Russian tiles: types of products and rating of the best domestic manufacturers

The range of tiles impresses with the widest variety of shapes, colors and textures. A wide range of styles allows you to find the perfect collection at affordable prices, a variety of decorative elements makes it possible to show your own imagination in interior design. The unity of beauty and benefits makes the products of Russian facing materials popular from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as in neighboring countries..

Features of floor and wall tiles

There is a stereotype that low-quality facing products are produced in large volumes at Russian factories. This is completely wrong. At the moment, domestic production is in no way inferior to foreign counterparts.

Leading firms in the Russian market use innovative technologies, as well as European equipment; improve the production process, carefully control the quality of the goods.


  • Compliance with climatic zones of Russia. Manufacturers of finishing materials take into account the harsh, uncertain climate of our country, therefore companies are constantly working to create products with increased moisture resistance and resistance to temperature extremes. The factories use the latest technologies to create ceramics that can withstand even severe frosts..
  • Affordable prices. It is especially important that everyone can afford Russian tiles. The price category covers a wide range of the population. Far from being due to the low level of quality, the reason is in the close proximity to raw materials, and the factories themselves, the sales market are located in Russia. This cancels any surcharges as a duty.

Which tile to choose is a universal question for every client. It all depends on the chosen design of the room, the desired properties and financial capabilities. Russian manufacturers provide a large selection of their customers, different in design, technical characteristics and properties..

Rating of the best Russian factories

Kerama marazzi

Large domestic manufacturer of wall tiles since 1988. Produces a variety of products in large volumes. The only company in our country that produces ceramic granite according to the DRY PRESS method with imitation of natural materials. Production is carried out on Italian equipment. Constantly updated assortment of collections, decorative elements, mosaics and panels.

The corporate collection catalog is made with an emphasis on the geographical component, which resembles a globe: French, Scandinavian, English, Italian components; and each reveals the characteristics of its country. Everything is adapted to the taste preferences of the domestic consumer. There is a well-built service: in December 2015, an application for tablets began to function, which reflects the entire wide range of 3D panoramas.

Vologda Ceramic Plant (VKZ LLC)

The largest company has been producing decorative borders, facing tiles, ceramics for walls for 50 years. The products are intended for indoor work indoors, as well as for cladding of buildings. Today there are about thirty collections under its own name, developed by its own design department, as well as about forty under the brand name “La Favola”.

Over the past few decades, VKZ LLC has updated all equipment to meet modern standards. This year, to demonstrate new products and master classes, it is planned to work at the Batimat Russia 2018 exhibition. At their stand, representatives of the plant will be happy to see interested persons and share their experience with other companies..

Shakhty tile

For a long time, the products of this enterprise have been the sales leader in the domestic market. The collections are designed under the guidance of Spanish and Italian studios. The raw materials for the base, as a rule, are domestic, and the dyes and glaze are imported from Europe.. Recently, the products are known under the brands “Gracia Ceramica” and “Unitile”.

The plant uses new technologies of double firing, work is carried out on new Italian equipment, unique painting technologies that are not found anywhere else.

The products are wide and varied. In the catalog you can see about 40 full-fledged collections. Tile sizes from 20×30 to 60×60. But, according to the analysis of numerous reviews, one can also find negative ones – about the presence of fragility in some specimens, errors in sizes and shades.


The brand began its work in early 2006. As in other domestic factories, work is carried out on modern Italian equipment, interesting world design ideas are taken into account. AZORI products surprise with good quality, amazing style.

Branded collections tend to be constantly renewed, the fashion of world trends is also reflected here. A complete set of collections of different formats allows you to build a picture on the wall both vertically and horizontally. Particularly popular is the type of tiles imitating natural materials: stone, wood, textiles.


These Italians in Russia specialize in the production of high-quality porcelain stoneware. In their activities, they rely on the latest developments and classic technologies of the Concorde group of companies – the world leader in the production of ceramics. The main goal is to become a reference point for customers and operators in Russia. The products are characterized by a varied assortment, adapted to the tastes of the local market and different levels of wealth. Most of the Italon tile collections are characterized by simplicity, sophistication and graceful design..

Ceramic factory “SOKOL”

It was built in 1907. In recent years, it has undergone many changes. The installation of the latest Italian equipment, the use of unusual technologies using the correct dosage of chalk, spar, quartz sand made it possible to improve the quality and prevent microcracks during the operation of products. Products of the same level with leading foreign manufacturers.

The plant tries to be constantly improving the quality of its products and increasing the range. Today, there are about 600 varieties of wall, floor tiles that have passed the necessary tests in the ceramic center in Bologna..


The recently established firm, located in the Moscow region, manufactures ceramic products using advanced technologies. So far, the main selection is small, but I would like to note that all products are of good quality. Demonstration of all innovations takes place annually at thematic exhibitions. The brand offers customers a good price and already boasts a constant clientele, the transfer of production methods to interested partners.


The Yekaterinburg plant has been manufacturing tiles according to Italian technology since 1994, and has its own developments. In 2017, in the laboratory of the enterprise, new types of tiles were created, which withstand up to 150 freezing cycles. Frost-resistant tiles are already being manufactured at the company’s factories in Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and Tomsk. Wall and floor finishes have established the brand’s reputation for continual improvement..

The company has certificates confirming the quality of products. Affordable prices attract attention. collections are presented in a large assortment.

Advantages of Russian ceramic tiles

Having considered all of the above, we can highlight the advantages of Russian production:

  • democratic price – products of imported manufacturers are much more expensive;
  • good quality – many clients leave good reviews, advise others;
  • huge assortment that is constantly expanding.

Disadvantages of Russian brands:

  • not all collections can combine floor and wall tiles, sometimes you have to look for decor items from another manufacturer;
  • there may be small errors in the declared dimensions, tile geometry and deviations in tones;
  • some samples of cheap products do not differ in the strength and durability of the glaze.

Which tiles of the domestic manufacturer should you opt for??

      Considering all the nuances, we can conclude that it is difficult to make the final choice. Each company discussed above is able to provide the widest choice for every taste. True marriage is rare, only small errors – no more than 1-1.5 mm. You should also remember that still very high quality tiles, one way or another, will cost more..

      No need to purchase products of unknown brands at low prices. These savings can come as an unpleasant surprise in the form of high costs in a few years..

      Before making a choice, it is important to weigh everything, read the reviews of experts, ask the opinion of people who have already purchased this product, and only then make a final decision.

      Only a combination of the name of a well-known brand and a real price can guarantee that the tiles will meet the main quality criteria, will last a long time, and will delight you and your loved ones..

      See below for an instructional video from the bathroom cladding professionals..

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