How to choose a SANITA toilet bowl?

How to choose a SANITA toilet bowl?

If you are looking for inexpensive and high-quality plumbing, then toilets from Russian brand SANITA just the same option. The plant, located in Samara, is equipped with Italian equipment, produces products whose decent quality is confirmed by numerous customer reviews. This article will acquaint you with the features of domestic models of toilet bowls and give advice on what to look for when buying.


The Samara enterprise SANITA Santekhnika LLC is far from a newcomer to the Russian market of sanitary equipment, where it is has been successfully operating for 60 years. Highly qualified specialists of the company make sure that the company’s products are in good demand among customers. In this regard, inAll plumbing fixtures produced under the SANITA brand are manufactured using the most modern equipment and are equipped with reliable foreign fittings. During its development, the latest technologies are used, thanks to which SANITA toilets are distinguished by their convenience, reliability and durability..

The material from which SANITA toilets are made is 100% porcelain, whose technical characteristics are much more reliable than the well-known sanitary ware. The composition of porcelain includes not only white clay, but also feldspar and quartz, due to which ceramic sanitary ware acquires increased hardness and strength..

SANITA toilets have been pleasing to the eye with their whiteness for many years, because they are covered with two layers of special glaze, which gives perfect smoothness to the entire surface of such devices..

Therefore, the plumbing of this Russian brand perfectly resists mechanical damage and does not deteriorate under the influence of aggressive cleaning agents..

In addition to durability, SANITA toilets have increased environmental friendliness, since all the materials from which this plumbing is made do not contain any toxic impurities that can harm human health.

Compared to earthenware, porcelain toilets have a higher price, which only means that we have much better quality plumbing. That is why the manufacturing company gives up to 15 years warranty for its products..

In addition to the above positive points, another important characteristic of many SANITA toilet models is perfect flush, which is confirmed by enthusiastic consumer reviews. Thanks to the special technology of double flush, such devices are convenient to use, in addition, they allow you to save water by choosing the mode of supplying water from the tank..

An important factor affecting convenience and comfort when using the toilet, is the type of release that can be vertical, horizontal, and also oblique. The advantage of SANITA toilets is precisely oblique release type, which combined the advantages of both previous ones, while eliminating their disadvantages.

This design provides powerful flow for quick and efficient flushing..

The company’s engineers have carefully thought out the design of their products, the strict laconic lines of which will give elegance to any bathroom and are perfect for any interior style.

The company “SANITA Santekhnika” produces toilet bowls in the widest range. On sale you can find several lines – from products of the “Economy” series to toilet bowls “Comfort”, equipped with a duroplast seat made in France and the Czech Republic with the function of smooth automatic lifting and lowering.

In fairness, it should be emphasized that some toilet bowls are still in need of improvement: such devices have a flush problem, when you have to repeatedly press the release button to achieve the desired effect.

In addition, such products are also distinguished by a slow set of water into the tank..

Popular models

The Samara enterprise “SANITA Santekhnika” produces wide range of sanitary products, including floor-standing and wall-hung SANITA toilets.

Let’s take a closer look at the description of some of the most popular models of floor-standing compact toilets.


This model from the “Comfort” series is made of high quality porcelain and has the most modern design. Its oval shape fits very harmoniously into any room. Equipped with white French duroplast seat with microlift option.

The advantage of the “Ideal” toilet is the “anti-splash” function, which prevents the contents of the toilet bowl from splashing on the floor and increases the comfort of using this product.

The model has oblique drainage mechanism, the water is drained according to the whirlpool principle, which ensures quick and effective emptying of the bowl from the contents. Drainage is carried out using one button with a start-stop double drain function, when pressed again, the water supply stops.

Provides the ability to save water when needed.


This model from the “Economy” series is very different. budget price and optimal set of standard functions, inherent in SANITA toilets. Modern design and oval polypropylene seat, porcelain body and reliable two-layer cover will give their owners reliability and comfort.

Drainage is carried out with a single button, providing a quick effect with the use of a whirlpool funnel.


Toilet from the Economy series has the same basic technical characteristics as the previous model. The laconic design is a guarantee that such a device will take up a minimum of free space in your bathroom. A special feature of this model is a special “anti-splash” shelf, which will ensure comfortable use of the toilet bowl. One hundred percent flushing is achieved due to the precisely calculated geometry of the bowl and is carried out using push-button fittings made in the Czech Republic with the function of “full flushing”.

Another important feature of such a model is a quiet set of water, which, you see, is quite useful in the conditions of modern small-sized apartments..


The “Standard” model from the “Economy” series has reliable coverage, ensuring the whiteness of the product for many years. Thanks to the special firing technology, the surface of the toilet bowl is much less susceptible to absorption of foreign odors compared to conventional earthenware. And also such the coating perfectly resists moisture absorption, which increases the durability of the product and its long service life.

The special shape of the bowl prevents splashing of water in the room, and the cascade type of flushing favors its effective release after use.


Another model from the series “Economy”, which will delight its owners with a strict universal design, the presence of an anti-splash shelf and a durable snow-white coating. And, of course, quite a budget price..


Toilet bowl series “Economy” – another great option for those who love functionality and cleanliness. Special anti-splash design, excellent durable coating and modern device geometry will serve their owners for a long time.


A very solid model designed for heavy weight. The toilet has a special design and is equipped with special components that make this model sound and reliable, and the modern design will give a unique aesthetics to your bathroom..

Selection Tips

Toilet compact – This is the most reliable type of floor-standing toilet, taking up little space in the room. If any part breaks down, it is possible to replace it separately, which is much more economical than buying new plumbing fixtures.

An important point is toilet cistern volume, on which depends how economically such a device is during operation. If there is a single button with a full flush function, such a model will consume too much water, so it is advisable to pay attention to models with a start-stop function..

In addition, important characteristics of the toilet are the height of its bowl and the direction of water discharge. In all SANITA toilets, an oblique type of drain is provided at an angle of 35-40 degrees, which allows the process to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible..

The water supply from the bottom of the tank is one of the characteristics of the toilet bowls of this Russian brand, which also speaks in favor of choosing such plumbing fixtures. Thanks to this design, SANITA toilets are much quieter than many other similar devices..

Shower type drain, or, in other words, a funnel waterfall, is the most modern and best washes the toilet bowl even in the most inaccessible places.

Those models, the design of which provides for a cascade type of flush, have the ability to spray water, especially when the toilet lid is open. Nevertheless cascade drain provides a powerful stream of water, which is directed directly to the place of pollution and effectively destroys it.

Review overview

Now you can to get acquainted with the real reviews of buyers of SANITA toilets and find out how popular this brand is among Russian consumers.

  1. Many owners of such plumbing fixtures note the elegant design and compact size of toilets as an important detail of these products..
  2. A small tank and a water supply from the bottom also do not leave indifferent most of the users..
  3. Many people note the comfortable seat with a cover and the amazingly smooth surface of the product.

However, not all reviews are as rosy as the above.. There are those who purchased a toilet of this brand and were dissatisfied with the model. Most often, consumers complain about the need to press the flush button many times before the toilet will cope with its main task. For example, some people note the poor flushing quality of the Attica toilet bowl, due to the horizontal type of flushing.

But the owners praise the Victoria toilet bowls for their excellent circular flush, quiet operation and an affordable price..

Thus, carefully familiarize yourself with the range of products offered by SANITA Santekhnika, a company from Samara, and choose a model to your liking..

You can find out how to install the toilet with your own hands in the next video..

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