Wallpaper in the style of “graffiti” in the interior

Today, every owner dreams of decorating his home in an attractive and original way, without spending “exorbitant” amounts. In such matters, fashionable and modern graffiti-style wallpaper comes to the rescue. With such a choice, the dwelling will not be left without attention, and will certainly amaze with its originality and uniqueness..


The use of graffiti in the interior allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • wallpaper with a unique pattern will help to place color and visual accents in the room, which is necessary to create a holistic interior with an individual stylistic concept;
  • will allow you to zone the space, emphasize the arrangement of pieces of furniture;

  • this is a great way to add something bright, non-trivial to the design of a room, but without unjustified material investments;
  • such a finish will help hide surface imperfections, because all attention will be focused on the unique wallpaper pattern;
  • the abundance of irregularities and other flaws in the walls requires the use of wallpaper with a 3D effect. They will successfully disguise them;
  • the owner of the room is given the opportunity to independently develop the desired picture, and determine the theme and basic concept of the room design;

  • street art photo wallpaper is one of the fastest ways to decorate, which allows you to get a high-quality result within a short period of time;
  • you can correct the obvious flaws in the layout of the room, for example, visually increase the height of the ceilings or shorten a room that is too long;
  • graffiti allows you to create a complete design without cluttering the room with unnecessary details.
  • if the drawing becomes boring, it can be easily painted over or covered with any finishing material;
  • street art wallpaper is a versatile way of finishing. They are so versatile that they fit almost any style..

Types of images

Graffiti vary in appearance, which affects the visual perception and geometry of the room..

  • Subject photomurals are single independent drawings made in a certain style. For example, fans of Japanese animation can choose images of anime characters. A suitable place in the interior is allocated for the picture, for example, at the head of the bed or, conversely, in the recreation area;

  • panoramic canvases help to visually enlarge the space due to its scale. These wallpapers most often show a top view from a panoramic window of a modern metropolis, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, majestic bridges and other interesting architectural structures;

  • street art background images are standard wallpapers sold in rolls. Their drawing is not very specific. These can be typical graffiti lettering or geometric shapes. Such photowall-paper is characterized by repetition of the pattern-type ornament;

  • realistic pictures street art create a sense of three-dimensional image and allow you to completely immerse yourself in “reality” thanks to the 3D effect.


Graffiti is such a versatile type of decoration that it can fit into almost any interior. Street art wall murals will look succinctly both against the background of the classic style, so in a room decorated for hi-tech or modern, you just have to choose the right image.

The industrial loft style, which is close to the street atmosphere, underground and grunge, is rightfully recognized as a native style for graffiti. Wall mural featuring an untreated brick wall in tandem with comic characters or hip-hop plots is what you need for a brutal hooligan interior.

Abstract geometric lines and floral patterns have become widespread in modern graphic design. The capabilities of computer graphics allow you to create compositions of amazing complexity and beauty, consisting of many repeating elements (for example, fractals).

In the interior

Graffiti is an interesting and non-trivial way to decorate an interior, but it should be applied carefully, especially in a small space. Large sizes of photowall-paper are relevant for large areas with high ceilings, and in tiny rooms they act in a depressing way on the human psyche, and also interfere with his full rest.

Before choosing a wallpaper in this style, you need to carefully consider all the nuances of the design and draw up a computer model of the room, which includes the finished drawing.. When choosing a pattern, it is worth considering what role the room plays in the apartment:

  • in the interior of the hallway and corridor, the “street” style of photo wallpaper will come in handy. A bold rebellious inscription, an abstract geometric pattern, and a view of a cozy European street can serve as a pattern;
  • the walls of the living room will be decorated with images of megalopolises, architectural structures, as well as animal or plant ornament. The best place for graffiti is a recreation area;
  • sketches of fruits and vegetables, beautiful dishes, cups of coffee or glasses of wine can become elements of the kitchen interior. This could be a panoramic sketch of a French street cafe located in the dining area;

  • for the bedroom, abstractions, silhouettes of people and floral themes will be appropriate. Today, wallpapers with Japanese motives have gained great popularity: images of cherry blossoms, geisha girls. The boudoir of the newlyweds can be decorated with their personal paired full-length portrait, which is more appropriate to place at the head of the bed;
  • most often, strip art decoration is used in the rooms of the younger generation. Graffiti is a good way to express yourself, demonstrate youthful maximalism, fill the room with a mischievous youth spirit and emphasize the interests of the owner of the room;

  • the teenager’s bedroom is his favorite idols, cars, extreme parkour, classic street style fonts, music themes. Images with bold and dynamic content are suitable for her;
  • as vivid examples of photowall-paper: stylistic portraits of Viktor Tsoi or Lionel Messi, pacifist slogan in the spirit of D. Lennon, like “Give Peace A Chance”, fantasy or gothic girls.

Selection Tips

When planning to decorate a room with wallpaper in the style of street art, you need to pay attention to some details:

  • consider the proportions of the room and the graffiti itself. In a miniature room, a large-scale picture of a photo wallpaper will look unnatural;
  • the subject matter of the image should correspond to the general stylistic solution of the room. A delicate floral ornament will be inappropriate in a room decorated as a brutal loft;
  • it is necessary to choose a combination of colors so that they are in harmony with the shades already available in the space. Abrupt transitions will “cut the eye” and cause discomfort;

  • the drawing should correspond to the tastes, preferences and character of the owner of the room. If graffiti is planned in a common room (living room, kitchen), it is worth asking the opinion of all household members;
  • designers advise against using black or other depressing colors of street art at home. Light colors and blotches of bright accents will look more concise..

How to do "graffiti" in the interior, see the next video.

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