Features of Elysium wallpaper

Modern wallpaper by the Russian company Elysium, which has been operating in this niche for a little over 10 years, is gaining more and more popularity among buyers. Today they are considered one of the best options for wall decoration materials in the market of many CIS countries..

Beauty and reliability available to everyone

The company reached a new level after acquiring modern wallpaper production equipment in 2010. Other components of the success of the brand’s products are:

  • constant multilevel quality control;
  • use of environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • careful development and elaboration of the design of each model;
  • systematic study of consumer demand.

At the same time, the manufacturer makes sure that the wallpaper remains affordable for various categories of consumers – the bulk of the finishing material is in the middle price range.

The advantages of Elysium wallpapers include:

  • maintaining its performance over time;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • moisture resistance;
  • simple operation;
  • properties that prevent the reproduction of microorganisms;
  • the ability to “breathe”, creating healthy air circulation in the room.

In addition, in a wide range of Russian products, any buyer can find what suits him: the company produces wallpapers for decorating rooms for different purposes, in any stylistic direction..


Branded wallpapers are produced using several different technologies, among which:

  • Hot stamping is a process in which a fabric with a finished pattern is passed through ovens. As a result of exposure to high temperature, the vinyl layer becomes soft, and after passing through two special rollers, it acquires the necessary texture. By this method, for example, models of the silk-screen printing series are made – resistant to light, temperature extremes, excessive humidity..
  • Foaming. In this case, the vinyl applied to the substrate is foamed as a result of heat treatment, forming the required coating..
  • Inhibition. In this manufacturing process, special inhibitors are applied to the vinyl coating before heating to prevent foaming. The result is a smooth, glossy finish..

This variety of technologies allows for a significant expansion of the product range..

Variety of species

The range of wallpapers of this company includes a large number of collections, the most popular of which are:

  • Silk-screened canvases – two-layer wallpaper with a paper base and a vinyl top layer. As a result of special processing, vinyl acquires a noble glossy shine and texture reminiscent of real silk. The texture can also imitate wood, leather, stone and even decorative lighting.

Such wallpapers look rich and luxurious, transforming the interior of any room. This series includes such models as “Bouquet”, “Monogram”, “Polyana”, “Hermitage”, “Estelle” and more than 10 types.

  • Actually, vinyl wallpaper, also consisting of two layers. The upper one is polyvinyl chloride, but the lower one can be made of paper or non-woven fabric. Such canvases are suitable for almost any room. This includes wallpaper for the children’s room “Cinderella”, for decorating the corridor – brick, as well as models “Starry Sky”, “Harmony”, “East” and many others.

Floral motifs in wallpaper design also look original and beautiful. The most popular flowers are roses and gerberas..

  • Inhibited canvases, which, in addition to their original appearance, have improved characteristics. It is quite easy to remove dust from their smooth surface. In addition, they are stronger and more durable than many of their counterparts. The most original models of this series are “Pebbles”, “Books”, “Still Life”, “Underwater World” and “Provence”.

  • Two-layer non-woven wallpaper. They consist of a non-woven base and a vinyl top layer. They can be smooth or with a convex pattern. Due to their composition, they have increased strength, water resistance and durability. The collection includes models “Aurora”, “Asters”, “Verona”, “Grace” and others.

  • Paintable wallpaper is ideal for those who like frequent changes. Having pasted such a finish, you can not worry that it will get bored faster than deteriorate and there will be an opportunity to change it. One color is boring – the wall can be easily repainted in any other shade you like. Wallpaper for painting can be paper or non-woven. A distinctive feature of such wallpaper is the absence of a pattern. In this case, the texture of the top layer can be completely different..

  • Photo wallpaper with a three-dimensional image. They are vinyl flooring on a non-woven backing with a bright print. The main motives for such wallpapers are beautiful landscapes, world landmarks, graffiti and even outer space. White orchid looks spectacular in this collection against a background of various shades.

In total, the Elysium collection contains several hundred different wallpaper models, which allows each buyer to choose exactly what will be appropriate in each case and will delight all households.


The color palette of the wallpaper is very diverse: from warm pastels to rich colors, which are great for highlighting accents and zoning a room.

Designers and all kinds of prints are widely used, among which rhombuses and other geometric shapes, flowers and all kinds of ornaments with monograms and other classic elements are especially popular..

The size

The entire range of finishing cloths from Elysium has two widths:

  • 0.53 m is the most common and more familiar option.
  • 1.06 m.Despite the fact that working with this width is a little inconvenient, it can significantly save material, reduce the time spent on gluing and reduce the number of joints and seams.

As for the length, it can be either 10 or 25 meters..

Selection rules

For the correct choice of a suitable wallpaper model, experts advise taking into account the following factors:

  1. the appointment of the room in which it is planned to change the wall decoration;
  2. technical characteristics of the room and its geometric features;
  3. the amount of natural and artificial lighting in the room;
  4. features of the materials with which it is planned to finish the ceiling and floor of the room.

It is also necessary to calculate how the wallpaper will look in the interior of the selected room. Special attention should be paid here on a combination of colors. For example, for rooms with good natural light, with north or west windows, wallpapers in red, orange, yellow and green colors are suitable. But cold shades can be used in rooms with southern or eastern windows..

In addition, the color should be combined with the furnishings of the room and the decorative elements used in it..


The best indicator of the quality of the finishing material is the growing demand for it. At the same time, buyers who have already bought branded wallpapers are most often satisfied with their purchase, leaving positive reviews about the products..

First of all, consumers note optimal combination of price and quality of wallpaper, as well as a wide selection, thanks to which there are no difficulties with the selection of an option for any particular style or interior.

In addition, many consider the advantages of Elysium canvases to be sufficient ease of gluing. Especially when you consider meter-wide stripes, which speed up and simplify the process.

Well, and the most important thing – without exception, all buyers note the beauty, grace and originality of models that can transform absolutely any room, make it cozy, bright and personable.

For information on how to glue vinyl wallpaper yourself, see the next video..

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