Dressing room and its benefits

Even in the smallest apartment, a prerequisite for order is the presence of a dressing room. Here you can store underwear, clothes, sports equipment and other things. The market of furniture products offers models of various quality, purpose, functionality. All of them differ in size, texture, location of compartments, boxes. Unlike a conventional wardrobe or wardrobe, the dressing room can be positioned along 2, 3 or 4 walls.


The owners of a large country cottage or modest square meters strive to create maximum comfort in their home. They make the best use of free space, often resort to the help of wardrobe systems. Are you tired of storing things in bulk in “stuffy” Soviet closets, not finding the right blouse, skirt or sweater in the dusty chaos? Organize your clothes on the shelves!

It’s time to buy a universal stand, a rack, a design with ergonomic compartments, drawers that will fit not only suits, dresses and accessories, but also seasonal clothes. Some of the designs are designed for storing household appliances, masking communication systems in the house, etc..

The features of the installation are:

  • the ability to customize a dressing room, create the best area for storing clothes;

  • independent design, calculation of the optimal place, dimensions, all accessories used, from hooks to fasteners;

  • selection of a suitable material and finish (chipboard, metal, mirror, multicolored satin, stained glass);

  • a great attempt to avoid a cluttered closet by creating a versatile storage facility;

  • the ability to combine stationary shelves, niches and compartments with pull-out, modular;

  • creation of separate areas for storing construction tools, cleaning products, sports equipment;

  • the ability to provide for such little things as trousers, shoe racks, laundry baskets, etc..

Large apartments and country houses cannot do without such a practical and useful headset. The presence of a dressing room significantly saves time on getting ready, searching for missing items of your outfit, daily ironing and taking care of things. An ordinary wardrobe holds things folded, with closed doors it “does not collect” odors of old stuff. And open dressing rooms allow you to keep all your business suits, evening dresses, shoes, hats neat all year round.

Variants and types

Some people start dressing rooms in order to properly organize storage space for household appliances, ironing boards, stairs, construction equipment, etc. The technique of the location of the compartments will vary depending on which wardrobe system you have chosen. Today on the market there is a metal frame, mesh, modular, models made of chipboard, plastic, stainless steel. When choosing the required design, you will most likely be based on its convenience and price..

For small rooms, a narrow, structure made of plasterboard, built-in, walk-through, cabinet is suitable. It can be positioned both in the corner and along the wall. A long rectangular rack is considered universal, allowing access to both basic clothing and small things (umbrella, scarves, hats, shoes, etc.).

Origin story

Such an important and practical attitude came from an ordinary chest, which performed several functions at once: people fell asleep on it, sat, traveled, and stored things. For several centuries, as soon as the chest was not transformed. At the beginning, an end was attached to it, then hinged doors, sashes. As an independent piece of furniture, the wardrobe became only in the 18th century. Then it was made from valuable species of trees, decorated with carvings, inlays, glass, mirror inserts, stained glass.

Wardrobes, racks

Today, furniture, first of all, should be roomy, and secondly – mobile, functional, ergonomic, space-saving. Wardrobe cabinets are gaining more and more popularity, which harmoniously fit into the premises, have the required number of niches, partitions, drawers and compartments..

The minimum space is occupied by a wardrobe rack, radius products, prefabricated systems. Ready-made or custom-made models can be looked at in any specialized store with home delivery and high-quality installation. Retractable products, products on wheels, cabinet or shelving options remain in fashion. In the latter case, an ordinary cabinet with rods of various lengths and heights is attached to the wall. It is equipped with drawers, shelves, pull-out baskets.

Open and case

The most practical model is the U-shaped, open design. In such cases, all clothing will be in plain sight, in the public domain. You will forever forget what moth, dust, mold or mildew are.

The most affordable in the price turned out to be case-models. They resemble a rack on which shelving and other elements are attached. In this installation, it is preferable to place all modules along one or more walls. To make the structure stronger, it is necessary to pull off the parts of the frame. There is a colossal number of convenient sections, compartments for storing not only clothes, but also accessories, underwear, etc..

Loft wardrobes and boiserie

An interesting option would be a metal structure, square or semicircular. It fits perfectly into the styles of loft interiors, urban chic, kitsch, eclecticism, hi-tech. “Lofts” turned out to be quite light products, despite the material from which they are made. You can choose special spacer racks with holders, shelves, hangers and other storage containers for the hallway and living room..

Such models will cost much less than a massive wardrobe. Their installation will require a monolithic wall or drywall partitions. The design is suitable for small rooms, and the design idea will allow you to compose unusual, complex compositions. They are universal, because the shelves on them can be rearranged in any combination, taking into account the needs of the owner. If you get tired of the appearance of the dressing room in the corridor, you can at any time move the installation to the bedroom, nursery, bathroom, or complete it..

