Wallpaper in the style of paintings by Van Gogh

Wallpaper in the style of paintings by Van Gogh

Previously, people decorated their homes with paintings and various panels. In the modern world, there are many types of materials for wall decoration, the favorite among which is wallpaper. Dutch company designers BN International were so inspired by the masterpieces of their compatriot Vincent Van Gogh that they decided to bring his art to the masses and created a whole collection of wallpapers of the same name “Van Gogh”.

Creation history and features

The reason for its creation was the anniversary of the world-famous painter. 2015 marked the 125th anniversary of his birth. It was then that the decision was made to create a collection of wall coverings based on his works. And in the same year, with the participation of the museum in Amsterdam, bearing the name of the artist, the idea was realized.

BN International products are designed for people with exquisite sophisticated taste who can appreciate the work of this famous artist with worldwide recognition. The wallpapers of this company will become not only a decoration of the room, but also a source of pride for the owner himself and a demonstration of his impeccable taste.. Non-woven fabrics create a full canvas illusion, on which oil strokes are applied in sweeping lines.

Modern technologies have made it possible to turn an ordinary print into a highly artistic masterpiece.

The result of the experiment surpassed all the wildest expectations of the creators – in the first year of sales, the project broke all records and became the best-selling in the entire history of the company. This collection has collected many rave reviews not only among art connoisseurs, but also among ordinary people. There are many reasons for this success..

The Van Gogh wallpaper depicts both individual fragments of famous paintings and complete images of world masterpieces. In the unique collection you can find various landscapes and still lifes, of which there were many in Van Gogh’s work. Also, wallpapers with floral motifs, portraits and other elements of the paintings of the famous artist are presented to the judgment of the discerning consumer.. The whole series is saturated with cheerfulness, positiveness and light.. There is no place for despondency and boredom in it..


All BN International products are of high quality:

  • The vinyl covering is moisture resistant and can withstand light cleaning;
  • thanks to the resistant paints used in the production of non-woven wallpaper, they are resistant to fading and retain the richness of colors for a long time;

This allows you to extend the life of wallpaper in the style of “Van Gogh” several times.

  • those who have already glued the materials of this manufacturer note the density of their texture, which allows the use of canvases for walls with slight flaws.


This collection has about 50 different variations based on famous works. Modern technology has made it possible to recreate the brush strokes characteristic of an artist who, as you know, preferred to work in oil..

Thanks to this, all wall coverings produced by BN International have an interesting texture and can become a decoration even in the most complex interior..

The wallpapers of the Van Gogh collection very accurately convey the manner of execution characteristic of the impressionist. The artist preferred to use bright colors in their pure form, rarely mixing them with each other. The same pure tones can be observed on the wallpaper of the collection of the same name.. The designers managed to adopt and reproduce the same technique of wide strokes., what can be seen on the originals of paintings.


There are a lot of spring-themed paintings in Van Gogh’s work. In total, about 14 works of the artist with flowering trees are known. Many of them were reborn in the collection of the Dutch company BN International. So, for example, at the choice of the consumer, various variations on the theme of cherry blossoms are offered..

Those who like to decorate their apartment with wallpaper with a tree branch covered with delicate flowers can choose several colors: blue, red, yellow, as well as white and black backgrounds. If you wish, you can pair them with monochromatic canvases that also imitate the technique of rough strokes..


Wallpaper “Van Gogh” creates in the interior the feeling of awakening of nature, the birth of a new life. They can decorate not only a separate room, but the whole apartment. So, for example, the coating created on the basis of the painting “blooming almonds” not only fills with itself all the available space, but also fills it with light, energizes, awakens to a new life.

Such wallpapers will be especially appropriate in the matrimonial bedroom – it was there, in the bedroom of his brother and his wife, according to the artist’s plan, his picture, which he painted on the occasion of the birth of his nephew, should have hung. The picture was supposed to personify a new life. A branchy almond tree is depicted on a graceful turquoise background. The contour of the branches is emphasized with black, and in contrast with them delicate pale pink, almost white flowers.

