Glowing and neon wallpaper

Glowing and neon wallpapers will allow you to create an original design of ceilings and walls without much effort. During the day, the material looks like ordinary wallpaper, but at night it fills the room with magical light..


Luminous wallpaper can be made of high-density paper, non-woven polymer or non-woven material. Initially, a drawing is applied to the base. Then its contours are covered with powder, which creates a 3D effect in the dark..

Sizes of neon wallpaper may vary. A wide range of models is presented on the construction market: from compact panels to large canvases on the entire wall. Among the whole variety of wallpapers, there are two of their varieties:

  • roll;
  • plot.

The first type is used for walls as decor. Most often, one of the walls of the room is decorated with such wallpaper, the rest are made in a neutral color tone..

On the basis of roll wallpaper, a panel can be created and decorated with a frame. Wall decoration with 3D coating can zone the space, delimiting, for example, a living room and a bedroom. The price of roll wallpaper is about 8000 rubles per piece.

Scene wallpapers are created from glowing fragments. They can be used not only for decorating walls, but also ceilings. Canvases with patterns in the form of landscapes, underwater depths, space, architecture, soaring birds, fantasy images are in great demand among buyers..

Subject wallpaper for a child’s room must be chosen, taking into account the gender and age characteristics of the child. Young ladies will love the options with stars, hearts, fairies. Boys will love stories with cartoon characters or fantasy characters.

Quite often, plot wallpaper is used as a bathroom decor. They depict the underwater world.


According to the method of production, neon wallpapers are divided into:

  1. phosphor;
  2. fluorescent.

Models with phosphor coating do not contain phosphorus. Among the features of this type of material, the following points can be distinguished:

  • During the day, the wallpaper accumulates natural light, and at night it gives it away in the form of a soft glow;
  • The color emitted by phosphor wallpaper can range from blue-green to orange;
  • The phosphor coating serves as an auxiliary lighting at night, creates a cozy romantic atmosphere due to the muted glow.

According to manufacturers, paints are not harmful to the environment and the human body..

There is a wide range of neon wallpapers on the building materials market, but if you have the initiative, time, diligence, stencils and the necessary paints, you can make exclusive options based on a standard wall covering.

Fluorescent wallpaper with 3D effect looks like a three-dimensional image during the day, and at night they are fantastic backlit design drawings.

The features of this type of wallpaper include:

  • images are applied with fluorescent powder;
  • the use of a Wood lamp is recommended for maximum effect. Reflecting on the paint, its waves make the glow even brighter and more beautiful..
  • in order to preserve the glow of the fluorescent coating for a long time, you need to protect it from the sun.

For ceiling decoration, the most popular are 3D wallpapers in the form of the starry sky, space and planets. Fluorescent wallpaper for children’s rooms must be selected taking into account the tastes of the child: spaceships, heroes of fairy tales or science fiction films.

Application area

Luminescent wallpapers featuring starry skies or beautiful landscapes are suitable for all types of rooms. In the bedroom, they can be used to decorate the ceiling, the head of the bed or the wall opposite the sleeping bed. The soft glow will allow you to relax and sleep well. In the living room, glowing wallpaper will become an unusual interior accent. The most important thing is to choose the right location for them.. By decorating the wall or ceiling in the living room with a photoluminescent coating, which creates a luxurious three-dimensional image, you will give the room a status and fill it with soft light..

In a children’s room, neon wallpaper can be a three-dimensional panel with reflective elements or a canvas across the ceiling depicting a starry sky. In the hallway, the ceiling is decorated with plot fluorescent wallpaper.

Luminescent wallpapers are quite expensive, but they are actively used by owners of both city apartments and country houses. This decor will look great in daylight, delighting the eye with realistic 3D images, emitting an incredible glow in the dark..

Glowing wallpaper can be used to decorate cafes, clubs and even office premises. Due to the ability of the material to change its appearance depending on the time of day, the room will look diverse, which means, will have a beneficial effect on the result of the work of employees.

User manual

When buying glowing wallpaper, do not forget to get a Wood lamp as well. It is selected taking into account the area of ​​the photoluminescent canvas. The calculation is as follows: one lamp is required to illuminate 3 m2 of surface. It can be placed no closer than 1 m from the wall. If the ceiling is decorated with wallpaper, the lamps are installed in the niches of the wall and behind the ceiling plinth. Luminaires can be placed along the perimeter of the canvas or mounted pointwise. The basic rule is UV waves should be directed to the reflective pigment.

The starting price for Wood’s lamps is 300 rubles. They are equipped with a standard base that can be easily screwed into the sockets of the luminaires.

Neon wallpapers are very easy to clean, have a long service life, do not deform, do not fade, are not afraid of moisture, have dust-repellent properties, are not afraid of fire and mechanical damage. The reflective layer is covered with a protective coating, however, when cleaning, avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents. The material is environmentally friendly for human health and pets, does not cause allergies.

The paint contains substances of mineral origin. To buy a quality product, it is necessary to choose well-known brands that have already successfully proven themselves in the construction market. A good luminous wallpaper has a radiation time proportional to the light absorption period. That is, if they “absorbed” daylight for 8 hours, they will glow for the same amount of time..

Selection Tips

Glowing wallpaper is best used as a design accent in a particular room. This will give the room more expressiveness. It is important to consider the purpose of the room for which they are selected. Small drawings do not glow brightly, while a large-scale canvas emitting a powerful glow, installed, for example, in a bedroom, can interfere with restful sleep, especially for sensitive people.

One wall is chosen for decoration, since it is very difficult to be in a room where all the walls are glowing. It happens that not the entire image is illuminated, but its individual fragments.

Universal 3D decor solution for all rooms (nursery, living room, bedroom) – starry sky.

If panoramic luminescent wallpaper is your dream, keep in mind that they are only suitable for large rooms, since a certain distance is necessary for the correct perception of the image. It will not be possible to appreciate all the beauty of the canvas within the confines of a small room. The way out for small rooms is to decorate the ceiling with glowing images. The sizes of panoramic canvases can be different: from 1.3×1.8 m2 to 3×5 m2. The cost varies depending on the size. Average price on the market – 1,500 rubles per 1 m2.

When choosing a subject for wallpaper, keep in mind that the same composition can quickly get bored. But changing the coating with the same regularity as paintings and other wall accessories will not work. It is best to choose for the image the motives that surround us in everyday life: the sea and its inhabitants, celestial phenomena, nature. Psychologists are sure that the brain perceives such images best..

You should not choose wallpapers with images of popular people (actors, politicians), film frames, architecture, as these drawings will quickly get bored.

If the room is spacious enough, you can use a removable luminescent image or set the composition on the eyelets, which will allow you to update the panel from time to time or remove it if necessary.

How to glue?

The process of pasting a room with neon wallpaper will not be difficult, since it is no different from working with vinyl material. Before gluing the glowing images, it is necessary to make the walls absolutely smooth and even, remove all roughness and bumps. Wallpaper does not require impregnation with glue, so the latter is applied directly to the wall. For luminescent models, the same glue is suitable as for conventional.

Neon wallpapers will appeal to creative people who want to become the owners of everything new and unusual, dreamy and romantic natures, practical people who want to save on electricity.

For how to paint with glowing paint, see the next video..

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