Wall-mounted wardrobe “boiserie” will look incredibly stylish. This trend has appeared on the domestic market relatively recently. First – in boutiques, clothing stores, and later – in apartments of residential buildings, country cottages. The boiserie decorative panel is supplied with shelves, rails and chests of drawers. It is based on the principles of “horizontal”, that is, there are no vertical partitions, limiters.

Another advantage of the installation is the ability to mount it to a false ceiling. If necessary, you can change the boiserie modules, change the atmosphere of the interior. For clothing, this is the best place with excellent air circulation. Things do not get dirty, do not wrinkle on hangers, do not pinch on the sides. Together with this type of dressing room, you get an excellent constructive solution for the decoration of the room itself.

The best modern garment storage products need to be practical and fit for purpose. Separately, it will turn out to pick up models for schools, for girls, an ergonomic transformer that saves great space in the room, “generates” extraordinary design ideas every day! Special attention should be paid to the bed-dressing room, the model-book, comfortable floor boxes. The best “airing” of clothes and linen is demonstrated by mesh products.

Location of compartments

The dressing room can be designed in a separate room or be part of the bedroom, living room, bathroom. Quite often, a children’s room needs to install such a design, especially if there are two or more children in the family. With the help of ergonomic, comfortable shelving, you can teach your child to order and plan the day. Walk-in closet can be placed along the wall.

The most popular types are the L- and U-shaped configuration. At the entrance, sliding doors can be installed, like a compartment, to create a functional closed-type wardrobe. The number of doors in this case will vary depending on the width of the opening (2 doors are installed for 2 m, 3 doors for 3 m, etc.). Such elements are located at right angles, along an oblique line or diagonally.

Small or large, an apartment with low or high ceilings – the choice of a dressing room will depend only on your preferences. The natural color palette remains relevant: beige, sand, wood shade, green, walnut, white, graphite and classic black.

Materials (edit)

When choosing material for a dressing room, start from practicality, functionality and the possibility of simple maintenance of the structure. Elite class models are products made of veneer and solid wood, MDF panels, painted with enamel with patina, etc. Structures made of wood, laminated chipboard look perfect in most interior styles. Classic, rustic, eco – laminated chipboard panels, a frame made of solid beech, ash, birch veneer, etc. will most organically fit into the design of such rooms..

The classic dressing room is often decorated with pilasters, baseboards, and carvings. You can fill such a structure with wooden baskets, pantographs, trousers, wicker hangers or ties. The most prestigious brands today are VIBO, Kessebohmer, AMBOS and JET. In order to save in price when buying solid wood models, pay attention to the combined options.

They are decorated with patina, gilding, mesh with the effect of “aging” or glossy shine..

If you like modern interior styles, such as high-tech, minimalism, constructivism, turn to transparent structures. So, a glass wardrobe rack consists mainly of sliding doors, partitions. Such elements run along guides along the openings, which makes the room itself occupy a little space. With the help of glass restraints, you can successfully zone the dressing room by distributing things into sections.

Glass shelves can also be combined with details from metal structures (bars, niches), giving free rein to design imagination. Such a “tandem” as frosted glass and chrome-plated Joker pipe looks neat and laconic. Pipes with a diameter of 25 mm are used as a vertical rack, supporting shelves, flanges, the very base of the dressing room.

Recently, the Lazurit company has gained popularity, producing corner wardrobes, sliding wardrobes with sliding doors and a frame, wardrobes with lifting doors. Opening wide open, such products are suitable for small apartments, non-standard studios, fashionable mansions, hotels, etc..

The most affordable option today is cardboard elements. They show low performance characteristics, however, they can be used to create complex design modules, decorate a room in the style of pop art, kitsch, shabby chic, avant-garde, etc..

How to properly equip a room in an apartment or house?

Are you the owner of a modest square meter or a prestigious mansion? Don’t know how to equip 2 sq m or 3 sq m in Khrushchev? There are a huge number of design ideas on how to equip the hallway area, living room, small room, like a pantry as comfortably as possible..

You can make a pretty dressing room out of an unsightly room from solid wood of valuable species or in the form of a metal structure. Go outside the bedroom, make room in it for more important things, such as a chest of drawers, a bed, a coffee table.

Depending on what area you have, you can order a wardrobe rack from 140 x 140 mm to 2 x 2 meters. A common option remains standard models with a width of 160 by 160 cm, which can be easily located in a one-room apartment, in a private house, etc..

Many manufacturers provide a convenient 3D planner for each customer. This means that online you can create the hallway of your dreams, correctly organize the storage space and not overpay. This service is provided by the legendary brands IKEA, Elfa, Aristo and many others. The calculation is easy, the optimal dimensions are adjusted to your individual requirements.

Place a dressing room in an ordinary apartment of 18 sq. m is possible in a few minutes. Thanks to the modular design, the installation process does not take much time. High-quality planning will allow you to properly manage the available space and forever forget about the trash that accumulates on the mezzanine, in wardrobes, bedside tables, etc..

