Compartment doors to the dressing room

Wardrobe or dressing room?

The need for careful and accurate storage of things is very relevant for all housewives, without exception. What to choose – a large wardrobe or a comfortable dressing room – is a matter of paramount importance.

When there are few things, a large and roomy wardrobe may well do. If space permits and things that require responsible storage have accumulated enough, it is better to give preference to a dressing room. To do this, you can select part of the longest wall. It is more convenient to search for things collected in one place. In addition, in a spacious dressing room, they will not wrinkle as much as in a closet. Moreover, in the dressing room you can successfully place additional shelves for shoes and drawers for accessories..

The only thing to consider is that the installation of dressing rooms, like structures in the wall, the edges of which are sewn up with plasterboard, is best done during the repair of the entire room..

Which door to give preference?

A properly equipped dressing room allows not only to significantly save space in an apartment or house, but also to emphasize the overall interior of the room. The inner filling of the dressing room can be different, based on the personal preferences of everyone, but the choice of the outer door should be taken more closely. The door to the dressing room should be selected taking into account the style of the room, then it will not only harmoniously fit into the interior, but also add conciseness and chic to the space.

Depending on the sliding mechanism, the following types of doors for the dressing room are distinguished:

  1. Compartment doors
  2. Techno style doors
  3. Folding Folding Doors
  4. Doors with accordion mechanism
  5. Pencil doors
  6. Rotary doors.


The door to the dressing room is chosen taking into account taste preferences and the presence of unused space.

For example, techno doors are classic wardrobe doors. Doors with the “book” mechanism can be made in the same style as the doors to the room, you only need additional space, free of furniture, to open them. Folding doors are an interesting model, but not very convenient with constant use. Modern pencil case doors are difficult to install, as they require additional niches in the wall for the door leaf, but at the same time they perfectly save space. Lightweight and versatile roto doors have good technical characteristics, but due to the high cost, not everyone can afford such doors..


To date, compartment doors for the dressing room remain the most relevant..

Pros and cons of the coupe

Due to the variety of materials used in the production of sliding doors, they can not only give originality to any room, but also transform it almost beyond recognition..

Compartment doors are the most convenient in terms of operation: when correctly installed, they smoothly slide along the surface of the walls.

Such doors are the safest for children. The absence of handles and sharp corners make them not traumatic when hitting the door.

Compartment doors are easy to install: no special tools or special skills are required to install them. The size of sliding doors is usually ordered according to the individual parameters of the dressing room, so you will not need to dismantle the walls.

All of the above characteristics are perhaps the main advantages of compartment doors..

Compartment doors, like all products, are not without flaws

Sliding doors are not airtight, which makes them vapor and smoke permeable. Therefore, you should not place a dressing room next to the kitchen..

When such doors are opened, a quiet rustle is heard, which can wake up the rest of the household who are not going to work. But almost any door makes a sound, so this drawback of a coupe door is not so significant.

Over time, the mechanism of the compartment doors may loosen with frequent opening, the doors will begin to move apart in different directions. Fortunately, the constructive type of compartment doors makes it easy to replace a worn-out part..

The predominance of a significantly larger number of advantages with a minimum of disadvantages makes it possible to make compartment doors the most purchased among consumers..

Types and materials

Sliding doors can be made of different materials, taking into account technical features and price preferences. Let’s consider the most commonly used materials:

Chipboard, chipboard, MDF. Such material is good for its price and unpretentiousness. In fact, these are compressed sawdust, connected with glue and decorated with a decorative film, so doors made of chipboard, chipboard or MDF should be protected from moisture, otherwise they risk simply crumpling.

Plastic. Sliding doors made of plastic are easy to clean, they are not afraid of blows, scratches. Due to its durability, this door option is suitable for a dressing room in a nursery or bedroom. A variety of colors and styles will make such a door an original piece of furniture.

