Popular manufacturers of wardrobe furniture

Popular manufacturers of wardrobe furniture

It is impossible to imagine a modern apartment without a convenient storage system. Grandma’s wardrobe and chest of drawers are a thing of the past, now more and more people prefer thoughtful dressing rooms, especially since manufacturers meet halfway and offer options for arranging a dressing room that are available to almost everyone. Even the game characters of online games have peculiar dressing rooms. For example, the luxurious Tsar’s dressing room in the game “Domovyata”, where even the door looks like a magic one from a fairy tale!

Modern dressing room

So what does a modern dressing room look like? Surely every fashionista immediately imagines Carrie Bradshaw’s chic dressing room from the popular TV series Sex and the City. A whole room for storing clothes and shoes is, of course, a dream, not always available in ordinary small apartments..

But a dressing room is not an inaccessible luxury, it is, first of all, a place where things are in order and remain for a long time: they are not spoiled by pests, they do not fade, do not become dusty and do not cake. Therefore, it is not necessary to acquire a separate room for clothes in order to organize a dressing room in it, it is enough to follow a few rules when organizing storage of things..

First, there should be a weak natural air exchange in the dressing room.. In the absence of air in things, bacterial decomposition, rotting begins, things crumble and decay. Unfortunately, periodic ventilation does not fundamentally change matters; constant weak ventilation is needed. It is very important that the ventilation is not too intense, otherwise there is a risk of spores and pest eggs falling into the dressing room along with dust..

Secondly, do not forget about the light.. Even weak natural light ensures that clothes are safe from moths, the larvae of which develop only in complete darkness. Thirdly, neither clothes nor shoes like sudden changes in temperature and humidity, so when arranging a dressing room, you should take care of this too..


As a rule, dressing rooms are designed individually for each customer, taking into account his wishes for the filling and configuration of the room in which the dressing room will be located, therefore there can be a lot of types of dressing rooms. And yet, there are several basic types..

Chipboard wardrobes

They can be either built-in, frame, or consist of separate modules. The main advantage of such furniture is efficiency. Minus – there is no way to rearrange the shelves in height or width to suit your needs, you will have to discuss all the nuances with the designer in advance.

Metal and mesh wardrobes

Quite universal – modules can most often be changed and rearranged as much as necessary; moisture resistant – in rooms with high humidity, chipboard cannot be used; linen in nets is well ventilated and does not cake. Of the minuses – they are more expensive compared to particleboard.

The dressing room can be open type, designed into the interior, or closed – this is either a specially designated room, or a fenced-off area of ​​a room in an apartment. The dressing room can be arranged in a niche, in a corner or attached to the wall.


The main items that should be in every dressing room are an open hanger and wardrobe. The rest of the items can be as many as you like: boxes, brackets, extruders, pull-out shelves, rods, containers, hangers, as well as any number of sections and shelves. Thanks to the modular system, modern furniture for dressing rooms has become so versatile that it is possible to organize a good dressing room even in a small studio apartment. The main thing is to comply with all Building Norms and Rules (SNIP).


First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the Italian and Swedish dressing rooms.


Italian furniture is not without reason appreciated all over the world, thanks to its excellent quality and reliability. Firms such as Lema Factory, Falma Italia Company, Bucalossi Factory, Arca, Scavolini, Binova and others have a long history and excellent reputation. In the manufacture of furniture, only high-quality proven materials are used to ensure the safety and durability of all products.

The dressing rooms of the Italian factory Poliform are roomy, comfortable and functional. One of the company’s innovative developments is considered to be a surprisingly durable and at the same time almost invisible metal frame, and four options for the door opening mechanism allow you to place such a dressing room in almost any room, regardless of its configuration..


The Swedish company Elfa International AB has earned the most positive feedback from its customers. The company is considered a leading manufacturer of wardrobes and offers its customers wardrobes and modules of various materials, of any configuration..

The cheaper analogue of Elfa is the Rubbermaid Wardrobe Systems. They are equipped with telescopic parts that allow you to place wardrobe modules in any room without measurements, and are supplied as a ready-made kit..

The famous Ikea company, famous for its economical and practical solutions, offers the Algot storage system. It is an open system with many modules, minimalistic and convenient.

Wardrobe systems Vitra, Alexa, Loveridge, German wardrobe rooms and Element System storage systems – examples of quality and thoughtfulness.

Russian furniture manufacturers are not lagging behind their European colleagues.

The Russian company Amatid has launched the production of the Aristo Wardrobe System. This is a unique storage system, the modules are securely attached, but at the same time, they can be easily rearranged. The system is characterized by a high degree of mobility, which allows you to expand or change the number of elements of the dressing room.

The wardrobe system of the Russian furniture factory Ronikon is the best combination of price and quality, safe materials, an individual approach. The dressing rooms of this factory are multifunctional, reliable and practical. You can make a wardrobe to order, or purchase a serial sample.

The large Russian company Komandor is known to many buyers all over the world. Offers to make absolutely any storage systems to order or purchase ready-made. A wide selection of materials and the use of modern technologies make it possible to bring any ideas to life, and high-quality European fittings (towels, holders, consoles, fastening mechanisms) ensure the reliability of the system.

Another well-known Russian brand is Mr Doors. The dressing room is made to order, designed by experienced designers in accordance with the wishes of the customer, filled with convenient sections and accessories. Quality materials and thoughtfulness to the smallest detail are guaranteed!

Furniture factory Stolplit offers custom-made wardrobes and sliding wardrobes.

Furniture hypermarkets

Of course, you want to choose furniture for a dressing room with comfort, without wasting time. It is not very convenient to go to each furniture salon, therefore, for those who value their time, an excellent way out is furniture hypermarkets..

Furniture hypermarket Hoff offers shelving and modules for wardrobes from various manufacturers at reasonable prices.

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