Wallpaper in purple tones in a modern interior

In the decoration of walls with wallpaper, the color of the canvas is of particular importance. As a key element of style, it determines the mood of the room, conveys the desired atmosphere, and has the right impact on the user. One of the non-standard and beautiful solutions for the interior composition is the purple interior finish.

Wallpapers in purple tones in a modern interior look stylish, they stand out favorably against the background of analogues of other shades, have a lot of advantages, although they are not without contradictions.

Color features

Purple wallpaper is a sophisticated design technique. This color is multifaceted and consists of two strong colors: red and blue (feminine and masculine). This is a combination of strength and peace, a unity of contradictions, a whirlwind of emotions and restraint. Since ancient times, the tone was considered the privilege of aristocrats, it was credited with a magical effect, endowing with magical power and respect. Today, the tone speaks of an extraordinary taste, vulnerability, authority and an ocean of feelings hidden from the gaze of others..

The complexity of the dual shade lies in the actual impact on a person, based on the concentration of paints and the predominance of one of them. The blue-violet tone evokes sadness. The pinkish undertone is relaxing, but such shades of wallpaper are not appropriate in the decoration of a man’s or a boy’s home. In addition, age matters: the purple color of the wallpaper is an excellent solution for rooms of young natures..

For elderly people, it is contraindicated, as it creates a negative depressive environment. In this case, instead of canvases with a cold and dark shade, it is better to buy wallpaper with warm light paint for wall decoration..

Violet can bring a sense of freshness, harmony to the atmosphere, relax, calm down or inspire creativity. There are different shades in the purple color palette (dark, bright, delicate light, pale, diluted with white). The main shades of purple are lilac, lavender, violet, eggplant and fuchsia..

To prevent the abundance of color from creating an oppressive atmosphere, wallpapering should be thoughtful, taking into account the dimensions of the room, its design features and illumination.


Purple wallpapers are unique and have a number of advantages, the main of which are:

  • Freshness of the idea: this color always hints at the special taste and status of the household;
  • Manufactured from different materials, differing in a variety of patterns and shades;
  • Excellent adhesion to wall surfaces;
  • Compatibility with different shades of the color palette by supporting the purple color in the pattern of interior elements;
  • Relevance in style: the purple shade is appropriate in different styles, allowing you to beat the features of the space;

  • The relevance of finishing in different rooms of the dwelling (appropriate in the interior of a bedroom, kitchen, children’s room, loggia, hallway, corridor);
  • Calculation for a different circle of the buyer, depending on the type of raw materials used and the premium color;
  • Accentuation of walls and individual winning areas of the room;
  • Compatibility between shades of purple: a dark tone looks beautiful with fuchsia, lilac;


Purple wallpapers cannot be called universal. They cannot be bought based solely on external metrics. The choice of shade should be reasonable for a particular room, otherwise, instead of a stylish interior, a gloomy depressive atmosphere may turn out. Not every canvas looks positive. Sometimes the colors leave a lot to be desired., especially if a dirty gray contrast is added to the purple tone.

It is the color of the wallpaper that sets the tone for the entire interior. In order not to lose the sense of taste, the furnishings must correspond to the status of wall decoration..

The violet color conceals the illumination of any room. Decorating the walls with such wallpaper, it is important to take care of additional light sources, adding wall lighting to the central lighting. If there is a lot of purple, the appearance of the situation becomes difficult. Designers recommend combining this shade with other tones of the color palette or diluting shades of purple with each other (for example, purple and fuchsia, purple and lilac).

The disadvantages include the price of prestigious wallpaper. The classic version costs from 1300 rubles per roll 100×1000 cm, however, its texture and pattern are inferior to counterparts for 8000-8300 rubles, which are distinguished by the richness of tone and the premium quality of the pattern. Expensive wallpaper fits perfectly on the wall, sticks without blisters and bubbles. Due to the color and pattern, in most cases, it is possible to hide minor irregularities in the walls..


Modern industry allows you to decorate a home with different materials that differ in practical and operational characteristics, therefore, the finish differs in thickness and top layer. Depending on the type of wallpaper, the texture of the canvases can be as follows:

  • Smooth;
  • Embossed;
  • Glossy;
  • Matte;
  • Rough;
  • Velor;
  • Plush;
  • Silk.

The difference is explained by the structure and composition of the wallpaper:

  • Paper varieties (one-layer and two-layer) mainly have a printed pattern, therefore, the surface of the wallpaper is often smooth, matte or glossy;
  • Vinyl wallpaper, consisting of two layers (vinyl top and paper or non-woven base), is distinguished by a matte, shiny texture with embossing (also called silk textures) and relief;
  • Fabric wallpaper, the top layer of which consists of textile threads glued to a paper backing, often have a noble matte surface;
  • Non-woven purple canvases look like vinyl counterparts, although their texture attracts dust.

