Sliding wardrobe in the whole wall

A full-wall sliding wardrobe allows you to use space efficiently: place a similar structure in the living room, bedroom, corridor or nursery, and you get a functional storage solution. Floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe facades allow you to create an excellent interior solution; the system of opening and closing doors does not require additional space (for example, as swing doors require it).


Benefits and features

  • Almost all models of sliding wardrobes in the entire wall are made to order, taking into account the measurements and layout of the room; this allows you to create an original and practical design in a specific room;
  • The individual layout of the inner filling of the cabinet allows you to rationalize the storage space: create more open shelves for things or shoe racks – for placing shoes; make a separate niche for household accessories or a wide drawer for jewelry and belts.
  • The external design of the cabinet will add variety to the interior of the room; the design of facades is so varied: this can be used to create an original atmosphere.
  • Sliding wardrobe primarily acts as a space for storing clothes, shoes, household utensils and other household belongings. Built along an entire wall, the wardrobe acts as a spacious niche, and the facades hide a variety of things inside. The location in the living room allows you to relieve the load from the bedroom if the first room is larger in terms of the square of the last; otherwise, the installation of the unit in the living room will become inappropriate.

  • Various shapes of the sliding wardrobe allow you to create a real furniture composition in the living room – for a spacious room, choose an L-shaped wardrobe and diversify it with an original pattern or textured finish, combining with mirrors or a glossy surface.
  • Mirrors on the front of the wardrobe to the entire wall and to the ceiling will visually expand the space; wooden texture will act as an environmentally friendly and stylish element of the interior (especially bamboo or rattan); glossy glass surface will give the interior a modern look, and metal will act as an ideal ally in the embodiment of atypical design ideas.
  • It is more economical to purchase a spacious wardrobe than to purchase stationary lockers; the fact is that in the manufacture of a wardrobe, fewer consumables are used than with a full-size traditional analogue; the walls of your house, ceiling and floor act as a wardrobe frame – there is no need to use additional materials.
  • Ease of installation is one of the features of the wardrobe, which should be put into the hands of professionals. Correct installation of the structure guarantees the safety and full use of the future space.

A characteristic feature of a full-wall sliding wardrobe is that it is installed “for centuries”, that is, if you wish, you will not be able to move such a wardrobe. Another important feature will be that when installing cabinet elements, it is worth taking care of the strength of the walls and their correct geometry: the walls must be even in order for the structure to hold on to them confidently – this will act as a guarantor of safety and a profitable financial investment.

Facade decoration

  • Mirrors, as a traditional material for cladding facades of sliding-door wardrobes. Mirrors allow you to visually expand the space due to its reflection; mirrors are necessary for every family member for gathering or admiring. Caring for mirrors in a wardrobe is easier than we can imagine: take care of them as you would traditional furnishings and wipe them additionally as needed.

If you want to create a more original interior thanks to the wardrobe, use mirrors in the center of the cabinet, and fill its upper and lower parts with another material – wood, plastic panel, stained glass or glass. Sandblasting on the mirrors allows you to bring a “zest” to the interior of the wardrobe, and often, thanks to a special technology, a pattern or ornament is depicted on the mirror, natural motives.

  • Wood: solid wood is rarely used for the manufacture of facades of sliding wardrobes, since it is heavy and expensive; often they prefer MDF or chipboard panels – less expensive and long-lasting elements. A variety of colors and textures allows you to choose the material based on the wishes of the client, so that the wardrobe is combined with the overall interior and is its continuation.

  • Glass surfaces on facades – an excellent solution for modern interiors, where gloss adds sophistication and harmony. Such surfaces are more demanding to maintain, but they look amazing on the facades of sliding structures..

Frosted glass is the most discreet version of the facade design; add external lighting to the cabinet – you get a modern and practical look for the living room or bedroom.

  • Stained glass – picturesque panels for the front of the wardrobe; these elements are often handcrafted and expensive. Stained glass can transform a classic interior and is ideal for complementing a modern space; this element of decor and filling the front of the wardrobe, allows the interior to look expensive.

  • Facades with photo printing – an excellent way to give the interior a certain character: depict a sunset on the front of the wardrobe, and you will get a romantic and languid atmosphere, the sea breeze will give you a charge of vivacity every time you enter the room.

  • Unusual materials for sliding wardrobe facades – leather, rattan, bamboo. Each of them is environmentally friendly and original, which will become a good material for creating an author’s interior. It is worth noting that each of them is quite expensive, and for a laconic interior it is worth choosing the right furniture – high-quality and elegant. The use of leather in the decoration of the wardrobe does not oblige to cover the structure from floor to ceiling with it: combine leather with natural wood and adhere to a natural color scheme.

Wardrobe in the living room

If the living room is spacious, this can be considered a reason for installing a wardrobe on the entire wall: it will add originality to your interior and allow you to store necessary or rarely used items in one place behind a closed door.

When installing a sliding wardrobe in a living room, special attention should be paid to the design of its facades: diversify them with mirrors, if the room is not very spacious, give preference to bamboo finishes, glossy glass or a matte analogue to give a modern design, and for classics choose solid wood – this will give space of chic.


Original ideas

A sliding wardrobe in the interior of a modern living room may not stand out at all like a piece of furniture, but resemble an original wall, as in the photo. A full-wall sliding wardrobe in this interior is hardly noticeable; rather, it complements the stylish and minimalist design of the space..

A built-in wardrobe can be a bright accent of an interior: choose trendy colors and geometry to create facades; to make the living room more laconic, add discreet elements – open shelves on a par with an unusual wardrobe-navel.

A sliding bookcase is ideal for a living room, where it is important to provide an opportunity for a good rest. Combine closed fronts with open shelves – this will create an unobtrusive cabinet design and, at the same time, its noticeable image.

A mirror can play a functional and decorative role at the same time, if you make it darkened; such a wardrobe is suitable for a hall – a room where guests and the whole family usually gather.

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