Such wallpapers will become the pride of the owner of the interior, and will also bring peace and tranquility. They will be no less appropriate in the living room – it is nice to come home and after a busy day of work and city bustle plunge into the spring flower bliss.


Continuing the floral theme, one cannot fail to note the cover with bouquets of famous irises. Purple flowers on a yellow background look very unusual and even somewhat defiant. Both colors seem to compete with each other in juiciness and play in contrast. This makes the viewer unwittingly pay attention to the brightness of the plants themselves, while the background only enhances the saturation of their color. The contours are almost not traced and are only slightly carelessly indicated against the general background – this detail is also a characteristic manner of the artist’s execution.

Just like the original versions, the collection contains irises in several colors. And if the combination of yellow and purple seems too extravagant to someone, you can choose wallpaper with the same purple flowers, but on a pink background. This technique is very reminiscent of Japanese national art. Although Van Gogh never had a chance to visit this country during his lifetime, the art of Japanese artists had a great influence on his work. The designers tried to reflect this in this collection..

Experts recommend choosing such wallpapers for the living room. At the same time, it is better to glue canvases with flowers on one wall or in fragments, picking up a covering with a monochromatic pattern for them.


The Dutch designers could not ignore such a famous painting by the artist as “The Sower”. For Van Gogh himself, the hero of this picture is a symbol of the constant revival of life. The main element remains the tree, which is present in many of the artist’s paintings. The wallpaper based on this picture is designed in yellow tones. Wide furrows of pink and scalding orange paint complement the overall tone. The reflections of the approaching sunset are reflected in the bluish-lilac mirror of the river.


Yellow is abundant in many of the painter’s landscapes and still lifes. For example, the world famous “Sunflowers”, which have become a hallmark of Van Gogh. It is noteworthy that this is not one canvas, but a whole cycle consisting of 11 different paintings. The artist believed that it is better to choose more than one painting to decorate a living space., but a whole series, united by a single theme

The creators of the Van Gogh collection could not help but reflect them in their work. BN International’s assortment includes sunflowers in various varieties. These are still lifes with flowers on a yellow background, standing in a vase, from which this flower series of paintings began, and plucked sunflowers on blue, and just a sunflower field.


In addition to the floral theme, the collection also includes wallpapers with city landscapes. This is a photo wallpaper that is glued with inserts, that is, the pattern is assembled into a single whole from several strips of wallpaper..

When creating such canvases, it was possible to preserve the artist’s unique color rendition and the manner of applying paint in random abrupt strokes, which at first glance seem chaotic, but upon a closer look, they appear in a unique pattern. For a more complete imitation of paintings on some wallpapers, the designers left the author’s stroke of the artist.

The collection contains both monochromatic sketches and multifaceted color transitions from sunny yellow to bright red, from deep blue to grassy green. And even those wallpapers, in which there is only one color, consist of many shades, which smoothly flow from one to another, create a unique versatility of light. They can be either a stand-alone coating or an excellent addition to materials with color prints..

So, a striking example of one of these panels is a painting by Van Gogh “Terrace of the night cafe”. The uniqueness of this canvas lies in the fact that the artist was able to convey the night without using black paint. But it has a huge number of shades of blue, yellow and other halftones..

A wall panel with a reproduction of this picture will be equally appropriate in the nursery, in the study, and, of course, in the bedroom..

Design guidelines

All Van Gogh wallpapers can be fully adapted to virtually to any stylistic direction in interior design – whether it be calm classics or hooligan avant-garde, old vintage or modern modern, simple-minded Provence or arrogant baroque:

  • in order for the wallpaper to really look like a single and indivisible work, experts recommend allocating for them the entire wall as a whole, or at least most of it. In this case, it is desirable that the wall be solid, without window and door openings in the middle;

  • it is better not to force this wall with large-sized furniture and not to hang bulky shelves and other objects such as a TV or other pictures on it;

  • in the bedroom and in the nursery, wallpaper with a print can be glued at the head of the bed, or in front of it. In the living room, such coverage will be appropriate in the recreation area. You can put a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table near this wall..

You can see a video review of one of the collections of wall wallpapers in the style of Van Gogh a little below..

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