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When renovating a bathroom, one of the most important issues is buying toilet bowl. The modern plumbing market offers a wide range of these items. Hanging toilets are very popular.. In this article, we will look at the assortment of the Swiss brand Laufen and talk about the pros and cons of the products..


Laufen was founded in 1892 in Switzerland. Today it is one of the largest European manufacturers of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories. The factories of the brand are located in Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Laufen suspended toilet bowls are in demand among people who value high quality and practicality. The brand strictly monitors the manufacture of products at every stage of production. The best materials and details are used.

A suspended toilet will be the best choice for a small bathroom due to its compactness and neat appearance.. The assortment of the Swiss brand has a wide variety of models, among which everyone can choose the right product for themselves. Since the cistern will be completely built into the wall, the toilets work almost silently.

Laufen equips toilets with a double button for economical water consumption.

Hanging toilets brand made of high quality faience and can withstand a load of up to 400 kg. Each model is equipped with flood protection, which automatically flushes the water off when the pressure increases. Housewives will appreciate the convenience of hanging toilets, as they prevent dust accumulation at the joints.. Antibacterial coating makes it easier to care for the product, and the presence of a lid with a microlift function allows you to silently close the toilet.

Of the features of Laufen wall-hung toilet bowls, the high cost of products should be highlighted – from 5-30 thousand rubles (Swiss quality is expensive). There are models of the premium segment, the cost of which reaches 80,000 rubles. The downside is the inaccessibility of communications, therefore, usually a special door or hatch is made above the toilet for access. To mount the cistern into the wall, you have to donate 15 cm of the size of the toilet room.

Model overview

Laufen offers wide range of hanging toilet bowls of different price categories and designs. The company gives a 5-year warranty for all products. Consider the most popular models.

Pro Rimless 8.2096.

The compact, rounded model has dimensions of 36 * 36 * 56 cm. The porcelain body is equipped with a cascade drain and a horizontal outlet, which is suitable for any type of wiring. The seat with a microlift function provides a slow lowering of the cover. The anti-splash system, whose feature is the narrowed shape of the bowl funnel, prevents the possibility of splashes when draining. Cost – 13 780 rubles.

Palace New 8.2070.

Wall hung toilet rectangular with horizontal outlet has a shortened body (dimensions – 34.5 * 36 * 56 cm). The product belongs to the premium segment, as it is made of porcelain. The model is equipped with a cascade drain and a quick-detachable seat with a microlift. Price – 19 079 rubles.

Alessi One 8.2097.6.400.000.1

Designer model with a futuristic look will be an excellent choice for a minimalist or high-tech bathroom. The shortened body of the model makes it compact. Dimensions – 35.5 * 39 * 58.5 cm. The product is made of porcelain, which indicates high performance. The horizontal outlet allows you to adapt the toilet to any type of sewage system. The seat is equipped with a microlift function. WonderGliss Coating Provides a mirror-like shine to the toilet. The cost of the model is 80,887 rubles. Seat with a cover is purchased separately for 19 625 rubles.

Kartell 8203364000001

The rounded product has an elongated body and dimensions 35.5 * 37 * 54.5 cm. The ceramic toilet is equipped with a horizontal outlet and a deep flush system, the feature of which is a narrowed bowl. The cost of the model is 41,152 rubles.

Nuances of choice

When choosing a wall-hung toilet, it is recommended to focus on important nuances.

  • The size. This item depends on the size of the bathroom. For a small bathroom, it is better to choose a compact round model, but if the area allows, you can purchase an oval-shaped product with a built-in bidet. Products with a shortened body are very popular, which will perfectly fit even in a small toilet..
  • Sewer connection type. Toilets can be connected using a vertical or oblique outlet. If you chose the second option, you will have to purchase an adapter sleeve.
  • Water connection type. Laufen offers toilets with both bottom and side water inlets, so when you buy, check in advance which method is preferable for you..
  • Form and design. The shape of a wall-hung toilet can be rectangular, round, oval or square. It all depends on the personal preferences of the buyer and the design of the bathroom..
  • Material. As a rule, wall-hung toilet bowls are made of earthenware, however, premium-class models include porcelain, which increases the life of the product. Available in plastic, glass or natural stone.
  • Additional functions. Often brands equip their products with additions in the form of heating, triple drain, built-in bidet or microlift..

The presence of such functions increases the cost of the product, but at the same time makes it more convenient to use..

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