Large wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe is a storage furniture with sliding doors. Today, this piece of furniture can be found everywhere: in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the office, and even in many clinics and beauty salons. The advantages of such a cabinet are undeniable, because by acquiring such furniture, you can save a lot of space. Such furniture is especially relevant in small apartments. In addition, mirrored surfaces are able to reflect the room, thereby visually increasing the space..


Today the furniture industry offers a wide variety of furniture options for large wardrobes. The most popular are corner, cabinet and built-in wardrobes. As for style, wardrobes reflect all the latest furniture trends in furniture fashion. Depending on personal preferences or financial capabilities, you can choose a cabinet made of natural wood or materials that imitate it. Sliding wardrobes in demand today are made from a variety of materials, among which the most common are wood, chipboard and many others..


A spacious full-wall sliding wardrobe is a great way to freshen up the interior and get extra space for things. Plus, a beautiful wardrobe can become a magnificent element of the interior, because today designers come up with original solutions that amaze the imagination. A properly selected wardrobe can fit into the already created style of the apartment, or it can inspire you to create a new one. A large wardrobe can accommodate a huge number of diverse things, which will help to constantly maintain order in the house. If such a cabinet is in the corridor, then you can put the vacuum cleaner, ironing board, your wardrobe, shoes and many other things into it..

For the living room

The living room is one of the most comfortable places in the house, where the whole family and guests gather. The sliding wardrobe for the living room will create a wonderful environment and emphasize the unique style. In the living room, it is allowed to choose the most pretentious options that can emphasize the rich decoration. Laser engraving, unusual drawings or stained-glass windows on the front of the wardrobe will not make anyone doubt your great taste. However, when drawing up a living room design, do not overdo it with colorful decorations, as this can play the opposite effect and too much effort will turn into bad taste..

A large sliding wardrobe is a mega-functional furniture project in the form of a wardrobe with numerous storage compartments. At the same time, such a wardrobe is a symbolic element in the interior, as it draws a lot of attention to itself. Such models are chosen for spacious houses with large families. A bulky wardrobe in a good way with sliding doors is just a godsend for a huge family, because almost everything can be folded into it in one place. Such models can combine other elements of a classic cabinet or place for a computer or TV..


Depending on the purpose for which the cabinet is purchased and on where it will be located, the cabinet is filled with everything "wealth". If this wardrobe is for the hallway, then it is possible to perfectly arrange outerwear, hats, shoes, handbags, umbrellas and many other wardrobe items in it. In this case, the wardrobe plays the role of a so-called dressing room. A sliding wardrobe designed for a bedroom is used to store bed linen, everyday and weekend clothes. It is best when such a cabinet has many shelves, coupled with hangers..


Useful Tips

  • In case of insufficient lighting of a large space of the wardrobe, an excellent solution would be to equip it with additional light. This will allow you to easily find the necessary thing;
  • Very often, things that have not been worn for a long time acquire an unpleasant smell. This can be avoided thanks to a modern life hack, which suggests using mesh metal shelves;
  • When buying a wardrobe, you must carefully check "rails" and other component parts. After all, if at first you do not overlook the production blunders, then they then a hundredfold "take revenge" you with noise and exhausted nerves.


Numerous positive reviews from customers who have purchased a large wardrobe are distinguished by excellent functionality and space savings compared to a conventional wardrobe. Well, the aesthetic beauty beats all the ratings, because the wardrobe attracts attention at first sight. After such a comparison, it is quite difficult to return to the classic understanding of the cabinet..

Although the wardrobe is not a novelty on the furniture industry market, designers manage to present it in a completely new light every time. Therefore, the wardrobe today is a stunning furniture model that brings joy and convenience to your home and your life..

Design solutions

As for the design component, the external facade is a real canvas for inspiration: geometric shapes, flowers, photo decoration or colored mirrors make the interior interesting and even unique. A large selection of colors and decorative elements provides a lot of space for an unusual design. Glass, mirror, wood, decorative acrylic, fusing and even leather allow you to create models of extraordinary beauty. The design play of different materials and imagination allow you to purchase combined models, for example, glass perfectly coexists with wood, and frescoes magically decorate plastic. The most important guideline when buying is your own taste and imagination..

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