Sliding wardrobe Basia

Recently, sliding wardrobes are becoming more and more popular. They are compact and convenient for storing all the things you need in everyday life. The sliding door hides not only clothes, but also shoes, accessories and even the necessary household appliances. This allows you to save a lot of space in your room due to the rational use of every centimeter of your room..

The sliding wardrobe can be installed not only in the bedroom, but also in the living room or corridor. It does not take up much space, so it will fit even in a small apartment. All these characteristics are relevant for a simple and inexpensive Basia wardrobe, which will be discussed in this article.

Characteristics and features

This cabinet is perfect for those on a budget and looking for an inexpensive, compact size cabinet. This model costs two or even three times cheaper than its counterparts, but it looks just as good and serves no less. It is presented in several basic colors, so you can choose a wardrobe for yourself that will perfectly fit into any interior you choose. The wardrobe is spacious enough, so you can fold and hang in it not only things from your basic wardrobe, but also things that you do not wear or do not use at the moment..

The only drawback that almost all buyers note is the difficulty in assembling it. Or rather, the lack of a simple and understandable instruction that explains in detail how and in what sequence it is necessary to assemble Basya’s wardrobe.

How to mount

The easiest way to deal with all the complexities of installing Basya’s wardrobe is to entrust this process to professionals. But, if you do not want to spend extra money, or are simply used to doing everything yourself, then you can try to assemble your furniture on your own..

This process begins with the installation of the frame. All construction details are marked with a special number, which is also indicated on the drawing. The assembly of the wardrobe body begins from the bottom corner. For this, one of the side walls is attached to the bottom. A parallel wall is installed next to it. Installation is completed with roof fastening.

When the frame is ready, you can nail the back wall to the base. Chipboard sheets are attached with self-tapping screws. They begin to be fixed from above and go down. You need to fix the back wall both outside and inside. After completing this process, it is advisable to check whether all the parts are evenly fixed – an installation error can significantly reduce the life of the cabinet.

By securing the main parts, you can fix the individual shelves inside the cabinet. To secure the five shelves, you will need self-tapping screws, wooden dowels, glue, and a drill. The main advice to keep in mind when installing shelves is to start at the top and work your way down. When installing the shelves, pay attention to the fact that their front edge is in front, and not rough, raw edges..

The most difficult step is installing the door. The sliding mechanism of the wardrobe door must be installed so that the door opens and closes well. It depends on how correctly the mechanism is installed, how convenient it will be for you to use the wardrobe. All rollers and fixing elements are included with the main parts. Additionally, there is a mirror for the facade on a film basis. Finally, after all these procedures, close all visible holes with decorative plugs included in the kit and check the build quality.

You can determine the high-quality assembly of Basya’s wardrobe by a few simple details. First of all, a well-mounted cabinet stands level on the floor, not tilting anywhere. There are no cracks or openings in the places of attachments. And the compartment door, when opening and closing, slides smoothly and does not emit any unnecessary sounds. A properly installed cabinet can be moved to the desired area and start filling it with things.


The manufacturer of sliding wardrobes Basia offers a high-quality container for all your belongings for a fairly small amount of money. That is why reviews on these cabinets are mostly positive..

They are chosen for both children’s bedrooms and living rooms. Such a wardrobe will best fit into a small room. Its small dimensions and practical sliding door allow you to save a lot of space without sacrificing cabinet size.

The only downside is the confusing assembly instructions. Many buyers note that the diagram provided with the wardrobe is more confusing than it explains how to really assemble the individual parts. But, if you have already dealt with prefabricated furniture, then you will not have any difficulties with this process..

Therefore, you can familiarize yourself with the assortment by choosing the colors of the Basya sliding wardrobe for the features of your interior.


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