Beautifully and stylishly decorate the room with designer wallpaper

In an effort to design your home in a non-standard and beautiful way, it makes sense to abandon the products that are mass-produced in factories and plants. Designer wallpapers turn out to be an excellent alternative to it, they are unique in their appearance and open up wide decorative possibilities.


Any designer wallpaper is not just a product of the developer’s imagination and skill, but also the result of a thorough study of the customer’s requirements. No serial collection can so accurately take into account all your needs in terms of color and texture, ornament and materials used. Designers have long mastered the principles of handling a wide variety of materials – both ordinary paper and textiles, both vinyl, non-woven and bamboo.. The characteristic features of the wallpaper produced by the author’s project are:

  • the ability to harmoniously combine even exceptionally different styles;
  • unusual combinations of colors and tones;
  • use of the most non-standard materials.

Models and their use

The canvas in many versions is decorated with decorative details such as beads and twigs, even imitations of precious stones and seashells are found. To decorate the wallpaper, luminescent paints, quartz spraying and other original approaches are used. It is unlikely that connoisseurs of exotic surroundings or fantastic plots will find the best solution. Please note that even the best natural coatings do not tolerate mechanical stress, and you need to handle it more carefully. Or simply do not use where there is a high risk of damage – in the nursery, in the walk-through room, in the corridor..

Designer wallpapers for walls fully realize their decorative qualities when used as a “highlight”, highlighting individual rooms or even specific areas of them. Having pasted over all walls in a row with such a coating, you will devalue your purchase. It is advisable to buy, by the way, products with polyurethane outer layer, they are glued to form externally inconspicuous borders between the stripes.

There are a lot of ornaments and possible colors, often the developers manage to create a truly extravagant product.

Wall murals are a great opportunity to cover the walls of your apartment or house with exactly the images that you would like to see. If there are people and events that are remembered with warmth, why not consolidate the memory of them in this way.

Liquid wallpaper is made, in fact, immediately at the time of application, and it depends only on you how it will look. Recommended to enhance the uniqueness of drawings and create original textures introduce bugles, sparkles or beads into the mixture. Important: such a solution, despite its impressive beauty, costs significantly less than most ready-made wallpapers..

On the basis of stone chips, frescoes are created, for this you definitely need a non-woven base; when the crumb is used, form a pattern and wait for the canvas to dry. A fine mesh of cracks transforms the coating into a kind of “genuine” fresco. Since it can be difficult to apply such a coating with your own hands, it makes sense to turn to professionals, then the result will definitely please you. Other types of designer wallpapers can be used in the interior:

  • velor;
  • jute;
  • based on serpyanka;
  • metallized.

The velor coating is designed to reproduce the structure of the fabric; for its manufacture on a paper basis, the pile is fixed using a special technology. Sometimes the surface of the canvases is decorated not only with drawings, but even with decorative details. Attention: with all the advantages of velor wallpaper, they are fundamentally unsuitable for rooms where dampness occurs at least occasionally.

Jute fibers are capable of intertwining in the most intricate way, and the fabric formed from them is easily dyed; this is how a truly extraordinary design is obtained. Serpyanka is a material obtained from foamed cellulose, and therefore it is completely immune even to the conditions of a bathroom or an actively used kitchen. At the same time, even those who are poorly versed in construction and repair technologies will be able to stick wallpaper from serpyanka.

Styles loft, avant-garde, minimalism go well with metallized wallpaper, which is a combination of a nonwoven backing material and very thin foil. Exceptional durability and the widest range of colors, the ability to combine various shades and embossing methods make this finishing material one of the best.

But do not forget that it does not “breathe” and therefore is not suitable both in the bedroom and in the children’s room..

Color solutions

Almost all existing styles allow the use of black and white decorative wallpapers. So, in a minimalist interior and in a Provencal environment, in hi-tech, this will emphasize the simplicity, its differently understood advantages. In the Gothic style, light shades are favorably combined with rich dark tones of other design elements and visually expand the room. For style retro it makes sense to create an associative array with the era of silent films.

In corridors and other darkened rooms, it is advisable to use decorative wallpaper with luminous elements that reflect any ray. If you have a small house or a studio apartment in an old house, you can safely add light colors almost everywhere. Most designers consider it justified to color-code individual zones in a home. Let’s say the office is black and white, the kitchen is cheerful (with yellow, green, red details), the bedroom is beige or coffee, and the hallway is decorated with paintings with marine subjects.

Additional expansion of space is easily achieved through the use of patterns with a fine structure.

It so happens that you cannot fully determine your desires and preferences. Or you already know that at first one intention arises, after a while it is replaced by other wishes. Then you need to buy paintable wallpaper, they will definitely help to cope with rapidly changing priorities..

Almost everywhere it is permissible to use gray and beige paints, they simultaneously add light to the interior and make it visually wider. With moderate use of black, outlines can be emphasized, to isolate more clearly the shapes of the various figures. But an excess of black tones can have a depressing effect on the psyche, and an excessive enthusiasm for white paint makes the interior blurry and indefinite. Avoid using red-colored wallpapers in bedrooms and common areas..

Wallpaper will look original and expressive in a modern interior with a combination of two or even three active colors. You can play with contrasts, but never forget that the main and secondary colors must be highlighted. You can reduce the catchiness of the tone if you choose one that is repeated by accessories or other details of the room..

The connection of various patterns or drawings should be well thought out, by all means coordinating the color of the ornament with each other. Nice ideas – to collect a geometric and abstract pattern in one room, or to show a floral ornament in one place and an imitation of natural materials in another.

Bird versions

Wallpapers with birds are suitable either for children or for adults who love nature. For boys, and partly for young men, a combination of cold pastel colors with pure white, birds painted against the background of these tones, perched on a tree branch, is suitable. This solution will be especially attractive if light furniture is used in the interior. Important: modern design most often implies a bright ornament on only one wall, with application to other monochromatic backgrounds. This approach helps to avoid variegation, bad taste, and at the same time fully reveal your idea..

It is not at all necessary, by the way, that the birds sit on the branch.. Here are just a few equally attractive options:

  • against the background of sunset;
  • on the seashore on a clear day;
  • in flight;

  • against the backdrop of a cloud receding into the distance and the sun peeking out;
  • in dense grass;
  • together with other animals;
  • over the lake, forest.

Observing these simple recommendations, you will be able, in cooperation with the designer, and even yourself, to use wallpaper of original types to form a beautiful composition..

For information on how to choose the right wallpaper for the interior, see the next video..

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