An additional 1m deep will help you place all seasonal clothing, sports or construction equipment that you rarely use in one place. The dressing room does not block the entrance to the room at all, it can be installed anywhere in the house. It will also come in handy for receiving guests, organizing space in rooms with a minimum area..

Racks, bars, pull-out niches are a real find for a one-room apartment. It takes a little time to make a sketch for your requirements. The elements themselves are not complicated, but the compositions of them sometimes become a real design masterpiece. You can get the headset both in a three-ruble note and in a small apartment. Even the smallest stand “saves” the situation, saves your personal space.


There is a colossal number of designs with shelves and shelves, with their own exclusive interior. For example, inside men’s loft-style wardrobes, everything should be strictly, concise, systematized. If a woman has a full-length mirror, then for a man it does not matter. He needs to find the right pair of socks, shoes and an ironed shirt as quickly as possible..

A woman’s dressing room is dominated by such styles as glamor, pin-up, rustic, art deco, boho-chic, empire, and many others. Fans of dark woods must necessarily have shelves, niches, drawers, racks on a light wall background, for example, in the Provence style. Particular attention should be paid to built-in lamps, the use of LED strips. A mirror door made in a classic style or a model with sliding doors will look beautiful.

A special trend of our time is unpainted natural wood. It can be combined with wicker laundry baskets, all kinds of panels, original lamps. In the atmosphere of luxurious classics, be sure to include French romantic notes or, conversely, aggressive colors for youth trends (grunge, industrial, urban chic). Make sure that the adjacent cabinets, bench and other fittings correspond to the texture of the material from which the shelves, drawers are made.

You can also refer to the interesting idea of ​​a walk-in closet with an island, endowed with great functionality. An ottoman, an armchair, seats with a dressing table can act as an island. Here you can place a lounge-zone, create an atmospheric place for applying makeup, etc. Modern wardrobes can be quite functional if you think over every centimeter in them, use it for its intended purpose.

It is noteworthy that the glass shelf will not overload the space. When decorating a dressing room in a Scandinavian style, pay attention to what curtains to hang here, what textiles to choose (stole, pillows, curtain rods with a curtain, curtain). Here you can glue stylish non-woven wallpaper or install solid wood structures.

You can choose a practical curtain rod specifically for accessories. It can be either open or closed. Any decor solutions will always be beneficial if they organically fit into the style of the room itself. Wall decoration is done in the form of stained glass, matte or glossy texture. You can freely apply a print on it, making a successful composition and bright unusual accents..


The right lighting can make the smallest area not only comfortable, but also stylish. For a standard apartment, a pantry or a hallway is usually allocated for a dressing room, which should be at least 4 m2. The backlight here will be as natural as possible. Try to choose ceiling lighting that distributes light around the entire perimeter, “reaching” to any corner of the rack.

For a small wardrobe, look for spotlights, and in a room with high ceilings, a chandelier, clothespins that change the angle of inclination will organically fit in. You can highlight individual compartments and shelves with contrasting shades. Combinations of a soft powdery tone with a cold shine of blue will look fashionable. LEDs in turquoise and purple shades will be mesmerizing.

Hang a bright garland on the ceiling around the perimeter, especially when it comes to a stretch structure with several levels. With this approach, you will be able to create a real “Narnia”, magical, fabulous, which may well turn into a recreation area, and not just a dressing room. For the place where you are going to store things, use bright light and no muted tones..

Interesting and beautiful ideas in the interior

You can create an interesting dressing room design with the help of experienced decorators. Successful examples can be viewed on the Internet, use ready-made templates. You can flip through glossy magazines and find out how the dressing rooms of show business stars and celebrities are arranged.

Recent trends show that at the peak of popularity are glass partitions, half-walls with opaque glass, stained glass. By dividing several locations, you will still maintain the unity of the space. Designers advise using original photo curtains, decorative threads, elegant drapery, fabric canvases or blackout curtains.

The chic designs come directly with a dressing table, mirror or floor hanger. You will decide in advance on the color, texture and general style of the interior in order to correctly “fit” into it a rack, an u-shaped wall, a modular set.

Your real chances to effectively decorate the living room, hallway and even the bedroom increase as soon as you purchase an original dressing room. Instead of a traditional wardrobe, you will receive not only a functional storage space, but also a separate area for rest, tidying up, daily make-up, etc. In the West, the dressing room has long become a trend.

When equipping it, take into account all the requirements concerning not only the “storage” of clothes, linen, collecting shoes and luxurious dresses, but also the optimal arrangement of such things as an ironing board, boxes with seasonal wardrobe, etc. It is important that such a design and special decor in in the form of draperies, curtains or curtains, it can conveniently divide a room, studio into several zones. Plan any day competently and know exactly where it lies, which thing.

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