Linoleum Tarkett

Linoleum Tarkett

When renovating a house or apartment, many buyers think about which flooring to choose. And this question is really difficult, since many domestic and foreign brands offer a lot of diverse and unusual materials. It is very important that the floor covering is not only safe and reliable, but also durable. The most popular and durable coating today is linoleum. The Tarkett brand deserves special attention of buyers, which is engaged in the production of linoleum for residential and non-residential premises..

Advantages and disadvantages

If you have been interested in floor coverings at least once in your life, you have probably heard about this world famous brand. Tarkett company is one of the leaders in the production of professional and safe building materials for floors..

Its main advantages:

  • Linoleum produced by the brand has the highest level of strength, in addition, it is covered with a special protective layer to extend its service life.
  • Many amateurs and professionals note that even after a few years, Tarkett flooring retains its presentable and aesthetic appearance..
  • The advantages include a huge selection of colors and various designs – from the simplest imitations for natural materials to drawings and complex abstractions. Among the wide assortment, even the most fastidious and fastidious buyers will be able to find exactly that linoleum..

  • The brand offers several varieties of linoleum, which include household, semi-commercial and commercial, which means that among different collections, flooring can be chosen not only for arranging your home, but also for organizations. Linoleum from the brand is perfect, for example, for beauty salons and other public places and institutions..
  • When creating floor coverings, the brand uses only safe and time-tested raw materials, in addition, modern and advanced technologies and professional equipment are used..
  • All Tarkett products comply with European and international quality standards.

All products are processed with special technical compounds, thanks to which bacteria and fungi are removed from floor coverings for a long time. You can even choose products from this brand for children’s rooms..

  • Whatever type of linoleum from the brand you choose, you can be sure that it will justify all the characteristics declared by the manufacturer – high quality, wear resistance and durability.
  • Eco-friendly floor coverings from the brand are very often chosen by people who are against the use of raw materials that negatively affect human health and the environment. That is why the products from the brand are so popular among connoisseurs of all natural.
  • Tarkett linoleum is a unique coating that will not deteriorate even when exposed to various detergents. Although we can say for sure that this flooring is very unpretentious to maintain. Many professionals have noticed that even very caustic reagents do not damage the structure of linoleum in any way, of course, when it comes to professional coatings. Now it is not at all scary to spill vinegar, acetone, peroxide or any chemical compounds on the floor..

This brand has vast experience in working with floor coverings, it is deservedly considered reputable among a variety of companies selling similar products. Tarkett has been working for over a hundred years, which means that there is no doubt that the products will not meet the expectations of customers..

The brand has practically no drawbacks. Except that prices can be attributed here, which are slightly higher than average, but they also justify themselves, and millions of buyers have already been convinced of this. Sometimes the embossed surface of linoleum can be difficult to clean, but here you just need to choose the right accessories for cleaning the floor. In addition, sometimes traces of furniture legs remain on the linoleum, but this feature is inherent in almost all floor coverings of this type, regardless of the manufacturer..

Characteristics and properties

To be sure that the flooring really has all the properties that the manufacturer ascribes to it, it is necessary to carefully study all the characteristics of linoleum from the brand. There is no doubt that Tarkett produces products conscientiously, where the quality is fully consistent with the price..

To begin with, I would like to note the excellent composition, in which there are no harmful impurities, but there are additional impregnations that protect all kinds of floor coverings from the reproduction of harmful microbes and bacteria on them. In addition, extremely low emission of volatile oils is used in the production of floor coverings, according to the manufacturer itself – 50 times less than European standards require..

When creating a pattern on linoleum, only non-toxic dyes are used. All environmental friendliness of Tarkett products is confirmed by multiple laboratory tests, quality certificates and appropriate licenses for the sale of this type of product..

