Pink ceramic tiles: interesting design options

Ceramic tiles are the most popular building material. A huge amount of its diversity confuses buyers in the right choice..

The material differs by the manufacturer, surface texture, size and color. Very often, the owners, having chosen the desired tile size, cannot choose the color.

One of the current and unusual color solutions is the choice of pink ceramic tiles.

How to use pink correctly

Pink is the color of tenderness, youth, romance and sensuality. That is why it is important to use it as intended and in moderation. The color is suitable for a delicate bedroom, a little or a young girl’s room, a bathroom, a cozy living room, as well as a Provence style kitchen.

Pink tiles can be used for rooms decorated in any style. But one should not forget about the characteristic belonging of each color to a certain style..

Pink is used both in combination with other colors and independently in the following interior styles:

  • provence;
  • minimalism;
  • ethno;
  • high tech;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • classic.

    You need to combine this delicate color just as well.. Pink color will be beautifully combined with white, gray, silver, blue, blue and brown colors..

    Do not forget about the many shades of pink, as each of them has its own special effect on the surrounding atmosphere..

    Design ideas for pink ceramic tiles


    Many of the fairer sex choose this particular delicate and bright color for the bathroom. But most of them don’t know about the little design tricks..

    Using pink tiles:

    • a small room will visually increase;
    • the material goes well with other colors;
    • the room will remain bright even with artificial lighting.

      Also, many designers use pink ceramic tiles for ceiling decoration. This is an unusual and bold decision, especially when the walls remain white..

      The combination of two shades of pink is also relevant.. In this case, the designers propose to decorate the floor and ceiling with a darker shade, and the walls with a light one. In this case, not only pure pink tiles will look good, but also ceramics with an unusual matte texture or bright patterns..


      Pastel pinks are the most popular shades for decorating bedrooms. Pink ceramic tiles in the bedroom are usually laid out on a heated floor. The delicate color of the floor is a bold decision. This is a good option for a bedroom made in a classic style or provence.. For the floor, choose tiles with a matte surface..

      As a decorative finish, tiles can also be installed on walls..

      Pink flooring has some advantages:

      • no dust is visible on the light floor;
      • there are no scratches;
      • dirty and dark spots cannot hide from your eyes.


      Design fantasies for laying ceramic tiles in the kitchen extend to all surfaces. In this room, you can lay pink tiles both on the floor and on the walls with a canvas. But this is not the end of the creative ideas for designers..

      In many old houses, they tile old stoves with ceramic tiles, and in new buildings – bar counters, using tiles of various pink shades, patterns and ornaments.. Small tiles in the form of a mosaic look very nice. Here you can actively use your fantasies and ideas. With the help of small elements, you can build beautiful drawings that will decorate an old stove, work surface or bar counter.

      Living room

      The actual design solution today is covering a small wall surface with ceramic tiles. Usually it is laid out under a wall-mounted TV or fireplace, combining pink with black, metallic and brown. Such a bold decision is used in high-tech style..

      Children’s room

      A maiden’s tender room is often decorated in this color. Ceramic tiles in the little girls’ room are laid on the floor. Such a light floor not only matches the style of the room, but warms the little princess’s legs, since a heated floor is usually installed in the children’s room..

        Do not be afraid of pink shades, as they are very relevant in modern styles. Walls, floor or ceiling – it does not matter what you decide to lay out with pink ceramic tiles, it is important that the correct application and combination of this bright, but at the same time delicate color, in your interior.

        Experiment boldly – this is the main slogan of a bold and creative designer.

        You will find even more interiors with pink tiles in the next video..

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