A large selection allows you to decorate the walls of the room with the desired option, to bring into the space exactly the mood that the design idea implies.

Patterns and drawings

The theme of purple wallpaper is multifaceted. Noble design techniques are inherent in it: the shade is quite picky in choosing a pattern, so there are no laconic flowers on the canvases, boring grid elements that simplify the look of wallpaper. Purple color wall covering dominates through the use of the main background or pattern.

In the first case, it is a rich purple color, on which the monograms of lilac, black, gold hue are applied. These also include canvases with the opposite effect: a purple pattern is applied on a light lilac background. The second group includes wallpapers that have a contrasting light base with an applied pattern replete with purple spots and bright colors of different tones of the palette.

An interesting design technique is canvases on which a drawing is created from several sheets. This finish deprives the interior of its variegation, creates special accents without repetitions, which is important when highlighting an accent wall.. The most interesting and beautiful drawings are the following:

  • Stripes, monograms and their combination;
  • Circles, including abstract ones;
  • Leaves and intertwining plants;
  • Roses, chrysanthemums, orchids and peonies;
  • Chinese art;

  • Imitation of textiles and upholstery with natural leather;
  • Vegetable lace;
  • Imitation of marble stains;
  • Urban sketches;
  • Imitation of scrap paper;
  • Bird feathers and all kinds of curls;
  • Scandinavian ornaments.

The drawing depends on the area of ​​the room. The lines have options with large and small prints, as well as plain wallpapers. Due to the color contrasts, you can match the light of the companions to the wallpaper. Often the color consists of three tones of purple, often beige or gold is added to them, there are small crystals in premium canvases.

What is combined with?

Purple wallpapers need soft contrasts. The intensity of the hue depends on the main purple: the lighter it is, the brighter the combination can be. Good examples of layout are contrasts with white, beige, pink, gold shades. Other acceptable companions include black, brick, orange, burgundy, green, silver, and khaki..

In terms of furnishings, purple wallpaper goes well with furniture in white, light brown and light wenge tones. The black details of the interior, combined with the dark color of the walls, create an oppressive atmosphere. Milk, cream, pale pink and light gray tones “draw out” the composition. If the color of the wallpaper is light, purple upholstered furniture and LED lamps with a warm luminous flux will perfectly support it. An excellent reception is the light tone of the flooring.

Design examples

Since it is quite difficult to imagine purple in the interior, you can get inspired by the examples of experienced designers by evaluating the combination of wallpaper with furnishing details..

In the bedroom

You can decorate the bedroom without depriving it of light by highlighting an accent zone with a transition to the ceiling, choosing a drawing of large lilies for the idea. You can highlight the area at the headboard, marking it around the edges with light wallpaper: a dark purple background with delicate colors goes well with white and lilac.

For kitchen

Wall murals with orchids look original in the kitchen: different shades of purple create a special atmosphere, while the apron makes the style complete;

You can designate the dining area with wallpaper with a small pattern, separating the space from the main area with a delicate white contrast with purple lace.

In the hall

So that the hallway does not look boring, you can decorate its walls with wallpaper with a rich background and imitation of cracks, diluting the accents of the walls with warm sand-colored canvases. If you want clear lines and rigor, you can paste over the walls with plain wallpaper, adding paintings in white frames with patterns in purple and beige tones to the setting..

In the children’s room

You can create a magical atmosphere by combining photowall-paper with a unicorn, a strip and monochromatic canvases: supporting the background with the color of pastel linen, furniture and a rug, you will get a unique world of childhood;

You can make the girl’s room truly magical with the help of voluminous 3D wallpapers in purple and pink tones..

Examples and variants

The original solution to the wall decor is to highlight accent points. A spacious living room with an abundance of light, made in white and silver tones, will look special if the fireplace area is highlighted with three-dimensional purple wallpaper with butterflies to match the silver finish of furniture and picture frames;

A small living room, made in beige tones, will change the aesthetic perception if you decorate the accent wall with plain purple wallpaper to match the curtains and dilute the dark background with large iris flowers (you can support the wallpaper pattern in the decoration of the furniture upholstery);

In order not to overload the bedroom with an abundance of purple and demonstrate the uniqueness of the design, it is worth covering one wall with lilac wallpaper, supporting the shade with bed linen and curtains;

If you combine purple wallpaper with white panels, you can paste over all the walls without overloading the space with an abundance of variegation and dark colors (for complete harmony, you can decorate the interior with fresh flowers).

About the design of the bedroom in pink and purple tones, see below..

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