As for the dimensions, here you should pay attention to the width and thickness of the flooring. The average roll width is from 1.5 to 5 meters. The most relevant options for purchase are 3 and 4 meters wide with a thickness of 1.3 to 4 and 4.5 mm. The length of the whole bundle can be from 12 to 27 meters, and industrial and technical samples – up to 100 m.It cannot be said that linoleum from the brand is very thick, since it creates an excellent sound and noise insulation coating.

When weighing linoleum, you can immediately understand how dense and durable it is.. In general, the weight depends on the type of coating and the roll itself. But we can safely say that Tarkett products can withstand even the most severe furniture loads..

Thanks to its excellent characteristics, the floor covering from the brand is not afraid of moisture. It is also important to emphasize the point that Tarkett linoleum is perfect if you want to make a heated floor. But in any case, this information needs to be clarified. Linoleum, which is considered suitable for such purposes, has a special marking “underfloor heating”.

A special protective PVC coating protects the floor covering from fading and erasing patterns and designs. Additional protection is created by a lacquer layer, thanks to which the product looks presentable for many years. Turex embossed flooring is specially designed to simulate natural surfaces such as wood, stone or tiles. Such linoleum is perfect for location in a variety of rooms in private estates..

The Tarkett brand has also taken care of customers who have furniture on wheels, especially if it is constantly being moved. In order not to damage the flooring, you should choose linoleum with the appropriate characteristics. Be sure to look for the wheel mark on the roll, and only then you will be sure that no traces of furniture will remain on this flooring..

An important point is that over time, linoleum from the brand does not fade, even if light constantly falls on it. This is due to the fact that in its characteristics there is a mark that the floor covering has 6 points of lightfastness.

Abrasion is determined according to special European and international standards. In the assortment of Tarkett you can find linoleum, which belongs to one group or another. For example, T group is the most durable material with the lowest abrasion, P group is medium wear, M is high and F is the highest..

As for the overall service life, it reaches the mark of more than 15 – 20 years, and with proper care it will last even longer. In addition, the brand itself gives the same guarantee for its products..

Linoleum from the brand is often insulated and frost-resistant. It all depends on what type and collection to consider, it can also have enhanced heat and sound insulation properties..

Types and classes

The assortment of the brand includes a huge variety of various types of linoleum. On the marking of any Tarkett coating there are two special numbers, the first of which indicates what type of room this coating is suitable for (2 – for domestic use, 3 – for offices, and 4 – for other industrial premises), the second indicates a certain type of load (from 1 to 4). For example, a 23rd grade linoleum covering is suitable for household use with an average degree of stress. Also on the rolls you can find small pictures with instructions for what place linoleum is suitable for..

As for the varieties themselves, at Tarkett you will find the following options:

  • Linoleum for household use;
  • Homogeneous (for commercial use);

  • Heterogeneous (for commercial use);
  • PVC cover;
  • Vehicle coatings.

Household linoleum is one of the most popular coatings on the domestic market. It is considered natural and made on a foam base. It is appreciated for its versatility, practicality and durability in use. This type of flooring is liked by many customers due to the abundance of various colors and designs. Linoleum from Tarkett is considered easy to install and maintain. It perfectly imitates wood and tile materials. In addition, due to the excellent characteristics of household linoleum, it is considered completely safe for both humans and the environment..

Homogeneous floor coverings are best suited for a variety of public spaces and businesses. They are especially relevant if the room has high traffic. The coating, consisting of a uniform layer, has a uniform design. If necessary, this type of linoleum can be repaired during use. It is considered ideal for medical and educational institutions..

Commercial heterogeneous linoleum is also ideal for high traffic public areas, often felt based on felt and considered non-combustible. Also great for a variety of businesses.

This floor covering has a special protective PVC layer, which ensures high wear resistance for many years. This type of linoleum does not need to be wasted on additional care, in addition to the usual washing..

Special PVC coatings have a special place among the entire Tarkett range. You can choose from a wide range of conductive linoleum or conductive linoleum. There is also a heterogeneous type of linoleum with an antistatic effect. The brand also boasts an abundant selection of linoleum for land, river, sea and rail transport..

