Wallpaper with monograms is a good choice for any room

Wallpaper with monograms is a good choice for any room

Refined wallpaper with monograms is associated with a restrained classic style for most of us. But they can also be used in a creative modern interior. In this article, you will learn more about such classic-style finishing materials and how to use them in different rooms..


Patterned wallpapers work well for decorating almost any room. They look stylish and sophisticated. Light canvases with beautiful monograms are suitable for decorating light rooms. Due to the fact that the basis of such a wall covering is light, they visually expand the space, which is only beneficial. Wallpaper with monograms go well with plain or fine pinstripe wall coverings.

Saturated options of pleasant colors, on the contrary, allow you to make the room more cozy and warm. Cream, sand or light brown wallpapers work well for this purpose. Monogram canvases are presented in different colors. Both warm shades (like gold or yellow) and fresh (blue or turquoise) look good.


Wallpaper decorated with monograms is not always expensive natural fabric wall coverings. Now there are many options from different materials that will pleasantly surprise you with their price and quality..


The cheapest and most practical option is plain paper wallpaper. They are most familiar to all of us, since for many years they decorated the walls of the houses of our mothers and grandmothers.. They are extremely easy to glue., therefore, you can create a pleasant atmosphere in your house or apartment with your own hands.

True, such classic wallpapers also have their drawbacks. Firstly, paper is a fairly easily soiled material, and the stains that remain on it are difficult to remove. In addition, this is a short-lived material, therefore, if you decide to glue paper canvases, you will soon have to do the repairs again..


Another interesting option is vinyl flooring. A non-woven coating is chosen as the main layer that is used to create this type of wallpaper. This makes the wall covering better quality.


Fabric surfaces are more expensive wall coverings. The fabric decorated with patterns looks really luxurious. It was these textile wallpapers, complemented by exquisite prints, that were used in the homes of aristocrats and royalty many decades ago. Now the technology of their creation has been greatly simplified., that’s why they cost several times cheaper.


Like stretch ceilings, stretch wall coverings are also very popular now. This modern type of wallpaper is expensive and therefore rarely found in the assortment of popular brands. But, nevertheless, many can afford this luxury. They are usually made to order, so if you want to decorate your home with exquisite stretch canvases with monograms, you don’t have to worry that they will be truly unique..

Interior use

Wallpaper with beautiful monograms can decorate both living and working spaces. Let’s look at some of the subtleties of creating coziness in different rooms..


In this room, it is especially important to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and immersion in a long sleep. That is why most people prefer light-colored wallpaper. The patterns that adorn such wall coverings can be either muted and barely noticeable, or contrasting. Shades of beige, gold or pink are considered the ideal base.. The color of the patterns can be slightly darker – gray or brown, for example.

If you are decorating a room with textiles, then the patterns on the bedspreads, pillows and curtains should be combined with the base of the room. This also applies to the shades used when decorating the room, and prints. If you are making renovations in a small room, it is best to avoid using ornate sweeping monograms on the surface of the wallpaper..

Living room

In the living room, patterned wallpaper should be more expressive. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in this room, canvases with patterns can look solemn, elegant, or, conversely, neutral and calm..

It is best to use a patterned wallpaper only on one of the walls, even if you have a large room. This will make it possible to zone the space. So, for example, next to such a patterned wall, you can place a sofa or armchairs with tables. As a result, you will not only decorate the room, but also create a cozy place to relax..

In fact, there are no restrictions in terms of the choice of patterns and placement of such wallpapers, but designers do not recommend placing them next to window openings. The fact is that due to the fact that the light does not fall on the area next to the window opening, the patterns here will be practically invisible..

An interesting contrasting print and a calm combination of colors from one palette will decorate the living room. For example, in a modern living room, wallpaper with white monograms on a red base will look interesting, and a room in a classic style will be decorated with exquisite light blue coatings, decorated with silvery ornate painting..


Since most owners try to select practical wallpaper for the kitchen, the beauty of the wall covering fades into the background. But it is with such canvases with beautiful patterns that you can decorate the dining area. If you pick up furniture that is also suitable in style, then everything will look as stylish as possible..


In the children’s bedroom, you can use not only bright prints with the image of animals and fairy-tale characters. Calm wallpapers decorated with monograms also look good in this room. It may seem to you that this is unnecessary pathos, but in fact, simple canvases with repeating flowing patterns have a calming effect on the mind of the baby..

If your child is restless, does not sleep well, and wakes up many times during the night, then such wallpapers will help him to relax and tune in to a restful sleep. In addition, you can always complement the room with large stickers on the walls or bright paintings in color frames. Or you can even paste over only the surface of the crib with them, leaving the rest of the space bright and colorful – this will also delight both you and the baby, who will not lack bright colors.

Use beautiful wallpapers to transform any of your rooms into real royal apartments.

How to choose?

When choosing suitable wallpaper, attention is equally you need to pay attention to both their appearance and the quality of the material:

  • the appearance of the wallpaper determines how the room in which it is located will be perceived. Large patterns in contrasting colors immediately draw attention to themselves and are therefore not recommended for use as a base. It is best if such materials decorate only one of the walls and serve to place accents;
  • wallpapers with such patterns go well with textile wall coverings, and with wood panels, and with simple plastered surfaces. In each case, a beautiful accent in the form of a patterned strip looks as elegant and expensive as possible;

  • designers also advise you to pay attention to the fact that large monograms should be used only in spacious rooms. Otherwise, such patterns will “eat up” the free space;
  • small monograms are easier to use. They go equally well with a solid base of the room, and other patterns, or even paintings on the walls. This is the least demanding version of the picture in terms of the choice of companion textures. If you pick up a material decorated with subtle patterns in almost the same color as the base of the wallpaper, you will get a very delicate wall covering. It will definitely decorate any bedroom or living room..

In the next video you will find a master class on wallpapering with monograms.

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