Equipe tiles: features and design

Equipe tiles: features and design

Ceramic tiles set the tone for the entire interior of the room. Depending on the color scheme, texture and some other features of this decor element, the rest of the stylistic direction of the kitchen or bathroom will be determined. Some of the best manufacturers in this area are Spanish companies, which, thanks to the established European quality standards, produce high-quality wall and floor ceramic tiles. This article will focus on the tiles of the Equipe brand, its advantages and the collections offered..

Features and Benefits

Equipe was founded in Spain at the very end of the previous century. Initially, the brand’s factories produced ceramic decorative elements, wall borders and molding. Gradually, the range of products began to expand, and with it the company itself began to grow..

In literally five subsequent years, Equipe took the leading position in this niche in Spain, later they learned about the company throughout Europe, and today the brand is known all over the world. A huge number of customers trust their interiors to Equipe ceramic tiles, which is not surprising, because the brand’s products have a huge number of advantages, thanks to which they have become in demand in many countries..

A huge advantage of the company’s products is its manufacture exclusively from high-quality materials and environmentally friendly raw materials.. From the very beginning of its existence, modern equipment was installed at the factories of the brand, which every year became better and better, as a result of which the process of manufacturing ceramic tiles itself was improved. The company’s office employs the best interior designers who develop new ideas for interior decoration and, trying to follow fashion trends, come up with original tile designs. All this is done to ensure that each customer remains satisfied and can purchase only the highest quality and most interesting product..

The tile is wear-resistant, moisture-resistant and has a long service life. It will serve you for more than twenty years with proper and gentle care. The wide assortment offered by the manufacturer should also be noted. Equipe has 12 collections. In addition to the ceramic tiles themselves, they include borders, mosaics and decorative elements. Among such a variety, any client will be able to choose a finishing material to his liking..


Equipe produces 12 different collections, each of which is good in its own way. Let’s take a closer look at all the lines:


This collection is one of the most popular. It is made in Victorian style and combines the beauty of the ancient era and modern technology. Caprice is perfect for both home premises and public places such as cafes, restaurants, shopping centers. The company offers five colors of background tiles: white, black, cream, graphite and gray. In addition to these, there are elements with floral, geometric and solar ornaments. Available in a standard size of 20 * 20 centimeters.


This line represents only a collection of wall tiles, borders, special elements and skirting boards that imitate a marble surface. It fits perfectly into both classic and modern interiors. Light and gray tones, in which the series is made, are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Tile sizes – 7 * 15 and 7 * 30 centimeters.


The line is perfect for a loft-style interior. Small tiles in sizes 9 * 20.5 and 5.2 * 18.6 are available in five color categories: white, gray, black, cream and graphite. Tiles can be purchased in both glossy and matte versions. But the most interesting are the decorative Chevron mosaics, made in three stylistic directions: a geometric floral ornament in the Indian style, a similar pattern in a modern black and white version and delicate, beautiful patterns in the Gzhel style in white and blue shades..


This line received accolades from the best designers in Spain right after its release. Thanks to the variety of colors, patterns and mosaic decorative elements, you can create a huge number of diverse interiors that fit perfectly into both residential and public spaces. The Curvytile series is available in 13 matte finish colors: beige, white, black, cream, ash, gray, clay, graphite and wheat. In addition to the above options, there are several more with bright patterns in brown and gray tones..

Evolution in Metro

This collection imitates the cladding of some metro stations in a metropolis, it will perfectly fit into the modern style and will appeal to modern people with original outlooks on life. The tiles have both matte and glossy versions and are presented in three sizes: 15 * 15, 7 * 15 and 5 * 20 centimeters. The series has a fairly wide variety of palette, which allows you to create an infinite number of possible options for bathroom design. And additional decorative elements will help to add zest to such an original interior..


Hexagonal ceramic tiles have a matte and glossy surface, as well as a cement imitation. There are many colors and ornaments of the tiles themselves, and the decorative design of the mosaic delights even the most sophisticated critics. With a competent layout of the tiles and borders themselves, you can create an incredibly beautiful interior..


This collection, like the previous one, has a hexagonal shape and imitates a wooden surface. Dimensions: 17.5 * and 9.5 * 20 centimeters. The matte surface gives the tiles a natural look and few people will be able to visually distinguish it from wood. The line is made in light cream and brown shades. With the help of mini-format ceramics, it is possible to create a beautiful and original pattern on the floor.

Magical 3

This series has such a mysterious name for a reason, its appearance is really a bit magical and has a 3D effect, which is especially noticeable in the glossy version. Geometric tiles are presented in two sizes: 10.7 * 15 and 15 * 15 centimeters and are made in six colors: white, black, cream, gray, graphite and metallic. The original design of each option will delight lovers of modern high-tech style..


Ceramic wall tiles with a matte surface imitate marble. Its dimensions are standard – 6.5 * 20 and 10 * 10 centimeters. There are only 6 color solutions, but each of them has a rather original shade of its main tone: white, black, gray, cream, blue and green. Small squares will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen and are suitable for an apron. You can create both monocolor and combine different colors at your discretion.


This tile is very similar in stylistic direction to the series “Evolution in Metro”, but has a distinctive feature – it is three-dimensional. The faceted sides of the tiles contribute to the play of light and shadow, which gives the room a zest. Ceramic tiles in this series have both glossy and matte surfaces, a wide variety of palette and mosaic decorative elements. Dimensions: 7.5 * 15 and 7.5 * 30 centimeters.


The collection’s matte tiles will perfectly complement the classic interior. The octagonal background tiles, available in white, black, beige, gray and graphite, simulate a marble surface. As an addition, Equipe offers original inserts in various shades. Dimensions: 20 * 20 and 4.6 * 4.6 centimeters.


The collection has three original formats: semicircle, rounded rhombus and hexagon. These tiles are suitable for any room in a home or public space. Glossy and matte surfaces are easy to clean and will not cause much trouble for the hostess. Standard size – 20 * 20 centimeters, makes it easy to cope with her styling.

In the next video, you will see how to install Equipe tiles on the kitchen floor..

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