Toilets with anti-splash system

When choosing a toilet, many prefer models equipped with anti-splash system. Before buying such plumbing, you need to figure out what it is and study the rating of the best manufacturers in order to purchase a truly high-quality and practical toilet bowl..

What it is?

The main feature of toilets with the anti-splash system is no splashes when draining. This is a very useful feature that makes the use of plumbing more practical..

“Anti-splash” means convenience and comfort for users. Such products began to be produced quite a long time ago, but they were not in great demand. The lack of popularity was due to poor performance. Modern models are constructed with better quality and using innovative technologies, therefore, the demand for them has become higher..

The design of such toilets provides for a ceramic bowl with a special protrusion. It prevents the scattering of water droplets at the time of draining, retains a persistent “aroma” from the sewer system.

The main disadvantage of such models is associated with high water consumption.. A certain amount of liquid accumulates in the area of ​​the protrusion, because of this, limescale forms. You have to constantly deal with dirt and rusty stains. You can get rid of them with cleaning compounds that easily remove stubborn dirt..

“Anti-splash” functions properly only with a properly assembled drain structure. It slides forward or backward, so the hole must be narrow. In addition, there should be a minimum of water in the bowl, and flushing should be carried out over its entire surface. Dual flush porcelain products are increasingly popular.

The advantages of plumbing equipped with an anti-splash system include:

  1. almost complete absence of splashes, they are extinguished by the visor;
  2. suppression of unpleasant odors.

If not confused the need for frequent toilet maintenance, aimed at removing various formations and contaminants, such a model is definitely worth buying.

Principle of operation

Toilets with the anti-splash system have special drain design. They have it several times less compared to classic models. Its location is also specific – with an offset from the center. The drain can be displaced both forward and, conversely, to the back wall. The splash that appears during flushing is suppressed by the visor, it is also called the shelf.

The water cycle in anti-splash toilets is more uniform and “tied” to the drain. This is a key feature that contributes to the dramatic reduction in splashing. It is on this principle that toilets from this series function..

Some plumbing models with an anti-splash system are also equipped with microlift, similar to a regular door closer. The use of such a mechanism completely eliminates noise when lowering the lid and protects the ceramic parts of the toilet bowl from chips and other defects..

The design features of microlifts are such that all their elements are isolated from other plumbing parts.


Toilet bowls equipped with the anti-splash function are usually classified into several types: by bowl design, flush system and other parameters.

By bowl design

Manufacturers produce toilets with visor, disc and funnel bowls.

The former almost 100% prevent splashes from entering the surrounding surfaces and plumbing users. But when such toilets are used by representatives of the stronger sex, splashes from urine end up on the walls and under the rim of the plumbing equipment. This area is not washed by water when draining, therefore it needs frequent washing, which is fraught with inconvenience.

Bowls poppet shape prevent splashing, but only if the toilet is equipped with a circular waste system.

Funnel bowls Is the best solution for toilets with an anti-splash option. They ensure an even distribution of water during flushing. Water is consumed more efficiently, plumbing after flushing shines with cleanliness, waste does not linger in the bowl.

Flush system

According to the flush system, models are distinguished by horizontal washing and circular.

  • In horizontal versions, water flows down the back wall.
  • In circular, it is drained from 3 points, providing effective flushing. This option is preferable as the flush option evenly cleans the toilet bowl..

In toilets with double flush waste products go down the drain immediately. Such systems are as efficient as possible, but they use too much water..

Classify toilets with “anti-splash” and the material of manufacture. Most buyers choose ceramic model.

Popular models

Many brands are engaged in the production of toilets with the “anti-splash” option. Domestic plumbing is cheaper than imported. But in the rating of the best manufacturers, it is foreign companies that are leading..

Porcelain toilets with spray suppression function are manufactured by Italian firm BelBagno Alpina. This manufacturer offers models with installation, suspended plumbing and classic flooring. All products are of high quality and designed for long-term operation..

Ifo Frisk RS021030000 is the leader in the rating of the best sanitary ware with “anti-splash”. This is a plumbing fixture of a Swiss manufacturer, equipped with a microlift, covered with antibacterial enamel. The toilet has an oval bowl, double flush system. Its weight is 30 kg. The ceramic product is guaranteed for a period of 10 years. Water is drawn into the tank silently, fasteners are included in the package.

Toilet bowl design made hi-tech, it fits perfectly into a modern interior.

AM. РМ joi C858607SC Is a floor-standing toilet made by a German manufacturer. It has a crisp white oval bowl and a half-hidden straight outlet. The laconic design of the sanitary ware allows you to emphasize the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Other features of this model include the presence of a microlift and double drain. The cost of such toilets starts from 10 thousand rubles, their installation is carried out hidden.

Of the domestic manufacturers, it is worth highlighting the brand “Sanita Standard”. The line of toilet bowls of this brand has several models with “anti-splash”.

Features of choice

To choose a good toilet with spray suppression, several parameters need to be analyzed.

The main focus should be on drain system. If it is circular, the bath will be of better quality, which will simplify the care of the plumbing. In horizontal systems, water only flows down the back wall. What matters seat dimensions and bowl shape. It is better to choose funnel-shaped models, they are better than others at suppressing splashes.

It is advisable that the toilet lid is equipped with microlift, preventing its sudden closure. A sharp slam is fraught with cracks and other defects on the surface of the toilet. Microlift extends the life of plumbing.

If the bathroom is small, it is better to buy a pendant model. Buying a floor-standing toilet in a small room is appropriate if the tank is hidden. When installing such plumbing, more space is left.

Explore the offerings of several manufacturers to choose plumbing equipment with suitable parameters for the available budget. The price of toilets does not significantly increase due to the presence of the splash suppression option..

When buying plumbing, make sure that on its surface no cracks or other damage. Pay attention to complete set – it is desirable that it includes fasteners and silicone gaskets, otherwise they will have to be purchased separately, which means additional costs. Installation work is impossible without these elements..

The enamel must be of high quality, the presence of roughness will lead to the accumulation of dirt.

Do not forget that plumbing, in addition to its practical function, also performs an aesthetic. It should fit the interior of the bathroom.. The choice of shapes and colors of toilets in stores is varied. From the additional functions, choose those that will really be in demand so as not to overpay in vain.

Give preference to well-proven brands. If the model is too expensive, look for cheaper alternatives..

Toilets with anti-splash function are suitable for almost all rooms. Some models are equipped with heated seats and other useful options.

The presence of the anti-splash system does not guarantee the complete absence of splashes during operation, but significantly reduces their amount. These toilets are considered more practical..

For an overview of toilets with an anti-splash system, see the next video.

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