Collections and novelties

From the huge variety of linoleum for household use, be sure to pay attention to the following new collections:

  • Caprice. This collection brings to life the desires of even the most whimsical and sophisticated clients. Linoleum from this collection is perfect for location in any, even the most expensive interior. The floor coverings from the collection are presented in 13 fashionable designs, made using a special technology.
  • One of the most popular is the collection “Europe”. Here are high quality coatings with an ideal price / quality ratio. Buying linoleum from this collection will meet all the expectations of the buyer and will not ruin him at all.

  • Relatively new collection Premium offers buyers luxury flooring solutions. Here you can find great options for the most sophisticated interiors.
  • Nature lovers can take a look at the collection Discovery, which presents a huge variety of linoleum for parquet or solid wood. And all this – without harm to nature and the environment.

Commercial homogeneous linoleum is presented in the following collections:

  • IQ Collections. The highest quality and efficient solution – this is how the coatings from these collections can be summed up in a few words. Be sure to pay attention to the modern coatings IQ Melodia, IQ Monolith and IQ Optima.
  • Collections Plus, which includes Prima Plus and Standard Plus. Both collections have proven themselves very well in the domestic market, they are perfect not only for public institutions, but also for home.

If you follow all the recommendations, the flooring will serve you for many years. It is also important to note that both collections are presented in a huge range of colors with different prints..

You will find heterogeneous linoleum in the following collections:

  • Acczent Pro. In this collection you can find a lot of options for linoleum with an additional PVC coating, which imitate not only wood, but also natural stones. Suitable for medical complexes and children’s institutions.
  • Acczent esquisse. This collection includes coatings with a reinforced protective layer. This new series will delight you with bright colors, abstract design and excellent technical performance..

  • New acczent terra. Huge selection of colors and designs with linoleum thickness of only 0.8 mm. This collection is considered one of the most famous commercial ones on the Russian market. It also does not restrict the creation of warm floors (maximum – 27 degrees).
  • Travertine. Linoleum from this collection is suitable both for public institutions and enterprises, and for home. With its help, you can emphasize the peculiarity of each interior..
  • Prisma Is a competent combination of flooring safety, the use of modern technologies and high functionality.

Special PVC coatings include several varieties of linoleum. Antistatic is presented in several collections:

  • IQ Toro Sc. This conductive PVC coating can easily be called unique as it has many advantages. It can be installed even in rooms with various electronic and technical equipment. This coating is ideal for hospitals, laboratories and x-ray rooms.
  • IQ Granit Sd. This collection includes fire and dissipative linoleum in a variety of designs. This coating is ideal for rooms where there is a need to protect the floor from static, for example, server rooms or rooms with technical and electronic equipment. The collection is presented in 14 different colors.
  • Collection Acczent Mineral As presents PVC coatings with an antistatic effect. Linoleum is suitable for rooms where a lot of different equipment is located. With the help of linoleum of this type, you can easily ensure the safety of not only people, but also the stability of the operation of technical equipment.

Soundproof linoleum includes 2 main collections:

  • IQ Granit Acoustic. Linoleum from this collection is presented in a wide range, it has excellent sound-absorbing properties and has the ability to restore the appearance.
  • Extra. This is an excellent combination of household soundproofed linoleum and high quality indicators. Varieties of linoleum from this collection are ideal for almost all rooms..

Anti-slip linoleum collections offer a wide variety of homogeneous and heterogeneous anti-slip coatings. Among the collections, you can find so-called sports options that are perfect for gyms. Be sure to pay attention to the collection “Acczent Universal”, where very durable options are presented.

Among the special PVC coatings, there is a collection of linoleum for wet rooms..

Reliable flooring technology ensures tightness of all joints. It allows you to protect it from moisture and water penetration under it..

For various laboratories and other premises where it is important to protect not only the floor, but also the walls, Tarkett has a special wall linoleum, which is considered more durable and practical than paper or ordinary paint. Collection “Willgard” will easily provide maximum hygiene and tightness of any walls.