Mirror and glass. Sliding doors are made of impact-resistant glass, so do not be afraid that they will break and injure someone from the household or pets. Glass or mirrored doors visually expand the space and make it three-dimensional. Today, there are many options for decorating glass doors: sandblasting or acrylic painting, giving a texture to a corrugated surface, creating a gloss or matte surface using a special film, using rhinestones, beads, colored mosaic glass in decoration. In addition, a full-length mirror will help to assess the appearance before going out and will not leave indifferent any woman..

Photo printing. A mirror or glass door can be easily diversified with a photo printing element. Today almost any image can be transferred to the surface of the material. Photos of birds, animals, flowers, various landscapes and portraits will successfully transform any room.

Wood. Sliding doors made of solid wood look luxurious, but the price of such a product is quite high.

Bamboo or rattan. Doors made of these materials are environmentally friendly, they look light and airy and will ideally match the interior in a natural style..

Fur, leather. Sliding doors that use fur or leather inserts in their design look original and bold. They can be completed with a bed or bedside table in the appropriate style..


By the method of installation, they are distinguished:

Hinged. These sliding doors are the most common type of construction. When suspended, the door slides along guides attached to the wall or ceiling. Due to the absence of any elements on the floor, the hinged structure is safe: there is no chance of someone tripping over the protruding elements.

Suspended compartment doors. Visually, you will not notice the difference between the first and second type of compartment door construction. When installing suspended doors, the guides are installed on the doorway.

Cassette sliding doors. This type of construction is considered the most expensive and requires specialist assistance during installation. With this design, the guides are built into the walls and look like cassettes. It is into these cassettes that, in a suspended state, like cornices, sliding door leaves are inserted..

The choice of the type of construction in any case depends on the individual preferences and financial capabilities of the buyer..

Depending on the location, the following systems for compartment doors can be distinguished:

  • Rectilinear.
  • Corner.
  • Semicircular.


Most often, the dressing room is in the shape of a rectangle. In this case, the sliding doors are inserted using a straight-line system. In the event that a part of the room is allocated for the dressing room, then we are talking about corner door installation systems. Semicircular profiles located along the radius of movement of the doors are indispensable in wardrobes with a round shape.

Which one to choose?

When choosing a sliding door to a dressing room, one should be guided by technical characteristics, color and style..

Choose from single or double doors. These doors will slide parallel to the vertical floor surface. When three or more leaves are selected, all elements will cascade along separate guides.

When choosing fittings for a sliding door, pay attention to metal guides and bearings – they are more durable than their plastic counterparts. Even years later, a door with good fittings will function perfectly..

When choosing a door lock, choose special locks for compartment doors

In terms of material and design, it is worth choosing doors for other interior elements: the combination of compartment doors with the rest of the furniture in the apartment will harmonize the space.

How to do it yourself?

You can easily make a sliding door to a dressing room with your own hands, without asking for help from a manufacturing company.

Installation should begin with the choice of the design of the dressing room. After you have decided on the type of construction, you will need to make the necessary measurements of the doorway. This must be done using a level, a plumb line and a tape measure for the accuracy of the measured horizontal data and height. You should also measure the corners of the doorway..

Taking into account the data obtained, it will be necessary to draw up a design project in order to determine the correct amount of materials. With a doorway width of up to 1 m, one door is enough, with dimensions up to 2 m, it is better to use a double-leaf structure, in the case of a wide space it will be more convenient to use additional canvases.

When making the frame, it is better to use an aluminum profile, it is distinguished by a reliable structure, and you will need slats to fix the contents of the canvas.

In the process of assembling the structure, close control of the evenness of the corners is required, if necessary, their correction. The edges of the curtain can be framed with an aluminum profile; high-quality slide rollers, slats and fittings are also an important element..

Care rules

When cleaning the room, do not forget to clean the door rollers from dirt and dust. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner, brush, or an ordinary damp cloth. A slanted guide can be leveled by lightly tapping it with a hammer. If any part of the structure is out of order, it can be easily replaced by contacting the company where you ordered the door, or you can purchase it yourself from a special furniture store..

A wide assortment presented on the furniture market allows you to choose sliding doors for a dressing room for every taste.

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