Wallpaper York: design in the interior

Wallpaper York: design in the interior

Among the large assortment of wall coverings on our market are American wallpapers York. What are their features and what interior they fit, let’s figure it out.

About the manufacturer

York company appeared on the American market at the end of the 19th century, and since then has become popular all over the world. Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest wallpaper factories in the world, its products are still relevant and withstand the most serious competition in the market of finishing materials..


York wallpaper has a rather original look. Famous designers such as Candice Olson, Stacy Garcia, Ronald Redding are working on their external design. They manage to combine historical plots taken from the archives and the present. At the exit, receiving an exclusive ornament for collections.

This product has a number of advantages:

  • for the manufacture of York wallpaper, only high-quality raw materials are used;
  • the products have good strength. It is easy to glue them, the finishing material does not tear and does not bubble;
  • unrivaled style can be seen in all collections. This wall decoration will become a highlight of your interior;
  • you will find wallpaper samples not only for pasting rooms in the house. There are also suitable colors for office spaces;
  • all wallpapers are made using only environmentally friendly materials. They are completely safe for both adults and children;

  • colors do not fade even when direct sunlight hits the wallpaper;
  • all products allow the walls to “breathe”. It does not “trap” the air inside the room;
  • if the coating gets dirty, it can be carefully washed with a damp cloth, without fear that the wallpaper will deteriorate;
  • the cost of York wall coverings is different, so you can choose them for different “wallet size”.


York company produces wallpapers of several types. Typically, these are paper wallpapers that are thick enough to provide good performance. The texture of the coatings is very pleasant. There are canvases on which an adhesive base has already been applied, and it is not required to additionally apply glue to them. The top of the wallpaper has acrylic protection. They are not afraid of moderate moisture.

Among the York collections there are also paper-based vinyl materials. They are denser than the previous version. In addition, this product is practically non-flammable. Wallpapers of this type have an interesting texture and will delight you with their appearance for many years..


York wallpapers are divided into collections. There are 60 series in total, among the samples of which even the most demanding customer will find a suitable option for himself. Here are some particularly interesting lines:

  • Houndstooth. This series imitates various types of fabrics. Here you will find crow’s feet, a tartan cage, and much more. These wallpapers will be the perfect backdrop for prim English interiors. You can also choose an option for country style or for some modern solutions;

  • Snapshots. This series is specially designed for loft-style interior decoration. Here you will find imitations of various surfaces: brick walls, wood planks, concrete, wool, as well as ornaments in the urban style depicting factories and factories in New York;

  • Casabella ii. Here, the designers tried to transfer floral ornaments from tapestries to paper canvas. And they did it well. Bouquets of roses or lilies will look great on the walls in a Provence-style room;

  • Artisan estate. This collection was created for classic interiors. The main ornamentation here is the royal damascus motifs, which were used to decorate premises in Europe as early as the 18th century;

  • Disney 1,2,3. With the help of these collections, you can recreate in the children’s room a whole page from your favorite book of fairy tales. For example, decorate the room like the bottom of the ocean with algae and the heroes of the fairy tale about the little mermaid Ariel. In addition to wallpaper, wall stickers with drawings in the theme will also come to the rescue..

How to glue

York wallpaper should be glued according to the instructions that come with each roll. The basic steps are the same as when pasting walls with a coating of any other company:

  • first you need to work the walls with soil. Let dry for 6 hours;
  • then you can glue the surfaces, treating both walls and canvases with glue.

However, the peculiarity is precisely when decorating the interior with York wallpaper. If your wall covering has an adhesive base, then it should first be soaked for 20 seconds in water, then folded and left for 6 minutes to soften the adhesive layer. It is recommended to glue on the wall without additional application of the solution, since when the substance applied to the canvas and the glue on the wall interact, a reaction may occur, and an unsightly appearance of stains will appear on the surface.

When pasting walls with paper wallpaper, it is recommended to overlap them by 1-2 m so that when the wallpaper dries, the canvas does not disperse. It is recommended to level the coating on the wall only from top to bottom, without stretching the canvas to the sides, then the deformation of the wallpaper will be minimal, and their shrinkage will also be insignificant.


Buyers speak about York wallpaper ambiguously:

  • many talk about the chic design of these products, which is able to fill any interior with an unsurpassed sense of style, making it unusual. Some people notice a nice texture. Others like the fact that you can wipe off dirt from the wallpaper, especially for canvases pasted in children’s rooms;

  • but there are also dissatisfied with the coverage of this manufacturer. They talk about the difficulties in pasting the premises. However, this only happens if the instructions given by the manufacturer are not followed..

For an overview of York wallpaper, see the following video.

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