Linoleum from the brand is presented in a variety of colors, among which you will surely find the coating of the desired color. In the collections of household linoleum, you can easily find samples with an ornament imitating marble or linoleum under a tree or under a parquet board.

In the Maestro collection you can find bleached oak linoleum and other light shades that imitate wood. Saturated dark tones, including black, are available in the Absolut household linoleum collection. Green and blue colors can be found in tiled colors, and various cream and chocolate colors – under laminate.

Additional elements

Many experts recommend purchasing special glue for linoleum immediately when buying. It is best to buy it from the same brand and from the same store where you buy the flooring. Also in the assortment of the Tarkett brand you can find welding cords, which will ensure high-quality linoleum laying and increase its service life. Among the wide range of accessories and complementary items, you can find everything you need to successfully create the floor covering you need. However, in order not to experience difficulties in laying the flooring, it is best to use the services of professional specialists..

How to choose an apartment?

For a warm floor in a kitchen in an apartment, you should choose options with a special note. After all, only some varieties of linoleum are suitable for laying in those rooms where a heated floor is conceived.

For rooms with country and Provence style finishes, linoleum options that imitate a wooden floor are perfect. For children’s rooms, not very thick floor coverings are considered the most optimal..

It is not necessary to choose a floor covering for an apartment or a residential building only from the household options offered by the brand, since some collections of homogeneous and heterogeneous linoleum are also designed for home use..

When choosing linoleum for a concrete floor, it is best to give preference to insulated models.

Care rules

Despite the fact that linoleum is very non-capricious in terms of cleaning, in order for it to serve for many years, it must be properly looked after. It is highly discouraged to clean this type of flooring with alkali-based detergents. Also, don’t regularly use baking soda. These products can spoil the appearance of the product, as well as make it more brittle and ugly. Also, too hot water is not suitable for this, it is better to make a soapy solution at room temperature.

To care for linoleum, you should use a vacuum cleaner., but not at the highest power, and also not with harsh detergents, special brushes for cleaning the floor or soft rags.

With regular and proper care, such a floor covering will delight households for many years. You can add shine to such a coating with polishes, which must be purchased in specialized stores. But such processing is not recommended if there are pets in the house..

Reviews about the company

Reviews of the brand’s flooring are extremely positive. It is advised not only by amateurs who have already purchased linoleum for their home from Tarkett, but also by real professionals in their field..

It is noted that with the right choice of linoleum for a particular room, it fully meets all expectations. The huge assortment with the most different designs cannot but rejoice. Annually updated collections allow even the most fastidious buyers who are in constant search to choose a floor covering..

Many buyers also refer to the positive aspects of the environmental friendliness of building materials and their safety. With all the significant and visible advantages, there are reasonable prices for them.

Of course, there are also expensive collections, but even they will certainly meet all the expectations of buyers..

Beautiful interiors

Floors play no less important role in the interior than, for example, walls or furniture. With the help of linoleum from the brand, you can complement any modern interior of an apartment or private house. Luxurious linoleum for tiles in gray or silver shades will perfectly complement the high-tech style in the living room or in a studio apartment.

More expensive models from collections imitating wood or marble will successfully fit into classic interiors, since they very well imitate expensive materials..

Modern kitchen can be diversified with the help of plain and light shades of linoleum, suitable for the style of minimalism.

Beautiful interiors of the cottage can be diversified with high-quality ecological linoleum for wood.

For bathrooms, a specialized type of coating should be selected. In such rooms, waterproof linoleum in unusual textures will be very useful..

For children’s rooms, you can choose something bright with beautiful drawings or patterns. High-quality linoleum will perfectly complement even the most unusual interior of a children’s room. Delicate pastel shades of pink, mint or cream are ideal for a little princess’s nursery, but various options in blue, green, blue are suitable for boys.

You will see how to lay Tarkett linoleum in the next video..

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