due to its limited service life. A valve must be installed to shut off the water supply to the tank.

To connect the drain hole of the tank to the sewer system, a rigid polyethylene pipe is recommended.

To check the correct operation of all systems and the tightness of the connections, the toilet is temporarily installed on the structure and connected to communications. Several drains of a full and half filled tank are made. After that, the toilet must be removed again. The toilet seat studs are fitted prior to the cladding and tiling to avoid random drilling. Only when the studs are screwed in, the frame is sheathed with plasterboard.

It is recommended to use moisture resistant drywall. Then the resulting surface can be tiled, plastered, painted. After sheathing, a toilet bowl is mounted to the studs on the installation. To reduce technical noise, rubber rings are put on the studs, or soundproof material is applied. The flush button is usually located in the middle of the front panel of the toilet cistern. It can be easily dismantled if the tank needs to be repaired..

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