Wallpaper with geometric patterns in the interior

Geometry is so ingrained in the structure of our life that we no longer notice it: at home, at work, on vacation, moving along the streets. This science studies spatial structures and relationships, as well as their generalizations. This is a branch of mathematics, which means you can trust it. We will also entrust our walls to wallpaper with a geometric pattern.


Competently selected wall coverings with geometry in the ornament are an indicator of the impeccable taste of the owners of the house. Such wallpapers have many advantages:

  • set a rhythm for the entire space: they are able to bring dynamism and rhythm to the interior, as well as give it a calm restraint and a pacifying atmosphere;
  • allow you to achieve amazing visual effects – by stretching the walls up or visually expanding the room;
  • able to mask surface imperfections;
  • the variability of geometric patterns allows you to use such wallpapers in different interior styles;
  • an abundance of shades and textures of the coating gives the consumer room for choice.


The disadvantages of such prints on the walls are insignificant, compared to the mass of positive qualities..

Consumers refer to the disadvantages of wallpaper with a geometric pattern as mandatory docking. This is especially true for canvases with large or complex ornaments..

Such materials are the most difficult to cut, and when gluing inexperienced “craftsmen” have problems with fitting the pattern.

Children and adolescents do not understand the “geometry” in wall coverings. They are boring, boring, spineless and old-fashioned..

Classic ornaments

The lines and stripes on the wallpaper are considered classics of the genre. They are resorted to when you need to visually change the dimensions of the room..

Vertical is ideal for rooms with low ceilings, such wallpapers allow you to create the effect of additional space, to extend the height of the walls. The horizontal direction of the lines is used to visually expand narrow rooms and corridors..

Striped wallpaper can be combined with wallpaper of other colors and can be skillfully integrated into almost any interior style..

Geometric ornaments in large sizes help to create accents in the decor of the room. A favorite technique of designers is to highlight the main area in the living room with a coating with such a pattern. It should be borne in mind that large elements contribute to the visual convergence of walls and reduce space.. Do not get too carried away with such canvases and paste over the whole room with them..

Small curly prints create the opposite perception: they give space and airiness to the room..

Psychologists recommend using wallpaper with a delicate beaded ornament in those rooms where you spend most of your time..

The unobtrusiveness and brevity of paintings with small patterns allows them to be used in any residential interiors.

Circles in the wall decoration give dynamism and optimism. The usual peas are lightness, romance and mischief, it is not for nothing that the fair sex is so fond of it. Someone associates this cute drawing with the decor of children’s rooms. But polka dots are great in any room and in a wide variety of styles..

Square and rectangular elements on the wallpaper embody simplicity and conciseness. They help to create a peaceful atmosphere in which to relax and unwind. The harmony of the conservative pattern is not disturbed even with bright accents.

Zigzags and waves are suitable for creating a vibrant, creative environment. They are able, like straight stripes, to expand the space in width and height..

Plaid patterned trim – a classic that never goes out of style. Such wallpapers are quite capricious and require the right color combination.. But, stopping at checkered motifs for the walls of the room, you can get a luxurious, respectable and spectacular room in which both households and guests will be comfortable..

The most popular today is the Scottish cage, which emphasizes the tradition and antiquity of the interior, brings the spirit of good old England into it..

Wallpaper with rhombuses symbolizes orderliness and precision, because a rhombus is a stable geometric figure. This finish will always look self-sufficient and luxurious..

Decorating rooms

The purpose of the room plays a significant role in the choice of finishes for walls with geometry..

Wallpaper with precise mathematical shapes is very popular for the design of walk-through areas such as hallways and corridors. In such interiors, the pulling effects of finishing will not interfere, because the rooms are not large in size. For hallways that are deprived of natural light, geometric patterns on a light background will be relevant. They will make the room brighter and more interesting..

A favorite design option for corridors is striped or chevron (zigzag) wall wallpaper. A small print with an abstract pattern or psychedelic will look concise.

When decorating a kitchen, the most popular place in an apartment where the whole family likes to gather, wall decoration should emphasize a cozy home environment. Materials in the spirit of Provence or made in country style will be successful. For example, a blue and white checkered pattern on the walls will convey the cleanliness and freshness of a room. A trendy patchwork style of wallpaper will make the room bright and unusual..

Modern trends allow strict geometric patterns in the kitchen space. These can be elements of complex computer graphics or spectacular rhombuses familiar to everyone..

Geometric shapes and lines are considered the best option when decorating a living room, because geometry is a very powerful tool that allows you to set the right rhythm for a room. Both a small abstract drawing and a modern 3D picture can act as a material pattern..

Boudoir requires creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere in which you can relax and forget. The surface of the walls should be unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye.

Prints imitating light floral motifs will help create a cozy atmosphere. It is better to give preference to light neutral spectra: pastel green and blue, beige, light yellow, gray.

The nursery requires special attention. Considering that a childish bedroom is used for different purposes, it is more logical to zone the interior with wallpaper. For example, for a recreation and sleep area, choose a discreet ornament of muted tones: small polka dots in pastel colors, business-like rhombuses, squares or rectangles of the beige-gray spectrum.

Bright geometric elements are allowed in the playing area: multi-colored zigzags or waves, triangles, a dynamic cell.

Interior styles

The theme of the ornament should always correspond to the general stylistic solution of the interior:

  • Laconic lines and shapes are suitable for a classic room: a discreet cage or a strip, decorated in a pastel spectrum. Relevant for this style and wallpaper, the drawings of which form a rhombus.
  • Design in the spirit of minimalism or high-tech is characterized by abstract images, wallpaper with a large symmetrical pattern.

  • Provence and shabby chic are light floral prints (formed by the same geometric lines) and delicate shades of lavender, mint, olive, pale pink.
  • Patterns imitating brickwork used in American industrial loft, rustic style, retro.

  • For luxurious interiors of the Baroque and palace style, it is worth choosing textile monochromatic materials with the “jacquard” effect, where the ornament forms a contrast of matte and glossy texture.
  • Oriental style is an original intricate pattern of many intertwined lines.

  • Country can afford a patchwork theme in the spirit of patchwork.
  • The favorite pattern of the English interior is a cozy cage..

Design Tips

To achieve harmony in the design of the room, you should heed the following advice from experts:

  • Wallpaper with a large pattern is best used in small quantities (on one of the walls), or in a large space with high ceilings.

  • If the wall decoration will play the role of a background in the interior, it is more appropriate to choose plain materials in pastel colors with a light geometric texture or canvases with a small floral print..

  • When you want to create an accent on the walls, you should give preference to large patterns and juicy “tasty” shades. A complex print is not the best choice in this situation, the room may be too overloaded, it will be uncomfortable to be in it.
  • Room lighting plays an important role: in a room with south-facing windows, it is better to choose materials that absorb excess light and a cool range. A cold room can be visually “warmed” with warm shades of wallpaper.

  • Geometric wall coverings with a large pattern always attract attention; against their background, curtains and other textiles should be monochromatic and without additional ornamentation. The same rule applies to furniture: the larger and brighter the pattern, the calmer the surface of the furniture..
  • Several varieties of ornament are considered bad form, even if the theme overlaps.

  • Consider the purpose of the room. Wall decoration of residential premises should create a favorable emotional background for all household members. Psychologists insist that children choose the wallpaper for their bedroom themselves, they will definitely not indicate what is annoying.
  • The same applies to the decoration of the walls in the marital boudoir – you definitely need to find out the tastes of your soulmate..

For even more interesting information on how to choose wallpaper with a geometric print, see the next video.

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