How to choose an AlcaPlast installation?

Each person, equipping a bathroom in his home, tries to choose the most durable and high-quality plumbing. A separate place is occupied by the toilet. Many models of these devices require special installations. They are structures that allow equipment to be mounted in the wall.. Today we will talk about such products manufactured by AlcaPlast (Czech Republic).


The Czech company AlcaPlast specializes in the production of the highest quality toilet installations. They will be able to fit almost all models of suspended plumbing fixtures..

Such installations are most often classified as standard, so they can be considered universal, Samples come with a white control button. They provide for dry installation to a pre-prepared area in a room where there will be a sewer outlet and a place to which water is supplied.

Many models of this plumbing installed next to the load-bearing floor or near gypsum plasterboard structures (only if it is strong enough).

Such products for the bathroom are produced with special adapters that serve to connect individual water sources.

The lineup

To date, under the AlcaPlast brand, various models of toilet installations are produced..

  • AM100 Alcomodul. This concealed system can be suitable for installing a toilet with an attachment interval of 180 or 230 millimeters. The model is only used for hanging toilets. It provides double flushing of water with a special hygienic reserve. The installation has a special polystyrene construction, which greatly simplifies the installation process into the wall. The water supply to the plumbing is carried out either from the top or from the side.

  • AM115 Renovmodul. This type is suitable not only for installing a new wall-hung toilet, but also for renovations. The toilet cistern is connected from above or from the back. Like the previous version, the model has a double flush function, it includes a galvanized supporting structure equipped with four folding brackets, such a support greatly simplifies the installation process. The sample can be suitable for installing a sensor or pneumatic flush.

  • AM101 Sadromodul. This concealed dry-build system has a double drain mechanism. The special design of the frame makes it possible to connect to rigid plasterboard. The installed system is always covered with plasterboard sheets, while additional elements for fastening are not required. The model is equipped with a movable holder for the drain knee. The water supply is carried out either to the top or from the back. Plumbing provides an economical flush function (the small flush is 2 liters, and the large one is 4 liters).

  • A102 Jadromodul. This installation, like the previous version, is intended for dry installation to a load-bearing wall or to drywall. The variant has an independently adjustable dual flush. It is equipped with polystyrene insulation, which prevents the formation of condensation on the surface of the sanitary ware. The model provides the ability to install an additional bracket with a transition, designed to further connect the seat with the bidet option. The design can be suitable for organizing pneumatic or sensory flushing.

  • AM116 Solomodul. Model for dry installation with double flush is made of metal, which is additionally coated with a special powder paint. The installation has a movable holder for the drain elbow. It is equipped with a small side valve for connection to the Mepla piping system. After installation, the structure is completely covered with plasterboard sheets.

Selection criteria

Before buying a toilet installation, pay attention to some of the nuances. So, take a close look at availability of additional functions. Many modern models of such plumbing have options for absorbing unpleasant odors, saving water during the flushing process. But the cost of such types will be much higher compared to standard.

Consider the type and quality of wall coverings in your bathroom. Block systems can only be suitable for the most robust structures.

Frame installations should be mounted in drywall or foam block surface.

Review overview

Most consumers left positive feedback on the products of this manufacturer. It was separately noted that these toilet bowls are extremely convenient and hygienic to use.

The simple installation technology has also earned good reviews. (the kit contains installation instructions), while in the end the frame will not be noticeable at all, as a result of which it will not spoil the overall appearance. These structures can be installed independently, without asking for help from specialists..

They have a high level of quality, such products will be able to work properly for a long time without breakdowns and leaks..

Several important cons. Among them, one can separately highlight the complex control over communications, since after installation they turn out to be hidden, although this drawback applies to almost all toilets of this type..

Watch a video about common errors during installation.

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