Aparici tiles: advantages and features of choice

The Spanish brand Ceramicas Aparici has been producing ceramic and porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles since 1961. Due to the high quality, wide palette of shades and original design, the popularity of this finishing material is only growing, including among our compatriots..

Today the Aparici brand can rightfully be called one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wall tiles. The company was one of the first to use automated production, which allows it to produce up to 14.5 million square meters of tiles per year. Each season, the Spanish brand presents more than a dozen new collections with unusual tile options such as three-dimensional, gilded and textured tiles, which combine matte and glossy areas..

Benefits of Aparici coatings

The tiles produced under the Spanish brand have the following advantages:

  • use of natural materials in the production process;
  • innovative technologies to improve results;
  • high quality;
  • long service life;

  • strict control of all phases of production;
  • a wide range of styles and designs;
  • ease of care;
  • hardness and strength;
  • fire resistance and fire safety;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • ease of installation with a minimum of time spent.

Features of Aparici tiles

Ceramic products of the Aparici brand are made from special red clay, which goes through several stages of firing – that is why Spanish tiles are so strong, withstand increased loads and do not deform, retaining their original appearance for a long time..

The Aparici lineup includes 3 main lines: Luxury, Country and Contemporary. Each of them has its own characteristics, ornaments and a certain color palette. The Country direction imitates natural materials, while Luxury is distinguished by luxury – here there is an imitation of gilding and precious stones. Contemporary includes bright colors and unusual textures.

Additional elements of the Aparici factory are also popular. Exquisite borders and other decorative components will help to create a complete image of a room design in any style.

Collections and design features

Aparici’s range of ceramic tiles includes both classic collections and finishes for ultra-modern designs..

Lines Alexander, Elegy, Olympo, Tirrento are the embodiment of antique classics. They will help you decorate any room like a luxurious palace. Lines are suitable for a modern interior Talia, Moving, Instant. Calm pastel shades and prints reminiscent of natural materials are present in the collections Ipanema and Kassandra. Collection Angel with white tiles will fit into any interior, giving it airiness and visually increasing the space. The tiles in this series are decorated with such interesting elements as monograms and mother-of-pearl shine..

If you want warmth and sun in your apartment – pay attention to the collection Kera, the main shades in which are sandy and yellow with textures of clay and sand, with floral ornaments.

Connoisseurs of tiles imitating natural wood can use ceramics from the collections Brio or Karelia, which will organically fit into any interior. Warm beige and brown shades of the collection Heracles will give the interior natural softness and help to decorate the room as comfortably as possible.

To create a luxurious classic or baroque interior, use the examples presented in the collection Absolut. Rich texture and gilded details are present here..

And if you want to revive a monotonously decorated room, bright colors of tiles from the Stripes collection (red, pistachio, ocher and additional ornaments) will come to the rescue..

If your goal is an unusual interior, choose three-dimensional wall tiles from the collection Opal in the size of 20×20 cm.A pattern in the form of triangles and an unusual relief surface complement the metal decorative elements.

New in 2017 – tiles Bondi with a patchwork effect. This large size 60×60 cm floor tile is composed of several patterns put together. The result is a carpet with almost invisible seams and joints..

Aparici porcelain stoneware

Aparici porcelain tiles are presented in the collection Carpet. It will be an ideal and durable floor covering. Its ornament resembles natural stone and copper streaks. Such shades are best suited for ethnic, country and eco-style, since porcelain stoneware is an environmentally friendly material with the addition of granite particles for the durability of the coating..

Collection porcelain stoneware tiles Aura resembles natural marble and is made in shades of gray. Such a decorative material is suitable for both a classic interior and an exquisite Venetian style, bringing luxury and shine to the room..

Natural parquet flooring imitates the tiles in the collection Native, produced in the size of 20×120 cm in two shades.

The matte surface of this finishing material accurately reproduces the texture of parquet, combining the beauty of a wooden coating with the durability of porcelain stoneware.


Aparici offers customers a wide selection of premium ceramic tiles to create rich interiors. The Spanish brand produces finishing materials mainly in the middle and high price segment. Nevertheless, high-quality products of this brand enjoy stable popularity in many European countries..

In addition to the original design solutions and the high quality of Aparici tiles, it is worth noting that the sizes of manufactured products start from the smallest tiles used for finishing a bathroom, bathroom, sauna or pool, to large-format porcelain stoneware for flooring in residential and public premises, which makes it possible choice limitless.

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