Tile “Uralkeramika”: the best models

Ceramic tiles from the Uralkeramika company are high-quality facing materials with excellent decorative characteristics. The company presents a wide range of exquisite collections of materials for every taste..


The quality of Uralkeramika tiles meets European standards. The domestic manufacturer prefers natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. Products have high strength, resistance to chemical and mechanical stress, water-repellent properties and frost resistance. The tile is used for cladding both indoors and outdoors..

Ceramic tiles of the brand fit perfectly into the interior of any room household and commercial nature. A variety of colors and attractive patterns allows you to choose an option for any interior style.

Some types of tiles even imitate rare natural wood parquet or stone surfaces..

The manufacturer’s collections are distinguished by their unique design. They are able to emphasize the bright individuality of the owners, making the atmosphere original and cozy. Also, the tile retains its original appearance and properties for a long time, reducing the cost of repeated repairs..

Popular collections


Ceramic tiles Adamant is a new addition to the brand’s assortment. It is created in 40×15 format. The collection is made in classic black and white colors..

Ceramic wall tiles in this series have a smooth surface with a slight sheen. To design the front of the products, an original mesh pattern was chosen. On a black and white background, there is an image in the form of triangles connected to each other in a similar way to a kaleidoscope.

The surface is treated with silvery glaze, so the appearance of the products slightly resembles glass “stuck” by frost. Borders designed to highlight the borders of black and white tiles or for another design have a similar look..

Modules of coordinated tiles with glaze class PEI-III are suitable for rooms with low and medium traffic. The tile does not absorb water and has frost-resistant properties.


The Adriatica collection features beveled edges that give the tiles a textured look. The series is made using a pattern of woody texture, deep shades of sea water. The marine theme is complemented by a decorative design featuring white pebbles and drawings depicting various marine attributes.

The developers have replaced the floor tiles previously presented in the Adriatica series with the frost-resistant tiles of the Merbau series in beige and brown colors. Thanks to the glaze coating with the fourth class of abrasion, it can be safely used in rooms with high traffic.


The Akkord series porcelain stoneware tiles are available in a 40×15 format and are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and even spacious rooms. Like the Adamant series, this collection is made in strict black and white colors. This color scheme has recently been increasingly used in fashion design projects..

Embossed wall tiles, formed by a protruding pattern of hard-melting metallized glaze, which gives the tiles a luxurious shine and a polished effect. The black-and-white series is decorated with a silver coating, which makes the design of the products more expressive. Similarly colored borders with a mesh pattern are a great complement.

The collection’s floor tiles are covered with a medium abrasion glaze. It is frost-resistant and can be used in places with low and medium traffic of people..


This collection is presented in three types of colors: light tones, gray tones, as well as a combination of graphite gray and beige shades. In this series, the developers used a golden decor, covering with gilding not only the leaves, stems and the middle of the flowers, but also filling the main background with shimmering glitter. The borders are also decorated with golden dots.

Ceramic floor tiles from this collection have a textured surface, high density and moisture resistance. It is treated with a glaze with the fourth degree of abrasion and is suitable for finishing premises with high traffic..


This series appeared in 2017. It is characterized by a relief surface covered with glaze. The combination of light beige tones with brown is complemented by a 3D pattern. The result is an interesting play of chiaroscuro..

Decorative tiles are decorated with an ornament of geometric shapes with graceful patterns. The design creates an original visual effect that makes you peer into the interweaving of lines. To create a complete interior, you can purchase borders made in the same style..

The Ariana floor tile is a frost-resistant material. It does not absorb moisture and is able to withstand low temperatures. The glaze coating corresponds to the third class of abrasion, therefore the tile is recommended for use in rooms with medium traffic.


This series also belongs to the new products of 2017. Its main difference from others is that the texture of the fabric was used in the development of the tile design. With the help of special molds, weave threads similar to the texture of flax are applied to the surface of the material with jewelry precision.

Matt ceramics for walls in several versions. These are light and dark beige tones, smooth and embossed surfaces. The applied pattern is associated with patchwork. Color, texture and relief visually recreate the appearance of the quilted fabric. The borders are also made in the same technique. If desired, they can be replaced with beige moldings..

Asteria floor tiles are frost-resistant, have the third class of abrasion, and have a relief surface. It is only suitable for buildings with little traffic..


This series has been compiled from various collections imitating marble. Using the latest digital printing technologies, the company accurately recreates the texture of marble of the best grades.

A wide range of colors for floor and wall tiles leads to the creation of unique patterns and the ability to personalize individual projects.

Wall tiles are available in white, cream, light and dark brown ceramics. The floor tiles are decorated with an antique-style raised relief. Floral patterns add sophistication to the marble pattern. The material is not affected by low temperatures, has dirt-repellent properties.


The ceramics of this series are distinguished by a convex decor of rectangles and individual parts of circles. When creating this series, the method of structural pressing was used. Therefore, the pattern on the wall tiles creates a mesmerizing light reflections, and the surface has a special silky texture..

The collection uses the most common colors – beige and white. An interesting ornament saturates the light shades with a multitude of halftones. The glaze adds a metallic sheen to the finish. Using the same technology, a panel was made, the center of which is decorated with a flower arrangement..

The floor tiles of this series are finished with glaze with the third class of abrasion. It also has a relief structure and is frost-resistant. This tile is used in rooms with little movement of people..


This series has an embossed structure with a three-dimensional 3D effect. Geometric shapes are complemented by wavy lines that help refract light on a glossy surface. Thanks to this effect, the amount of gloss and light reflections on the coating increases..

Floor tiles are embossed and frost-resistant ceramics with a third degree of abrasion glaze. The material is used in rooms with low and medium traffic.

In the assortment of the Uralkeramika company there are more than a dozen collections of porcelain stoneware for professional tilers, as well as ordinary users. Each of them has a unique design, decor, color palette and even the thickness of the products..

Customer reviews confirm the high level of tile quality, its strength and long service life. The brand’s patterned collections and mosaics are especially popular..

For a review of the Uralkeramika tile, see the following video.

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